Saturday, September 8, 2012

KOREAN MOVIES: Kim Ki-duk's 'Pieta' Wins the Golden Lion at 2012 VIFF

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk's 'Pieta' took the Golden Lion for best film at Venice! Kim is the most misinterpreted, the most misunderstood, the most underappreciated, the most underrated, and probably the most hated director in Korea; yet he's the first Korean ever to win this most coveted award. (His movie also won Leoncino d’Oro Agiscuola Award, P. Nazareno Taddei Award, and Mouse d’Oro Award.)

"My gratitude goes firstly to my actors and staff, secondly to Italy and the VIFF, and lastly to the international jury, and I'd like to sing "Arirang" to show my appreciation," Kim said after accepting his award and sang the song.

So, congratulations from the bottom of my heart, maestro Kim Ki-duk!

The president of the jury at the 2012 VIFF, Michael Mann, announces
the name of the Golden Lion winner - Kim Ki-duk for "Pieta" -
and the cheers break out among the journalists in the press room of the Casino.

Kim Ki-duk sings "Arirang" to express his gratitude.

Korean film director Kim Ki-duk holds the Golden Lion above his head.

Actress Cho Min-su holds the Golden Lion together with the director Kim Ki-duk.

Korean film director Kim Ki-duk kisses the Golden Lion.

Kim Ki-duk poses with the actress Cho Min-su on the red carpet
prior to the VIFF closing ceremony (9/8/2012) ⓒ N.E.W.

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  1. And now, I'm really, really disgusted by some of these South Korean smart-ass critics and media and their s**tty reports and tweets talking down Kim Ki-duk's achievements. Just because they're more educated than Kim, doesn't mean they're smarter and better than him.


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