Friday, October 5, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: The Birth of PSY's Horse Riding Dance

On "MBC Special," PSY's choreographer Lee Juseon explains the birth of the famous horse riding dance in "Gangnam Style" and gives a brief tutorial on how to do the dance. It's truly amazing how beautiful and sexy PSY's hilariously funny, comic dance moves were originally meant to be. Not that I don't like PSY's dance any more but Lee's is simply breathtaking. (Air Date: on 9/21/2012)


  1. Thanks! I am sending the link to a friend who was just commenting on the dance moves not being as easy as they seem :)

    Thanks again!


  2. Elom, I'm glad you found it useful!

  3. Have you tried horse dance yourself? It's fun especially when you and you'r friends make fun of each other.

  4. I love this dance tutorial! It's not as easy as it looks. Thanks for posting and sharing!


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