Monday, November 12, 2012

KOREAN MOVIES: Singer Lee Seunghwan and Cartoonist Kangfull Talk About "26 Years" on "Taxi"

South Korean singer-songwriter Lee Seunghwan and Cartoonist Kangfull share their thoughts about the 2012 South Korean action revenge movie "26 Years" on TvN's "Taxi." The show was aired on November 8, 2012.

And here are the movie's official posters:


  1. Dear Onsemiro - thank you so much, you are awesome. Your providing the English subtitles means so much - now I understand what the programme is about.

    I've taken the liberty of posting your "26 years" videos in the "26 Years" thread on Soompi - hope you don't mind.

    Lee Seunghwan and Kangfull - I now have increased respect for them (besides I also love that Kangfull is a cat-lover). Can I ask you a favour - please read the article below and if possible, can you please forward the petition link to any British expat you know or suggest ways in which we can speed up the process of getting the 100,000 signatures needed (only half way there now).

    Much appreciated, and thanks in advance from a Liverpool FC and Bae Soo Bin fan :)

  2. Anonym @10:56AM, no problem! And about the petition, I can't think of any other way to help you speed up the petition process than posting related links here:

    Liverpool Football Club has thrown its weight behind a petition to help a dying mother gain justice for her son after 23 years

    Justice, though the heavens fall

    Click to sign the petition here

    Can non-Brits like myself sign the petition too? And I really wish all the Liverpool FC fans the best luck on the process.

  3. Thanks for your response, I forgot to sign my name (cyn) - oops. Yes, the Liverpool Official Site is helping a lot. Unfortunately non-Brits like you and me can't sign :(

    Thanks again - the KangFull-Lee Seung Hwan video (with the English subs) is such a treat.

  4. So, it was you, cyn! Glad to know you loved the subbed video. :)

  5. Thanks for the subs from me too! ^^ Much much appreciated!! I embedded your subbed clip on Han Hye Jin's cafe/fansite too.
    There's a new music video from 26 Years -
    with a touching scene from the movie as the leads stand in a memorial hall, looking through the photos of all those who had died from the massacre, including their relatives - just in case you'd like to sub that too. Blessings and thanks again!!

  6. Wendy, I was waiting for the vid to come out. Thanks! I'll make time to sub it. :)

  7. Sorry for the disturb but can you sub for healing camp tablo?

  8. Anonymous @1:25 AM, please understand that I sub lengthy videos only to use them for my blog posts 'cause it takes too much time to do it. I'm really sorry.

  9. Can I have English subtitles for 26년?

  10. Anonym @8:50 PM, the movie was just released so I think we'll have to wait until it is available on Netflix or Hulu. :)


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