Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: PSY's Free Public Concert Tomorrow

PSY's offering a free public concert in Seoul Plaza tomorrow (10/04/2012). It will also be broadcast live on his Youtube channel, official psy, from 10 pm (KST) -  9 am (EST), 8 am (CST), 7 am (MST), and 6 am (PST). The show is titled "Let's Go All The Way."

And read my lips: DON'T MISS THE SHOW.

(EPILOGUE: Some people who attended PSY's concert at Seoul Plaza said the acoustics were just horrible but the crowd was at fever pitch while having a great time singing and dancing along.)

(EPILOGUE 2: SBS aired the concert today to broadcast it with high-quality acoustics. Enjoy the show.)

PSY sings "Gangnam Style" together with the crowd.
Approx. 80,000 people do "ddechang" (떼창, "group singing")


  1. SBS aired Psy's Seoul Plaza concert today to broadcast it with high-quality acoustics. The video was just embedded here in this post. Enjoy.

  2. PSY News: In mid November, Psy will release his US debut album which will consist of one new English song and, at the request from his label, his five or six Korean hit songs he had already released in Korea. He will write the lyrics for his new English song; and he will work again with Yoo Gunhyung, his long-time co-writer of many of his hit songs. Starting September 19, he will get back on track to promote himself in the US.


  3. Psy and his dance moves. Simply iconic.


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