Saturday, November 10, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: PSY Talks and Performs Live on Jonathan Ross Show

PSY made a guest appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK today (11/10/2012). This was the best talk show that had ever featured PSY and really enjoyed watching him talk with his usual carefree nature.  I think he looked very relaxed probably because the show was quite well scripted and Ross is a funny, kind, and friendly host.  BTW, he revealed that his next dance move has to do with some sports, not animals.


  1. (Hilee Enamored)

    That was a fun interview. Psy handled himself really well and created several humorous moments.

    Jonathan Ross also is to be commended for his deft handling of an interview with a person with a different language background. I liked the way they worked together on that funny banter about the "lady socks". It turned out to be quite humorous, but could have been awkward if either of them had dropped the ball in their timing and facial expressions.

  2. Probably. I thought that part was staged as well but I may be wrong. :)


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