Wednesday, December 19, 2012

KOREAN POLITICS: 2012 South Korean Presidential Election

Today, South Korea proved again that the greatest threat to democracy is uneducated citizenry.  The coronation is complete. The two Koreas now have one thing in common. The children of the world's worst dictators in history have become the head of each nation: South Korea's Park Geunhye, the daughter of Park Chunghee and North Korea's Kim Jung-un, the grandson of Kim Ilsung.  Awesome!

And it's a shame South Korea has just lost a rare opportunity to become a country where "people" come first.

2012 Democratic presidential nominee Moon Jae-in


  1. Hello Onsemiro,

    Thanks for your quality blog.
    I humbly suggest adding a simple picture for us westerners to grasp a little bit better :

    I was hooked on the election because of some korean friends in Korea who were arguing madly on facebook (didn't understand much more than the simple call "투표해!").

    Greetings from France,

  2. Anoynm @2:39, did you want me to simply post the picture here or translate the Korean text in the picture into English also?

  3. Onsemiro, has Park Chunghee done anything to prove that she is not like her father? Optimists could say all day long, "well, let's wait & see", but is there anything that she's done with her position of influence recently, that would convince you otherwise about her intentions?

  4. kpopantz, oh.... well, the way she has lived her life proves itself - an onion will not produce a rose or to put it more directly, like father, like daughter.

  5. what can I say?
    People get the government they deserve. :(

  6. Jipsanim, how have you been? It's really good to see you on my blog. Anyways, it's the government that completely conquered the media that controls how and what the majority of society thinks.

  7. Hi Onsemiro :)

    I was wondering if u have seen this article on netizenbuzz about the possible reason behind the sudden surge of scandals in the kpop world. here is the link below:

    do u think it maybe true that the sudden reveal of scandals in the Korean entertainment industry is done to hide away a bigger political happening with the new government?

    there was also another article on the same website discussing how ranking on korean news portals was being manipulated to hide the news about the new law. here is the other article:

    what do u make of all this?

  8. sarah, I know it's hard for you to believe and please trust me I'm not one of those conspiracy theorists but yes, the articles are true. Most of the scandals broke out to conceal or take the people's attention away from the bigger political scandals in this Lee Myungbak administration and Park Geunhye's Saenuri Party.

    Thanks for the link btw:

  9. yes, I did expect it to be true tbh.

    the Korean entertainment industry is always thriving to show perfect images of their celebrities, and they are pretty much in control of the media, so it just didn't make any sense for the media to suddenly turn its back against them and reveal so many scandals all at the same time, especially when news of the newly passed law should have taken priority considering the kind of impact it has on the Korean citizens.

    Its also very disheartening to see that the new government didn't wait for long before taking advantage of their current position of power to maximize their personal bank accounts

  10. sarah, it's just because the media is controlled by Big Brother and this is what exactly is happening now in S. Korea: Mobsters hired by government threaten an evicted resident from a demolished
    shopping center protesting


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