Sunday, June 8, 2014

KOREAN MUSIC: My One Liner Review of Psy's "Hangover"

Psy should've recovered from the "Gangnam Style Hangover." Period.

Click HERE for Psy's "Hangover" Lyrics (with English Translation of the Parts in Korean).

Psy's success of Gangnam Style (GS) is his arch enemy. Even though he said his GS success was an accident (link), I bet he thinks he knows the recipe for success. Unfortunately, however, he was mistaken if my guess was right. I think he hit the jackpot because he didn't expect it and didn't long for it. He just wanted to have fun and then voila! -- it just happened.

Let's look back on his "Gentleman" released last year. I believe the song was not well-received in the US and not as successful as GS because of its over-the-top music video. For I really liked the beat of the song which sure is catchy. Yet, none of my local radio stations has ever played the song - not even once - when they have played the Chainsmokers' "#Selfie" (which I think no doubt copied Gentleman) more than enough.

Honestly, I really like Psy's new song and I liked "Gentleman" as well. However, if he really wants to be taken seriously, he'll have to stop trying too hard with his music videos, which have overshadowed the quality of his music.

And I just hope he hasn't missed the exit out of the GS beltway yet.

Or he'll have to go find Morpheus to learn how to free his mind.


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