Saturday, November 10, 2012

KOREAN MOVIES: Lee Joon (of MBLAQ) Will Star in the Upcoming Film Written and Produced by Kim Kiduk

Director Kim Kiduk and Singer/Actor Lee Joon
on SBS's "Strong Heart" (9/4/2012)

According to OhmyNews (11/2/2012), Lee Joon, my most favorite MBLAQ member, has been cast as the lead role in Bae-wuneun baewuda (배우는 배우, "Actors are Actors"), a film that will be written and produced by Kim Kiduk and directed by Shin Yeonsik, one of Kim's apprentices. Lee will play an actor who becomes a star overnight then hits rock bottom.  (However, OhmyNews reported J.Tune Camp, Lee's agency, was very unforthcoming about whether Lee will appear in the film. Wait, didn't they act the same way when Rain was cast in the 2010 KBS drama "The Fugitive: Plan B"?)

It is the third film that Kim will only write and produce (but not direct) since the 2011 film Pungsangae (풍산개, "Pungsan Dog," aka "Poongsan"), directed by Juhn Jai-hong; and it is the second in the "A is A" series.  Jang Hun's Yeonghwaneun Younghwada (영화는 영화, "Movies are Movies," aka "Rough Cut") is the first in the "A is A" series and also the first film to be written and produced, not directed, by Kim. Both Juhn and Jang were Kim's apprentices as well and Kim's been doing it to help them make directorial debut.

When I first heard the news, I couldn't help but be reminded of the show, SBS's "Strong Heart," aired on September 4, 2012.  I always get the impression that most of the guests on the show can't care less about others' stories; I may be wrong but they don't seem to listen with their hearts even when they pretend as if they do. But Kim Kiduk was different. Contrary to people's belief, he is a very caring, empathetic, and respectful person and his personality shone through on the show. He was all ears and heart when Lee Joon shared his stories; he even turned around quite often to look at Lee while he was talking.  And when Lee revealed he had wanted to be cast in Kim's film and when Kim said he hoped to work with him someday, I kind of could see it coming and yes, it's really happening!  I just can't wait to see what Kim and Lee do together to surprise us. Now, here's a scene from the show where Lee reveals he wanted to be cast in Kim's film.

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