Wednesday, October 24, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hi (Lee Hayi) Updates (8)

Super big balloons tied to the roof of the YG building
in celebration of Hi's debut single ""

Lee Hi's debut single is scheduled to be released on October 29.  Since her debut single is titled "1,2,3,4," YG Entertainment (YGE) will release "four" pictures of her - one a day - starting today (Oct. 25, Thursday in Korean Standard Time). And just a couple hours ago, they kicked off countdown to her big day by releasing her first picture. Don't you think she looks like Tasha (aka, Yoon Mirae or T) in this picture?

Lee Hi: Picture 1 (10/25/2012 (KST))

YGE always leaves their big name artists alone when it comes to producing music, but as Hi is still a rookie and they have exceptional expectations for her, she has received one-on-one supervision from YG (Yang Hyunseok). And her music video cost 2.5 times more than other YGE singers' videos. It was directed by Han Samin who also has worked with Big Bang ("Blue" & "Monster") and 2NE1 ("Lonely"). (LINK)

BTW, as it seems YGE decided to spell her name Hi, I will use it too from now on even though I think it looks a little awkward.

Update: October 26 (KST)

YGE just released Hi's second picture to tease her fans. Basically, I'm the kind of person who couldn't care less if someone has plastic surgery or not but frankly, I love it more when people act and look natural. So, I'm glad that Hi didn't do anything to her face.

Lee Hi: Picture 2 (10/26/2012 (KST))

Update: October 27 (KST)

In her third picture, Hi is a catgirl.  Meow~~!!!!  YG said in an interview with Star News (10/26/2012), "I have a hunch Hi's solo debut single '1, 2, 3, 4' will be daebak, i.e., a huge success." He teased her fans, revealing that she has completely transformed her music as well as her look, beyond anyone's expectations.

Lee Hi: Picture 3 (10/27/2012 (KST))

Update: October 28 (KST)

Hi's fourth picture was just revealed and the last to be unveiled is her song. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Lee Hi: Picture 4 (10/28/2012 (KST))


  1. Lydia Paek also helped produce Hayi's song. When I found that out, I got super excited. If you look at some of her singing videos (especially this one: ) you can tell that there is something in her singing habit that is akin to that of Hayi's...she's very "Hayi-esque" so to say.

  2. Lydia Paek! I'm a big fan of her and the Quest Crew! I know she wrote 2NE1's "Lonely" with Teddy but didn't know she also helped produce Hi's song. Thanks for the info and also for the Youtube link:

  3. I love it when possibilities, become reality. Onsemiro, did we not throw Lydia's name in the pot, as a possible mentor?(I know it's not confirmed, but if Anonymous is right, it only makes this more exciting for us:).....Again, i love it when that happens...Im smiling so hard right now, I can't sleep. I was suppose to be in bed an hour ago,(prepin' for work) and said, "Let's see what Onsemiro is doing....glad i did. Come on Sunday!

    Anonymous, i totally agree, Lydia & Hayi are vocally related, and should do some features together. That would be DESTRUCTIVE, in a good way!!! I was about to go to bed,....Onsemiro, why'd you do this to me!.....LOL

  4. Oh this Lydia Paek's song is really nice... I'm glad to find out another Korean singer than Psy ;-) ..and I'm glad to like this song..!

  5. God I hope it's not a dance hip hop song.but It seems like it.

  6. Totally excited for Lee Hayi's debut single! Her vocals were a really nice addition to Epik High's 'It's Cold' and i'm excited to hear more from her. :D

  7. kpopantz, yay! Our wishful thinking came true!!! Hope you had a good sleep last night,lol. :)

    laterrebouge (Charles), Lydia is a second generation Korean American. She became famous first as a member of Quest Crew (Wanna watch QC on So You Think You Can Dance: SYTYCD?) She wrote 2NE1's "I Love You" (It was not "Lonely" - my mistake!) and helped produce “Ugly.”

    Anonym @7:08 AM, well, let's wait and see.... :)

    Anonym @7:22 AM, I'm excited too!

  8. Omg, the second picture is really cute but also witty, just like her haha

    I totally agree, I am so happy that she still looks natural. I can't wait!

    I'm confused though, I guess this is her solo debut? It seems like SuPearls isn't ready to debut yet, haven't heard anything about them lately.

  9. Bonnie, rumor has it there's been discord between Michelle and YGE but nothing's confirmed yet. So yes, it's Hi's solo debut album and we'll still have to wait and see what happens to SuPearls.

  10. I guess I'm slow, but I just now noticed that the black space in each photo forms a number. I guess we'll see a '3' and a '4' in the next couple of days.

    She looks cute. But she's always been amazingly cute and charismatic. I hope she'll be focused on eating healthy and being at a healthy weight, rather than just losing weight per se.

    It'll be fun to see what kind of music she comes out with next week!

  11. Anonym @1:17 AM, I notice that too but quite after a while. Maybe I'm slow too. :)

  12. If you want to see more Hi pictures, here's the link: More LEEHI Pictures.

  13. @ Onsemiro

    those pictures from the link u provided are absolutely gorgeous! she has really lost a lot of weight but still looks healthy and adorable :D

  14. sarah, even though I suspect there's some PS involved, I still think she still looks adorable. Can't wait to see her third picture.


    YG must be as excited as we are...he went all out. I image he did the same thing on her birthday...

  16. kpopantz, thanks for the link! I just embedded the vid in this post. I think Hi (Hayi) is the apple of YG's eye.

  17. Hi Onsemiro. The mv for hayi's debut single is out.

    And...I feel disappointed.

    Do go check it out. Here's the link.

  18. Anonym @10:09,I just posted new Hi update at Hi Updates (9). Can you tell me why you're disappointed?


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