Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: miss A's Fei and Jia, Weak Links or Underappreciated?

The miss A is so far my most favorite from JYP because they have the offbeat style that sets them apart from other JYP artists. And most of all, all miss A members are quite evenly talented singers and dancers. Though, I like this group basically because of Fei and Jia who I think are the most talented in the pack. Thus, you'll probably know by now how sad I feel that they are the most underrated miss A's, sometimes considered the weak links on the group at least in Korea.

My heart especially goes out to Fei for some reasons. Firstly, even though she is the lead vocalist of the group, people think Min (who is also the lead vocalist) sings best of all other members. But I think Fei has really attractive voice when she sings. Secondly, even though she is a great dancer with a solid background in dance, people think Jia is the best dancer in the pack. Of course, I admit Jia is a darn good dancer but people, Fei is just as good! And lastly, of course I agree everyone has different taste in beauty but I think she's the most beautiful and gorgeous miss A who is always overshadowed by Suzy. (Maybe it's just me but whenever I see Fei and Jia, they respectively reminds me of Kim Ahjoong and Gong Li.)

Fei & Jia (of the miss A)

Now, let's first watch the music video (dance version) of their 2010 hit "Breathe." (Click to watch its official music video.) This video invites you to witness the delicately subtle details of Fei's and Jia's dance moves that make them stand out.

So, I wonder why Fei and Jia couldn't attract as many as fans I thought they would in Korea. Probably because the language barrier has kept them from being featured on TV talk shows or entertainment shows? Whatever the reason is, I hope JYP will get to promote other members as much as Suzy, just like SM has supported each and every member of SNSD to shine. Otherwise, the rest of the pack will probably become wasted talents in the long run 'cause I think they are already slipping into Suzy and the Girls.

BTW, their newly released album "Independent Women Part III" and its title track Namja eopsi jal sara (which translates to "I Don't Need a Man" or literally "I Can Live without a Man") is the best I've heard from them in a long time since their 2010 hits "Bad Girl, Good Girl" and "Breathe" and I really love this subtle Chinese flavor added to the song.


  1. I luv Miss A, especially the I don't need a man. Couldn't stop listening for a few days.

    I think I am beginning to appreciate Fei more. Jia was always eye catching to me. JYP i think is doing his best given their language limitations. I like how Suzy is not placed in the center of the group constantly, not like say Yoona in SNSD..

    I think Suzy has a unique charm that somehow draws people to her.

    For me, Fei seemed a bit (too/more)? mature than the rest. Not sure if she completely matches the rest in terms of image. She should do some solo in the albums or something. I haven't hear all of their albums so apologies if she actually have a solo song.

  2. Suzy is not a good dancer compared to the rest, and I think that's probably why. (Don't hate me Suzy fans. Even though I love Fei and Jia the most, I love Suzy too!)

  3. holy cow, now that you mention it, yesyesyes, i definitely see the resemblance between fei & kim ahjoong, and jia & gongli.
    it's a pity that the two are underrated; my heart goes out to the both of them♥ i don't follow miss A (or any other kpop group for that matter, although i do keep tabs), but i think they're all very lovely and talented.
    this is the first time i've heard I Don't Need a Man. i really like it! it gives off such a laidback vibe~

  4. Anonym @10:57 PM, thank you for agreeing with me! I really hope Fei and Jia get noticed for their looks as well as their talents. I don't get why people don't realize how beautiful they are.


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