Sunday, November 11, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: PSY Wins the EMA Best Video Award!

PSY just won the Best Video award!  The award was presented by David Hasselhoff and his acceptance speech was really moving, especially, when he showed his gratitude to his family who have to live with his selfish job and this selfish guy and also to the lady who decided to marry him 6 years ago.

Congrats, PSY!!!!!

Click to watch the HD version.

PSY's Best Video Acceptance Speech


  1. That is an awesome news! My hat's off to him!

  2. I think his EMA performance was one of his best.

  3. (Hilee Enamored)

    Onsemiro, thanks for this post and the good news about Psy's award.

    He really is the consummate performer and seems to feel completely at home on the stage and in the spotlight. He's so good at using his voice and gestures to get the crowd pumped up. I can see why Gangnam Style has essentially become the global party song of the year.

  4. Hilee Enamored, yes, he was born to perform. Though, even a gutsy man like himself must have been nervous on such a big stage - he flubbed the lyrics @2:07. ;)


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