Friday, September 7, 2012

ZILLY TALKZ: PSY Voted Best Dressed at 2012 VMA

LOL. PSY was voted one of the best dressed at 2012 MTV VMA red carpet and explains why:
"Gangnam Style" may be a little silly, but there was nothing funny about K-pop star Psy's VMA look. His striped red carpet suit and wing-tipped oxfords made for a classic look. But later, when Psy performed a bit from his signature hit with VMA host Kevin Hart, his powder blue blazer and sleek shades showed the fun-loving personality that comes through in his song. (LINK)

PSY Voted Best Dressed at 2012 VMA
VMA Best-Dressed)

BONUS: PSY filmed a remake of "Gangnam Style" with Big Boy's Morning Show (Power 106 LA Radio Station).  Trust me it's hilarious!


  1. I was a little disappointed that Psy’s appearance at the VMA was limited to a cameo. I was kind of hoping that he would be one of the performers. I recorded the whole event on DVR, and fastforwarded through 99% to catch the 1 minute that Psy was on.... On a different note, I love how confident and deeply patriotic these various Korean artists are on the international stage. From Psy engaging in a monologue in Korean, to Kim Ki-duk breaking out in Ari-rang, I love how these artists are not shy about expressing their passion and confidence in our culture on the international stage.

  2. D.H., this might be wrong but I heard the list of the VMA performers is always made way prior to the ceremony so VMA had done Psy a great favor already by letting him make a cameo appearance.

  3. The best part of Psy is that he is obviously just having fun! How can anyone find fault in that?

  4. BeatriceBlue, it's his confidence that sets him apart from the rest and makes him have fun wherever he is, whoever he's around.

  5. Ah, so very true! I keep telling those around me that in my culture we believe that confidence & belief/faith will take you wherever you want, or get anything you put your mind to. I also keep trying to explain to my friends that positivity is also key - like attracts like. I hear so much negativity come out if everyone's mouths. If they simply changed the way they speak slightly they could get the exact same points across without being so negative & therefore attracting so much negativity. I have always been taught & shown this, & I've honestly done more in my life than most could possibly believe because of it! Several years ago, everyone was talking about a book & a movie called The Secret, how it was changing people's lives. I finally watched it & thought to myself, "But, this is old news! This is what my family had always done." It was amazing to see how something so simple, & that I don't even think about doing, can be so profound & life altering for others! Problem is, it's easier said than done. I guess you must be raised thinking this way, or really want it. Not one person that I've tried to start living this way has been able to get in the habit & do it. I watch my best friend constantly stumble & falter, & always get the short end of the stick. All because she has such low self esteem & self confidence, & everything she says comes out so negative. Sadly, I guess a leopard really can't change it's spots. Sorry to have ranted a bit there! Haha!.

  6. BeatriceBlue, actually I enjoyed reading your rants. :) I haven't read/watched the book/movie yet but your comment made me curious.


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