Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KOREAN MUSIC: Hi and GD on Golden Disk Red Carpet

At last! My busy days are almost over which I think will make me blog more often!  I'm really sorry for the unintentional laziness in publishing your comments, too.

Today, Lee Hi made her appearance on the red carpet at the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia, together with none other than G-Dragon (of Big bang).  she looked quite nervous posing for photo shoots, maybe because she was around GD?  But I think she looks healthier now and really pretty in those pictures.

Hi performs "1,2,3,4" at 27th Golden Disk Awards

Hi also sang "Mama Do" but embedding of the video is prohibited by the uploader. So please click here to watch her perform. (FYI, in between her performances Hi said, "This is my first visit to Malaysia and I really thanks you for shouting and cheering for me. My next song is 'Mama Do' and please clap and cheer again for me.  Thanks.")

Hi with GD at Golden Disk Red Carpet

Hi receives Seoul Rookie of the Year Award.


  1. I thought she looked pissed instead.. but hey nervous makes more sense. I wish they could just smile at each other or something.

    I don't like the dress either. It's like a lampshade or something. But I"m happy I can see her anyway!

  2. Wahyimo, I think both of them were caught in awkward moment, even though not intentional, like the mean screen captures that catch the celebrities weird facial expressions only. And just like you, I'm happy I can see her anyway and can talk to you like this! hehe

  3. Hayi always looks a little uncomfortable/not knowing what she's doing. Frankly, I like that innocence about her. If she walked on that red carpet like some professional, acting like she has been in front of camera posing for pictures all of her life, I would be scared that the Lee Hayi I fell in love has changed into some cookie cutter idol.

  4. Anonymous, yes, I totally agree with you and her innocence is one of many reasons why I love her. :)

  5. Hello, I'm a new fan of Hayi's. I just discovered her song (1,2,3,4) and got totally hooked! I even watched All the KPop Star episodes because of her and got even more addicted to her because of her voice and personality.

    I found your blog from searching anything and everything related to her. I must say this is the best Hayi site I've found and I read all your Hayi-related posts and even all the comments.

    Btw, here's a fancam of her performance in GDA

  6. Welcome to my blog, Anonymous! I'll embed the video here right away. Thanks!

  7. (Hilee Enamored)

    Oh, you started a new page for Hi! Sorry I missed it before. I see you already do have her Mama Do video on this page.

    Here's the video with Hi, GD and Epik High getting the "Song of the Year" award for Psy.

    GD gave the trophy to Hi to hold and Tablo put the medal around her neck. (GD already had so much bling around his neck, it looked like the weight was getting him down. ;o) )

    Hi followed GD and Epik High at the mike and yelled out "Oppa Gangnam Style!"

    I haven't come across a video of her accepting 2NE1's award yet.

  8. (Hilee Enamored)

    Here's a clip of Hi's short red-carpet interview:

    During the red carpet event, she did look a bit uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to her feeling a bit tired from the trip and being uncomfortable in those "kill heels" and the dress. As indicated, in her last inside story article, I think she really prefers minimal make-up and comfortable shoes--like the flat-soled shoes she wore for her trip. Photo at link below:

    Frankly, I don't know how people can walk around for any time at all in those kill heels. Like I've said before, I hope that eventually she'll be able to break out of the current mold of fashion expectations in the entertainment industry and spend more time in comfortable sneakers and low-heels in more of her performances. She deserves a lot of credit for the way she has been handling herself on stage with those high heels. Did you notice that in this most recent 1234 performance she got up on the chairs and back down without any dancer assisting? I know it sounds like no big deal, but it must take a lot of practice to be able to safely execute that choreography in those high heels while simultaneously concentrating on singing the song.

  9. gosh, i didn't say she should be posing professionally. One doesn't have to be an extreme on either end, does one?

    She looked best when she sung Noreul Wihae in my opinion. That amoung of make up style worked very well for her.

    Anyway, i'm happy to see Tablo and GD taking care of her. Maybe she's pissed TOP wasn't around. Thanks for the link, guys.

    @Hilee Enamored. I did notice that, I think it's a bit dangerous and awkward to do. Unless you're not wearing heels and just jump down there's no graceful way to do it. I personally think it's a bad idea.

  10. Hayi updates!!! ALRIGHT!!! Hayi's innocence & awkwardness, we know it, we understand it, we love it, it's what has brought us here. Just saw the Kpopstar 2 video, and it reminded me why a certain radio DJ pinched her cheek during a interview. It's not the make up, or shining clothes they make her wear. It's the sloppy, hair-not-so-well-done, goofy, i don't care, Hayi, that keeps me coming back for more. I saw her trying to mentor one of the contestants, and started laughing. Not because she was awkward with her, but because Hayi is so goofy when she's not under pressure to perform on stage. I love that little giggle she has. I hope her & Jimin are having fun, they've got a lot of work to do this year. The bar has been set, time to go even further.

  11. i think she looked gorgeous at the awards but the make up could definitely be toned down a little. tbh i dont think the heels are that uncomfortable to walk in. i wear similar ones a lot and they are actually not as bad as u would think becuz the shoe itself is high where the toes are, and that gives u a bit more height to match with ur heels ;) so its not like ur standing on ur toes.

    however, they are probably uncomfortable for her to dance in since there are a lot of moves and its easy to slip.

    its nice to see her sunbaes taking care of her though :D

    btw i came across this vid earlier today showing the ending of the GDA with Psy's Gangnam Style playing in the background and all singers/idols dancing along to it, and i couldnt help but feel sorry for her cuz she looked so lonely by herself on stage with no one to interact with.

    its endearing to know that shes still so innocent and young despite her quick shot to fame and the environment shes in, but im hopping that she will be able to make new friends in the industry so that she wouldn't have to feel so lonely at such events.

  12. Wahyimo, ITA. Hi "For You" She looked her best when she performed "For You" and I think her Golden Disk makeup was kinda over the top.

  13. kpopantz, both Hi and Yegeun were so shy that there was an awkward atmosphere between them at first which eventually was killed by Hi when she asked Yegeun's age. When she realized they were the same age, she suggested they drop honorifics and Yegeun agreed. Both of them were so cute.

  14. Anonym @10:46 PM, thanks for the link: ITA that her makeup was too much and I hope her stylist uses makeup on her face age-appropriately. And it seems Hi looks most comfortable and happiest when she's around Jimin.

  15. Omg!!! This article is full of goodies!!! :D

    Okay there are so many surprises here...first, I didn't expect her to walk the red carpet with GDragon and arm-to-arm too, which I find it really cute. It seems like Lee Hi is becoming more and more involved with other YG artists, which I think it's GOOD! I'm glad to see that the sunbaes are somewhat taking care of her. It's kinda like when 2NE1 first debuted and Big Bang was there to help them out (you remember the Lollipop song? haha).

    Secondly, I didn't expect her to sing a remix of Mama Do!! Omg that was a pretty sweet performance. It's still such a good song to me.

    Third of all, she won a rookie award which I think it's an amazing feat considering that she debuted just about 3 months ago!! Wow! Her popularity is so huge and I feel like she has achieved a better result than Park Jimin (unfortunately I still think that Jimin shouldn't be in a duo group). This picture is so cute:

    Thanks for the article again. This is definitely the best English website for Lee Hi fans!!

    Little baby has grown up so much since kpop star now that she has to apply makeup, wear heels, etc.

  16. A lot of people are talking about Hayi in this video. Can someone please tell me what they're saying?

    Also, can someone please tell me why Hayi, PJM and Baek Ahyeon were pointing at each other in this video:

  17. (Hilee Enamored)

    Here is a video with the complete new intro to 1234. I really love Hi's new intro to the song. Nobody does slow soulful notes as beautifully as Hi. Is my bias showing. ;o)

  18. Hello Onsemiro, I found this video of Hayi when she and Jimin were guests on cultwo show.

    If it's not too much to ask, can you sub or translate it? Hayi was just so adorable here, even the host couldn't resist pinching her cheeks. I also find her laugh so cute.

  19. Hilee Enamored, I'm totally with you! Thanks again for the HD link! But I still don't like her over-the-top makeup. Hi sings 1,2,3,4 at GDA

  20. Anonym @8:16 PM and 10:16 AM, I'm currently working on subbing so please bear with me. :)

  21. Here's some more fun videos of our little soul diva.....

    Hayi sing Stacie Orrico's - Stuck (Pre-Debut)...voice still developing, please be kind: -

    Hayi, w/ Park Ji Min & Baek Ahyeon, 1st time singing together since kpopstar season1 -

  22. kpopantz, OMG, I've never seen her sing out of tune like this before! Still so cute @0:17. Thanks a lot for this fun link: Hi sing Stacie Orrico's - Stuck(Pre-Debut) But the second vid doesn't exist. :(

  23. For the one i missed, here's the youtube title of the video: LEE HI_1229_SBS GayoDaejun_1.2.3.4+Mercy (feat. Park Ji Min, Beak A Yeon) - is the youtube code to share this video.

  24. kpopantz, thanks for the link! I really enjoyed the girls' rare collaboration. Hi sings 1,2,3,4 & Mercy (with Jimin & Ayeon)

  25. Out of topic, sorry no other post to go. Wohoo.. just watched Kpop star ep 11 performances. YeDam was perfect! SM did him good. I know you were always rooting for him Onsemiro, but I don't know if you've envisioned him turning into something like THAT before.

    I've always thought there was something missing before, and sometimes the note wasn't clear or I didn't like how he drag the notes etc. Not sure how to explain. But anyway, tonight's was perfect in my eyes. Wonder what Boa taught him!

    Well now this season really proves what SM can do.

    With my limited Korean, I think YG said that he now had a totally different view of how he envisioned YeDam to be capable of. Maybe I'm wrong. But if it is true, then I totally agree with him.

    Sorry for the rant!

  26. Wahyimo, I just finished watching the show. As you just said, I've been rooting for Bang Yedam and Shin Jihoon from day one of K-pop Star season two and it was just because there's something nostalgic about their voice to me - it was just like listening to little Michael Jackson or little Jimmy Osmond. Yet, at the same time, each of them has their own magnetic charm in their appearance as well as their voice/singing. I'm so happy for Yedam and his performance today and can't wait for Jihoon's performance next week!!

  27. I loved Yedam today. wasn't a fan of him before but today was amazing. still needs more vocal training but hes gotten soooo soooo much better than before, its a wonder what they have done to him lol.

    @ Wahyimo

    honestly, I think SM never bothered with this show in the first season. they most likely just saw it as a positive/easy PR opportunity and never actually put a thought or effort into it. this season though is different for 2 reasons:

    1) the huge over 20% ratings the show is getting, which is very rare to get nowadays.

    2) the fact that many pple criticized SM for not putting real efforts into their contestants in the previous year. thus, SM is now motivated to showcase their real training and abilities.

    truth be told, im really shocked with how good SM's training has been this year. the best performances so far have come out of SM, which is incredible considering how lacklustre they were last year.

    ites either that BoA has finally realized what it means to be a mentor, or SM has finally decided to take this show seriously.

    im also equally shocked by how mediocre YG's and JYP's training this year compared to last year. particularly JYP. I don't know whats happening with them but they really need to up their game with the talents they have.

  28. sarah, to me YG seems to have been quite distracted by other businesses than this show compared to last season. Maybe he's too busy taking care of other YG musicians including the new girl group?

  29. I suspect thats the reason too. i have actually been keeping a eye on his new girl group that he plans to debut in the next few months, and I can see that their debut is really throwing him off.

    I have been discussing this with other YG fans and most seem to agree that hes currently confused over his head with how he should promote them, especially since the public reaction to the released teasers hasn't been so positive.

    I just hope that won't mean that Lee Hi's album will have to be pushed back for later this year.

  30. Onsemiro, you told us previously that Hayi, and the other season 1 contestants, spoiled us all. If they would ever admit it, YG & JYP are still looking for someone to bring that Hayi/Jimin/Ahyeon effect for this season, but have been disappointed by what they've seen. Yes, YG is busy with his new girl groups, and Hayi, but all of sudden, YG's free time is now filled, and JYP seems to be alot colder to the kids this season, than he was last season. I didn't mention BOA & SM because it didn't long to see that SM isn't going to sign anybody this year either...LOL(sad, but i just don't believe it). Yegeun & Kim Minjeong are the only 2 that i occasionally watch, with Kim Minjeong being my bias this season..........IMO_:)

  31. sarah, well... I think YG's got too much of great things going on lately: Psy's totally unexpected rise to worldwide stardom and Hi's successful debut to name a few.

    kpopantz, I'm sorta sad that Yedam's and Jihoon's performances seem to have done nothing for you. (sniff, sniff)

  32. (Hilee Enamored)

    Yay! Hi's 1234 vid has exceeded 9 million views. Maybe it'll go over 10 million by the time her new album comes out. (I still worry about the mental health of some of the youtuber commenters. But at least a lot of people are viewing her vid.)


    For the January 20, 2013 Anonymous @ 2:04 PM, asking about the clip where Hayi, Baek Ahyeon and PJM are pointing at each other....

    The announcer asked them to point to the one that they thought had become the prettiest (i.e. had become the most "prettified") since the K-Popstar days. The question can be interpreted more as who has made the biggest positive change in appearance, rather than who is the prettiest in absolute terms.

    Ahyeon pointed at Hayi, Hayi pointed at Ahyeon and Jimin pointed at Ahyeon. Since Hayi and Jimin were at the opposite ends, I guess they could have also been pointing at each other. But Ahyeon was in the middle and it looks like Hayi and Jimin were pointing at her, so she was declared the one who "became the most prettified" (yeppojin). IIRC, Ahyeon then pledged to work on becoming even prettier.


    Onsemiro, I agree about the make-up on Hi at the GDA. They may have been going for a mischievous Pippi Longstocking type look, but Hi has such a naturally cute, expressive face that she doesn't need all that make-up and the cheek rouge was probably a bit over the top.

    She still looked very cute in any case. I was really happy to see how much her live-stage confidence has increased. I read somewhere that the entertainment companies in Korea generally make much more revenue from concerts/stage appearances than they do from album sales. So I guess Hi will have a very demanding schedule of stage performances in the year ahead. As always, I hope that the pace will be such that her health and emphasis on the quality of her music will take priority.


    I may be too skeptical/analytical when it comes to audition programs and other reality shows, but I tend to look for scripting (in terms of ongoing surface narratives and themes) aimed at audience perception management, heightening drama, etc. I get a sense that some of that has been going on during the last several episodes with regard to the respective entertainment companies' training capabilities.

    From the beginning of the season, you could sense from various off-the-cuff comments of audition contestants, news articles and so on that YG was the runaway favorite. I'm sure JYP and SM, especially, were not too pleased about that in terms of image management. Maybe it's just me, but I sense that there has been something of a concerted effort to rebalance perceptions regarding the entertainment companies. For their part, SM does seem to have stepped up to the plate by devoting more resources and attention on contestants selected by Boa for training. Boa has usually had good sense about matching songs with performers' capabilities. She did a great job with Hi on Sway last year--even coming up with that elegant dance that Hi did in the middle.

    Okay, I'll stop over analyzing and get back to enjoying the show.

    Yedam did a great job. It'll be interesting to see how the Raccoon Boys and Shin Ji-hoon do next week. I'm hoping Nicole will do well too. At this stage, I think the entertainment companies and the K-Popstar producers have made some preliminary decisions as to the potential of the contestants and are probably being quite strategic in how they allocate resources for training and mentoring, song selections, etc., as well as scripting commentary by the judges and so on. I'm not sure yet how Nicole is being regarded by them in this regard and whether she has enough popularity that they'll try to move her into the live program. I guess we'll find out next week.

  33. ITA that YG and JYP's training has been a disappointment. None of the ones in JYP improved vocally, and YG seemed to fail their contestants with bad song choices.

    I can see that YG tried to make another HaYi move on Jihoon with that oldies song, but I don't think she's mature enough to pull it off. She's hilariously worse than Hayi in terms of awkwardness. While Hayi has some certain charm when she does little moves, I think Jihoon hasn't got it. She definitely need to work on her emotion as well when singing, though I love how she pull of those notes.

    Overall I think this is just a so so season.

  34. Actually I think the system for some of the rounds in kpop star is a bit unfair. First we have the audition system where the judges have limited cards to give, in this case the one who appear first has the advantage. Just like how Cathy did not get picked last time because JYP was saving his last card for HaYi. I'm sure compared to some other contestants they chose, he'd rather have Cathy.

    Then the current round where you have 3 VS round: one who will definitely go in, one who's a maybe, and one who's out. And yet they can't follow their own system, sometimes they put two people on maybes and not kick anyone out (like in season 1) or two people on maybes and no number one because they're saving places for someone else. It renders the whole idea of the VS round useless for me.

  35. Hilee Enamored, thanks for doing the job on behalf of this lazy Onsemiro. hehe Gomapsumnida!!!!!!

    Wahyimo, but don't you think the results are somewhat fixed before each competition based on their training results/improvements?

  36. I am watching Kpop star ss2 and honestly, It can not be compared to ss1 about the vocal quality.
    Contestants in ss2 are talent in the way that they can sing / dance / write a song/ rap also good too and I admit that. However, No one has THE VOICE like Hayi or Ji Min.
    Even not be compared to Hayi, Ji Min, many Kpopstar ss1 contestant has a better voice than those in ss2 ( my opinion). Of course, in a talent show, people will say that the voice is not all to determine the winner but personally, I always look for a break out voice in a talent show like this.
    And honestly, I'm pretty disappointed with this season.

  37. Anonym @8:13 AM, maybe it's because Hi was your (and our) first love at first sight/listen? :)

  38. Yes I think its quite predictable and the judges have at least 8 out of 10 contestants in their mind on who to bring for the live.

    That just highlights that the survival mission is moot in my ears. Might as well just have them go up one by one instead of some illusion of a random 3 vs each other if they are determined to follow their own list.

  39. I find it funny that we (Crazy Hayi Fans since season 1) think that this season is lacklustre compared to the first. I say this because people on youtube (mostly those who are new to this show/only watched segments and never the whole) will tell you that season two is by far much more talented than season 1.

  40. Wahyimo, we'll be pissed if someone we're supporting gets eliminated and it it's fixed. But too bad such missions are needed for the sake of the thrill and fun that will definitely boost the show's ratings.

  41. Anonym @:48 PM, even though I'm a loyal fan of Hi, I agree with those on Youtube that the season 2 contestants are much more talented than last season. :D

  42. I do acknowledge they are talented. Talented ones like Akdong Musician, Ye Geun, even Min Jeong, and lots of them have performing capabilities, but somehow these did not become your/our favorites, why? I'm not a big fan of the Raccoon boys either, even though they're good.

    This time around somehow I wouldn't care even if I stop watching the show. It's not just HaYi, I cared about Hyun Sang and the others, even Son Mi Jin. I somehow thought they were interesting and I wanted to know what happened to them.

    Perhaps ironically it's also because a lot of them look like pros now, that it's just like watching debuts of groups in Music Bank or something. They're just performances.

    On a side note: I'd rather ppl like Song Haye / Tae Yeon do solo than the group, even though she's good at it. I actually think Haye can emote better than Doyeon.

  43. Wahyimo, I totally hear you about feeling that way and we all know everyone has different taste in music. As you already know, I found Yedam's and Jihoon's voice and style interesting as well as sentimentally attractive. Even though I'm not strongly attracted to either of them as I was to Hi, I think they have given me enough reason to enjoy the show. :)

  44. (Hilee Enamored)

    This may be totally subjective, but I haven't seen anyone yet who brings a song to life the way Hi did/does. I think she has a genius for understanding the emotional drama of the lyrics and then bringing that out in her voice and expressions.

    I got that even in her earliest performances. For example when she did Gummy's "Eoreunai" (Adult Child), I noticed that while the others were singing their parts I was naturally focused on them as singers showing off their skills-- demonstrating what they were able to do. But when Hi got to her part--especially the highlight--I stopped focusing on the auditioning-singer aspect and was instead immediately pulled into the drama and emotion of the song itself. Same thing with Mama Do, For You (especially), Mercy, Regrets (especially), etc., etc...

    I think the talent for bringing the song to life for an audience is something that Hi has a natural genius for. The mentoring she has gotten from the judges and subsequently seems to be a mixed blessing in that regard. In some ways they helped her enhance that talent, but they also have pushed some formulaic pop approaches on her that may detract somewhat from that talent. (In her 1234 video, I think Hi was naturally acting out and expressing the drama found in the words of the song itself, but also having to juxtapose that with a lot of glitzy pop elements that the director and producers wanted in. I don't think her performance was really very awkward at all. But I can see how that juxtaposition could give that awkward feel to some viewers.)


    This year, Shin Jihoon and Bang Yedam are fun to listen to. They voices have a captivating child-like sweetness and they hit their high notes almost effortlessly. I haven't yet seen either of them bring the drama and emotion of a song to life the way that Hi does. But they're still good. They're so young, it's hard to predict how their voices and styles will change in the future. For now, they do have voices that remind me of the very young versions of Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond.

    Yegeun has a powerful, jazzy voice and amazing piano skills. But she still doesn't draw me into the song itself the way that Hi does. When Yegeun performs, my focus tends to remain on Yegeun as a singer showing her stuff.

    Raccoon Boys' voices really blend well together. I think JYP is right about them being ready to debut. With the right material, they'll be good to go. The Akdong Musicians are very excellent within a certain limited range and style. But there's the possibility that multiple songs in that range and style will seem too repetitive after a while.

    Onsemiro, ITA about the attraction and connection with Hi. I haven't felt it yet with any of the new season's contestants. Maybe she just got to my heart first. But there's something really special about her. But that doesn't mean I don't like any of this year's contestants. They have a lot of talent and are definitely worth watching. I'm still hoping that Nicole will also keep going forward. I think she has a lot of potential. She may need some focused coaching and attention to help her bring it all out. But it is there.

  45. Hilee Enamored, thanks a lot for sharing your precious thoughts. And this: "For now, they do have voices that remind me of the very young versions of Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond" <== This remark of yours is almost the same as mine I made in my previous comment the other day except I said, "Jimmy" Osmond. :)

  46. (Hilee Enamored)

    I was just echoing your thoughts on the similarity with the young Michael Jackson and young Osmond. I'm familiar with Donny's early songs like "One Bad Apple" and "Puppy Love." Jimmy probably sounded similar too in his early years, but I'm not familiar with his songs. :)

    * * *

    In Hi news: Hi is scheduled to appear on the Seoul Music Award show on Jan. 31. I hope she'll be picking up an award. :)

    It's supposed to be broadcast on the KBS Drama/KBS Joy channel. (I'll have to figure out if I can get that on the Internet cuz I don't think I have it on cable. ㅠㅠ

  47. Hilee Enamored, you may already know this song by little Jimmy Osmond but just in case: Mother of Mine and also here's a bonus rendered by little Michael Jackson: In Our Small Way. BTW, hey, you're definitely helping me keep my blog up-to-date with Hi news. Thanks much! Hi's schedule

  48. And just in case you're interested: In the 70's, we had a S. Korean version of the Jackson Five - Jageun Byeol Gajok (Little Star Family) and they covered MJ's "In Our Small Way." The lead singer of the Little Star Family was Kang Inbong, who was also a child actor. He's now an established musician, songwriter, lyricist, producer, actor and lead singer/guitarist of the folk rock band "Scenery of Riding Bicycle" and the folk ballad duo "Wooden Bicycle." Little Star Family: A Small Dream

  49. (Hilee Enamored)

    Onsemiro, thanks for those links. I hadn't heard of Little Star Family before. They were really good! Seeing the old pictures in the video made me a bit sad thinking about how quickly time goes by. I imagine that when Kang Inbong looks back at that special time it's probably a sweet memory, but also a bit sad to think about how quickly it went by.

    We're lucky that we still have the recordings that keep those songs and voices alive.

    If I'm still around 20-30 years from now, I imagine that hearing any of Hi's songs from this time period will bring back a flood of nostalgia. My hope and wish is that 20-30 years from now Hi will be healthy, happy and still making beautiful music.

    I also hope you'll be healthy, happy and blogging. Maybe by then it'll be 3-D holographic gizmatronic blogging based on technology we can't even imagine now. :o)

    I can definitely hear a similarity in Jimmy O's "Mother of Mine" and Shin Jihoon's singing.

    I haven't heard "In Our Small Way" in such a long time--I had forgotten about it. It's a really pretty song.

  50. Hilee Enamored, let us say I'll be blogging and you'll be visiting here as long as possible. How about that? ;)

  51. Here she is, back stage, before her 1st Debut stage. Relaxed, Always cute, always goofy, without stress. This is why she's our favorite.

  52. And she's way too cute!!!!!!! Thanks for the link, kpopantz! Behind-the-scene footage of Hi's debut stage

  53. (Hilee Enamored)

    Sounds like a good deal to me! (@9:55PM)

    Hi picked up another rookie-of-the-year award last night.

    I like the name of the award ceremony. It's the "하이원 서울가요대상" I think it translates as "Hi won the Seoul Music Award" (mwahahaha!)

    BTW, have you seen the comments about Hi in this interview with Kim Yeon Woo -- one of the mentors on Great Birth 3 (위탄3)? It looks like Hi has become the benchmark for uniqueness/individuality of style.

  54. (Hilee Enamored)

    In case you haven't seen it already, here's a vid of Hi's stage performance at the award ceremony.

    She was really poised and adorable in her acceptance of the award as well, but I haven't been able to find a good quality video of that yet.

  55. (Hilee Enamored)

    This is interesting. According to this article, all of the recording work on Hi's new album is already finished and it's scheduled for release on March 1, 2013.

    Hi has definitely been a very busy young lady the last several months. I would probably be in the hospital -- or worse -- if I had to keep pace with her for any extended period of time.

    James Brown may be the "hardest working MAN in show business", but I'm startin' to think that Lee Hi is the hardest working PERSON in show business. :o)

  56. Hilee Enamored, even though what Kim Yeonwoo said about Hi is not exactly a compliment, you're right, she has become the benchmark not only for uniqueness/individuality of style bur for the television music competition itself!

  57. (Hilee Enamored)

    It does seem that he (Kim Yeonwoo) was being a bit defensive.

    Although he couldn't deny Hi's recent success, he seemed to be implying that she may be less skilled than the "mentees" on his show, indicating that the mentees are talented singers who would keep at it for the long-term.

    I don't blame him for trying to put a good spin on for his show, but it would be irrational for him to think that Hi is any less a shillyok-pa (실력파) performer than the mentees on his show. He seemed to be implying a contrast there that really doesn't exist in that regard (IMHO).

    Hi is highly regarded for the combination of her unique voice, her ability to use that voice very beautifully and her very distinctively charming personality. IOW, there's no real basis for implying that Hi won't also continue to be a consistently active and talented singer (꾸준히 활동하는 실력파 가수) in the years ahead. Not only that, but I expect that she'll continue to be a crane among a flock of chickens (군계일학) to a large extent. ;o)

  58. I think Kin Yeonwoo might have been first asked such questions comparing the very underrepresented Great Birth (GB)singers (by MBC) with Hi who seems to be very successul right away. Anyways, the fact she was mentioned there itself proves that she's become something already. :)

  59. Seoul Awards - Hayi's voice and the key in which Billie Jean is played in, is not a good match. Both are good, but do not compliment each other in this stage. Had they played it in a key more compatible, this would have been better. Not a good decision on YG's part.

  60. (Hilee Enamored)

    Onsemiro, I think you're definitely right. Just the fact that reporters and other shows are looking to Hi as the benchmark for a successful audition program outcome is proof enough that she's already made her mark in the music world in a way that few have.

    * * *

    Regarding the Billy Jean intro:

    I really liked the slow intro that Hi did in her GDA performance. I would love to have seen her use that intro instead of the Billy Jean intro. But that preference aside, I liked her performance.

    Hi is getting quite nimble at getting up and down off those chairs by herself. I've always been concerned about the potentially detrimental effect on the musicality of her stage performances that may result from her having to do complex choreography while singing. I still think she's probably at her best vocally when she can stand in one place and focus on the singing. But she's already doing amazingly well in combining her singing with lots of choreographed stage movements. It's a real tribute to how hard she's been working in her practices.

    Having the back dancers doing the clapping toward the end was a nice touch too.

  61. (Hilee Enamored)

    Onsemiro, just in case you haven't seen it, I came across a high quality video of Hi accepting her award. (The smile on Hi's face as the presenter hugs her is priceless.)

  62. Thanks for the precious link! I just added the Youtube video of Hi receiving the award to this post.

  63. The bitter taste of Kpopstar S1, i imagine, is almost completely gone, with these rash of awards she's getting. When she takes the crown or tiara at the next MAMA awards(always optimistic..:)_), she will have made her mark, and truly established herself as a "bench mark", by becoming the new gold standard for new artists in Kpop. She's in her own lane, with nothing but open road in front her, with only a few minor obstacles in her way. Go get that Gold Disk Award, HAYI, its waiting on you!

  64. (Hilee Enamored)

    Did you watch the most recent Kpopstar episode yesterday?

    I kinda felt that the scripting and perception manipulation was a bit heavy handed this time--maybe more than usual.

    It could just be subjective on my part. But, for example, I thought Choi Yegeun's "Rolling in the Deep" was actually a bit odd, even though it was portrayed as a major tour de force.

    After the first couple of phrases, it sort of turned into a disjointed series of jazzy ad- libs. I really did like the first 2~3 phrases (which sounded a lot like Hi's version except for a part where Yegeun went up instead of down), but after that it didn't hold together as a complete song.

    The melody and flow of the song seemed to completely disappear. It actually was something like what you would hear from someone in a practice room experimenting with a lot of different riffs and approaches for a first time run-through.

    Other than recognizing some of the words of the original song, I couldn't really discern any connection to the original Rolling in the Deep. I guess that would have been fine if it otherwise had had an effective alternative structure and flow. But it didn't.

    I think Yegeun is a talented young woman, but this performance seemed more experimental than anything else and didn't match the hype in my opinion. (Taken part-by-part, she had a lot of good riffs in there...but the parts just didn't flow together to make a whole song IMHO.)

    Anyway, that's my impression after listening a couple of times. Probably a lot of people would disagree with my assessment.

    OTOH, I thought Lee Jin-U deserved all the praise she got. The rhythm/meter of that particular arrangement was difficult, but she handled it quite well--and she did her high notes so well that you'd never guess that her prior experience was mainly in singing low parts in an acappella group.

    I noticed that SM had her dressed up in the magenta/black combo that SM frequently uses with the SM logo, etc. in PR materials--probably just a coincidence. ;-)

    Generally, I just got the feeling again that they knew beforehand who was supposed to win and who was not and scripted the rest around that. After every performance, it's easy to imagine dozens of potential responses that the judges can choose from and it sometimes seems wildly inconsistent form performance to performance.

    But all in all it's still fun to watch and be amazed by all of these talented contestants. There's no doubt that their talent is real.

  65. kpopantz, I'm sure she'll definitely win the award. :)

  66. Hilee Enamored, honestly, I think Yegeun's interpretation of Adele was really impressive. I agree with JYP that when someone starts to sing "Rolling in the Deep," it makes him fed up already since it is one of the most overplayed songs; but Yegeun's rendition of the song was perfectly new and attractive. But the only problem is her singing does nothing for me.

    Overall, last Sunday's K-pop Star was the most boring episode so far; especially I was very disappointed with JYP's pick of the song for Jihoon. Seriously, what was in his mind? The song was almost impossible for a fifteen-year-old to even understand what it means.

  67. (Hilee Enamored)

    From the standpoint of taking a song that's been done to death and turning it into something new, I think Yegeun accomplished that. I guess it was just that the feeling of the different segments were so different and the transitions so abrupt that my first response was "jungshini eopseo" (정신이없어). Each segment by itself was quite impressive, but as a whole I just felt like I was seeing multiple personalities taking turns at the song. ;o)

    I agree that the episode was probably the least remarkable in terms of performances--and did nothing to allay my suspicion that there is a background agenda to boost the SM image and re-equalize the perceived status of the represented entertainment companies. It's almost like every episode now, YG and/or JYP "admit defeat" vis-a-vis SM. Kinda funny.

    I think Shin Jihoon also felt quite bad about her performance and seemed to think that her winning out over Kim Taeyeon was also a pre-determined outcome that may or may not have been deserved.

    I got the impression that Nicole too sort of got thrown under the bus. The feeling I got was that she really didn't get any mentoring or much help in her preparation and the song choice didn't provide any chance for her voice to shine at any point (not to mention the fact that the MR was so loud that it was actually hard to hear her voice at times).

    They may have been right to declare that her singing skills just aren't there, but I think she actually has quite a good voice--and I have a lingering feeling that when they pushed on the flush lever they had already pre-decided that she wasn't going through to the top 10 and arranged things to look like an accident so to speak. ;o)

    Oh well, I don't want to be too hard on the show or the judges (as though my opinion would matter much anyway). Given the nature of reality TV and elimination audition programs, such issues are inevitable and perceptions of who "got a raw deal" in any case will vary subjectively.

  68. I have a few of problems with this kpopstar season.
    1) There seems to be a trend where the competitors are totally rearranging the song to the point where the song does not even sound like the original anymore...i think that is rather disrespectful to the original artist. It seems like if you take any song, slow it down or speed it up, the judges will be impressed. Whatever happened to just covering a song well?
    2) The racoon boys' performances have been the "featured" videos on the kpopstar youtube channel for 2 weeks in a row, and now it's Bang Yedam's video that is featured. Is this not a little (a lot) unfair to the other competitors?
    3) It is kind of obvious that the production/editors play a crucial role in who looks good and who becomes the fan's favorite. However, i think the editing is kind of slacking this season. Last season, there was actually a story (the Hayi and Jimin epic battle from beginning to end), but this year things seem very messy, ambiguous, and anticlimatic.

    In my opinion, even the best performances this season seem lacklustre compared to any of Hayi's performances last season; of course, that is a biased remark but yeah....perhaps I'm just disappointed by the recent episode, which was anything but entertaining.

  69. Hilee Enamored, "multiple personalities taking turns at the song" <= haha!!! I really like this! And I have a hunch Nicole will sign with YG. Don't hate me even if I'm wrong though. :)

  70. Anonym @10:34PM, maybe it's because many of us are so much in love with Hi?

  71. Have you seen the recent episode of kpopstar? That was the most dramatic ending ...i did not expect that. Can someone please tell me what happened? I was really rooting for that girl who suddenly left :((((( I saw something special in her since the very beginning and I was so happy to see her make it..but then the ending broke my heart

  72. Also, it's really nice to see the other female contestants care so much about her, especially Sujin...I really like her. She gives off a warm nurturing vibe.

  73. Anonym, I guess you mean Kim Taeyeon who was eliminated? Or Shin Jihoon who also cried 'cause she felt bad about winning the second place when Taeyeon had to go home? BTW, Sujin was not my favorite because of her personality but is growing on me as the show progresses, ironically because of her personality. Weird, right?

  74. Onseniro, you are talking about last episode lol. I am talking about the most recent episode. You should watch it. It's very intense. This show is turning into a drama i dont know how i feel about that. Anyways, once you've watched the most recent episode, please give us your insight :)

  75. Oh, got it! I still gotta watch today's episode. Your comment makes me ache for the show! ;)



    I am confused about something: Groups like Racoon Boys and YouU(the girl group they put together last minute) have both made it into the top ten, but they only count as one seat per group in the top ten. That is, as a group, the Racoon Boys only take up one spot. Does this mean that from now on they are competing as groups? If so, I find that unfair on a couple of levels. Firstly, those individuals did not audition as a group, but instead, they were put into groups by the judges and now their fate in the competition relies not on their own efforts but on their group members'. How would Brian, for example, feel if he was eliminated not because he did bad individually, but because his group performed poorly as a whole? Secondly, it can also be viewed as unfair to the other solo contestants. Since the Racoon Boys have three members, won't they be getting almost three times the votes? Those who are fans of either Brian, Mckay or Minsuk would vote for the whole group. It's like putting Hayi and Jimin together and having them compete as a duo...the other contestants would stand absolutely no chance and I'm sure the votes would be extremely disproportionate. The format of the show is very perplexing and suspicious this year.

    On another note, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! I wish you guys good health and fortune :) I am very grateful to this blog. It is, according to my safari web browser, my second most visited site.

    - AhIn
    (Since I visit often/ comment often, I thought I should start giving myself some sort of identity lol.)

  77. AhIn, thanks for your deokdam (덕담, words of blessing)! About Raccoon Boys, we can also say Brian, for example, has come this far because he performed in a group. I personally don't think any of those three boys would have made it into the top ten had they performed individually. When they perform together, though, they create an incredible synergy within themselves. Given that, if Brian, Mckay or Minsuk was as great as Hi or Jimin as a solo singer, they wouldn't have been teamed up as Raccoon Boys in the first place. And I don't think each of their fanbase is as large as Hi's or Jimin's. So we don't need to worry about disproportionate votes already. Actually, when I see such great performances from teams like YouU or Raccoon Boys, I'm glad and happy for them 'cause they are given precious opportunities to shine on stage. And in the long run, once you make it into the top ten, the rest is up to you, just like other top ten contestants in the first season. We already know how Hi made it big when she was not the champion. So let us just relax and enjoy the show!

    (But I know what you mean 'cause I'm really sad Jihoon was eliminated and I can't see her perform on the show anymore. But she's still a kid and I think she'll definitely come back with a vengeance someday!!!)

  78. (Hilee Enamored)


    Just thought you might like to know that Hi will be appearing on another award show this week.

    It's the Gaon Chart K-Pop award show at 7pm (Korea time) on February 13. I hope this means that she'll be picking up an award.

    * * * *

    I saw the most recent episode of Kpopstar.

    Kim Doyeon voluntarily dropped out after making it into the top 10. Apparently, she was never really interested in making a career as a professional singer in the entertainment business and just entered the competition as a way of getting some valuable stage experience.

    IIRC, she said she was more interested in a career in music education. It sounds like she was surprised that she got as far as she did and after she made it into the top 10 she started feeling quite guilty about taking away an opportunity from someone who really wanted to go all the way in show business.

    This probably means that Shin Jihoon or one of the others who didn't make it into the top 10 will be selected to take her spot. (I also thought Lee Juyeon and Kim Dong-ok did really well and was surprised that they got cut after their beautiful harmonizing.)

    Because the last two episodes were spread out over two weeks, it's easy to forget that the performances of the last two episodes actually all took place on the same day. With this in mind, I think a lot of Shin Jihoon's emotional situation was due to the fact that she was still very sad and broken up about Kim Taeyeon's disqualification (which had taken place just a bit earlier the same day). I got the sense that this was what she was thinking about when she broke down and cried in the middle of her song. Just like Doyeon feeling guilty about taking a spot that others wanted so much, Shin Jihoon also seemed to be feeling guilty about Kim Taeyeon losing the opportunity to keep going after her dream on the show. It didn't help that the song she was singing (I believe I can fly) can be really sad if you're thinking about someone who just had their hopes dashed.

    The judges asked Shin Jihoon to explain why she cried, but she clearly didn't want to get into it.

    I'm sort of getting the impression that, maybe more than last season, the contestants privately aren't as reverential/deferential toward the opinions of the judges. It could be that they've already seen the previous season and how inconsistent the judging criteria can be at times. This year, just going by expressions that I catch here and there and the way that Doyeon and Jihoon have reacted to the disqualifications of others, it seems like they aren't taking the judges' comments at face value so much and have different opinions about who actually "deserved" to win--even though such things are ultimately subjective.

    Just speculation on my part.

    I always try to keep in mind that, as viewers, it's easy to get drawn into the illusion that we are seeing all of the important things that happen on the show. But in reality, the viewers are only getting a very small glimpse (maybe only two or three percent at the most) of what the contestants are actually experiencing in their participation.

  79. Hilee Enamored, thanks for the Hi update! It will give me a reason to start a new Hi post when she gets the award.

    And I really appreciate you K-pop Star recap - I think your speculation totally makes sense as no one but the insiders knows what really happens behind the scenes of a reality show. But one thing I really love about K-pop Star is they don't create evil characters in the show only for the sake of ratings just like the Super Star K does by so-called "Devil's Editing".

  80. (Hilee Enamored)

    BTW, Onsemiro, I hope your prediction about Nicole turns out to be right. I think she'd fit in quite well at YG.

    About Shin Jihoon, I'd also like to add that she did briefly explain her crying by saying that she just felt "really sad" about the situation. Even though the judges' comments and editing spun it to some extent as Jihoon just cracking under the pressure and stress, I think it primarily was sadness about the friends like Taeyeon who had been cut.

  81. I hope so too 'cause I like Nicole. And about Jihoon, I think her nerves got the best of her and the judges seemed to be quite annoyed by it. Just my speculation, too. :) I'm just selfishly hoping she will replace Doyeon, though.

  82. (Hilee Enamored)

    ITA. I usually won't even watch a reality program that engages in "Devil's Editing." It leaves me feeling like I've been playing in the sewer.

    I think K-pop Star is a good show. I sometimes get critical of the judges and producers. But I don't know if anyone could do any better in an elimination format audition program. They have to be concerned about so many different factors, including the comparative merits of the contestants, the ratings of the show, the entertainment companies' respective images, the feelings of the contestants... Plus they're also still learning as they're going forward.

    I have to admit that I was very unhappy with what they did last year in their comments on Hi's "Mi-ryeon" performance. It clearly appeared to me that they had pre-decided that they were going to be harsh on her in order to rebalance the status of the top 10 contestants and thereby increase the drama and suspense. She was really that good and dominant. I think it did shake Hi up a fair bit. After giving such a strong, emotional performance, she must have really felt confused and frustrated by the comments. It also seemed quite clear that a lot of people saw through it and that is one of the few performances on the daum site for which they deleted the video of the judges' comments.

    It's a real credit to Hi that she was strong enough to keep going and keep doing her best. Maybe that kind of strength can be thought of as one of the things that's tested, but can't be seen in a single performance.

    After all is said and done, I think the judges try to be as fair and balanced as possible, while having to juggle all those different factors that I mentioned above--and probably some that I don't even know about.

  83. ITA. I think the judges are between a rock and a hard place where they have to cooperate with the show's producers and writers to boost the show's ratings when they also want to pick those with rare talent and potential.

  84. (Hilee Enamored)

    I don't know if you'd like to take a look, but here is a link to some fun/cute Hi fan photo art for your viewing pleasure... :o)

  85. I like it! Hi Fan Art The fourth one is my most favorite: Hi-Class Hi

  86. (Hilee Enamored)

    I like that fourth one too.

    I think it looks like a Renoir painting. I imagine that if someone snuck it into the impressionist gallery of the Louvre and stuck Renoir's name on it, it would become one of the most popular paintings. It would be on calendars, post cards, bookmarks.... Am I getting carried away?

    Hmmm.... Maybe I should put on my quiet shoes and take a trip to Paris....mwahaha!

  87. Yes, you are but I don't blame you. lol

  88. (Hilee Enamored)

    I don't know if you've had a chance to see Hi receive her Gaon award.

    If not here's a link to a good quality video showing her acceptance speech and her performance at the award ceremony.

    I haven't found a good quality youtube video version yet. (You're usually much better than I am at tracking down the high quality youtube videos. :o)

  89. OMG!! News just came out that Supearls is disbanded and the memebrs' (except Hayi) contracts have been terminated. I don't know what to feel about this news.

    On one hand I'm okay with Hayi staying solo as she's proven herself capable, but I was also excited for supearls and wanted Hayi to be in the group because I want Hayi to have someone to rely and interact with during events (I felt kinda sad when I saw her during awkwardly standing alone during the closing of GDA.) Also, I feel sad for Michelle, Jungmi and Sungjoo. I think the dispute with Michelle was true and I feel sorry all the more for Jungmi and Sungjoo if that's the case.

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  93. The 19th marked my one year anniversary of being My Dear Korea Blog!!! Yeeeey!...**Kpopantz Wins MDK award**... - Speech! Speech!...Ok - "Thank you to whoever gave me that award..(LOL). I'd like to thank all the loyal HAYI fans for their love and support of an awesome little singer, and i dare not forget to mention an awesome Moderator who is very kind, even to people she doesn't agree with. G-Dragon mentioned her in one of his songs when he sings the chorus - "Yes sir, she's one of kind".(Well, that's my version anyway...LOL)..."감사합니다" Onsemiro(I hope that's right), you've been awesome!...I've seen a few other Hayi blogs, with some fun pictures & info, but i have loyalty issues, and can't leave. This is where it started for me.(Actually with Gummy & Bi Rain)... (Loyal blogger reward package? S.Korean vacation package?...I just thought i'd ask, expecting absolutely nothing,.....but a few LOL's.... ;)

  94. Here's the Hayi effect in it's entirety:

    I understand that the radio host that pinched her jaw/cheeks, is like a father figure to most of the younger idols that come on his show, and does things like that. I was a little annoyed at first, but understood why he couldn't help himself. She's down right adorable in this video....

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  96. YG-Blog life is teasing us with another Hayi image, for her next single or first album. According to allkpop, she's suppose to have a comeback stage on march 10th, on Kpopstar. Looking forward to seeing how confident and comfortable she's become, and will be, on that stage.

  97. Onsemiro, I have a question. At what point, last year during the airing of Kpopstar season 1, did you decide "Hey, I'm going to start blogging about Hayi." ?

    Also, what are you thoughts on the first couple of live shows in this season?


  98. Brief video of Hayi doing the dishes, while Baek Ahyeon, Lee Jung Mi dance to Kara's Lupin song....

  99. Onsemiro, how are you? I hope you are good. I haven't seen any updates from you in awhile. So I'm wondering first whether everything is alright with you

  100. Missing so much coments bout lee hi in this blogs. Where are you guys. Hi's albums was released n its daebaakk

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  102. Hi Onsemiro.

    I'm actually a lurker and I've been lurking this site for a while, but I've noticed you stopped updating for a while now. I was hoping you would come back once Hayi made a comeback but still nothing. I hope all is well and hope to see you update about Hayi as well.

  103. Onsemiro, please don't leave us, come back!...LOL I know you're busy, but if you have to leave, give us something to remember....We miss you...


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