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ZILLY TALKZ: How To Register For Korean TV Network Accounts

At Mowee's request, I'm posting how to create "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" accounts for the Korean TV networks.  BTW, Mowee, did you know MBS has the world channel on Youtube for the non-Korean users?  Here's the link: 

1.  MBC

Here's how to create a "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" MBC account.  First go to  (Click on the image to see the full size version.)

Then you'll see the terms of service agreement; just scroll down and do as shown below.

Then the next page will ask you to enter your personal information.  Note that when you click on the second blank to enter your ID, a pop-up window will appear. Then enter your preferred ID in the blank.  If you have any kind of message when you click the confirmation button in purple, this means someone's already using the ID.  In that case, try a different ID.

Now, you'll see the following page that means you're done with this registration process.

When you go to the main page, you will see the button that reads 로그인 (log in). Click this button whenever you want to log in.

2.  KBS

Here's how to create a "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" KBS account.  First go to  (Click on the image to see the full size version.)

KBS offers English instructions.

Then the next page will ask you to enter your personal information for identification check.  I recommend you to provide your passport number instead of social security number (SSN).  If you click on SSN, you'll get the following message:
Foreign membership valid proof of identification (passport, national identification card, driver's license) must be confirmed sign-up process of the submission is complete.
FAX to submit proof of identification to confirm the receipt and processing of an average week or so it may take time.
How to submit proof of identification to select FAX, and applying for membership within a week after the proof is not submitted by FAX to join will be canceled.

3.  SBS

Here's how to create a "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" SBS account.  First go to  (Click on the image to see the full size version.)

Then the terms of service agreement will appear; then click,

Then the next page will ask you to enter your personal information.  Note that when you enter your home phone number, enter your country code and area number in the first blank, then the first three digits of your phone number in the middle, then the last four digits in the third blank.  SBS requires you to send them the image of your identification card either by email or by fax.

Remember!  Always look for the button that reads 로그인 (log in) when you visit the network's main page. Click this button whenever you want to log in.  Good luck!

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  1. I haven't read all yet but thank you soooo much! I did see an identification # there though and faxing something. If I give them this number, will I still have to fax?
    Anyway, I was able to watch Shin Ae-ra's interview for Golden Fishery and some NG's for "Indomitable..." but that was it. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Will let you know when I get through the registration process :)

  2. If you choose to give them your passport number to create a KBS account, you don't need to provide them with any more ID. But SBS requires you to send them your ID image via email or fax.

  3. Oh wow! It's really strict registering for these sites! I'll do the MBC first 'coz it's too late already to be looking for my passport on file! But I'm excited what I can watch being a registered member soon! Am I right though that I can watch very old (80's or 90's)shows still if I'm a member of these sites? Do you have any idea?

  4. Mowee, I just went to the MBC site to check and found out you need to pay to watch the vids there - I think you need to purchase a pass.

  5. Really? :( I just finished registering at MBC and I was gonna try the "Rockman" and it did lead me to a pop-up. Is it $700 US, for real!?

  6. Mowee, as I told you before, Korean dramas and movies are available streaming on Neflix and I just check what are in their library. So why don't you give it a try? They're now offering one month free trial. Here's the list of Korean dramas available there as of today.

    Autumn in My Heart
    Bad Guy
    Birdie Buddy
    Boys Over Flowers
    City Hunter
    Creating Destiny
    The Great Queen Seunduk
    Flames of Desire
    Lie to Me
    Miss Ripley
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    My Princess
    Playful Kiss
    Prosecutor Princess
    Protect the Boss
    Road Number One
    Scent of a Woman
    Secret Garden
    Shining Inheritance [Brilliant Legacy]
    Spring Waltz
    Stars Falling from the Sky
    Summer Scent
    Tamra the Island
    Winter Sonata
    You’re Beautiful

  7. Yeah, I did see your post about it (or was it somewhere?. It's just that I don't have much time (having a toddler to take care of) watching dramas and if ever, I wanted to see Shin Aera's first. I've finished "Bad Housewife" before 'coz it was available at mysoju. There were some at but they were subbed in Chinese :( Really no luck! If Netflix gets "Indomitable..." and they have eng subs for it that's when I'd probably sign up for the trial. I wanted to save it for when I'd be able to watch a lot. I just really like Shin Aera 'coz she uses her celebrity status to help a lot of people. So, I'm more keen on watching her more. Sorry, I'm too picky :( I've watched other dramas and movies in the past though (without SAR).

  8. If you really want to watch her dramas, then you'll have to pay with your credit card. You have to pay 700 won (approx. 0.60 US dollars = 60 cents) per episode. If you choose to pay by episode, then you have to watch it within 24 hours of your payment. If you choose to purchase a pass, the maximum you can pay is 100,000 won (approx. 88.00 US dollars). Here's how you pay:

    When you see a pop up window, then click on the button that reads 신용카드. Then click on 카드사선택, then scroll down the bar. You'll see 해외아멕스 (American Express), 해외visa (Visa), 해외master (Master Card). I think you can handle the rest of the process.

    I'll give you some links to her dramas too:

    사랑이 뭐길래:

    사랑을 그대 품안에:

    불굴의 며느리:

  9. Thanks so much for the links! Do you know the link to her sitcom "My Funky Family (aka Family Honor)? I hope I'm not too much of a bother! Even though I really am! hahaha! They don't have eng subs so I guess (I might) I'd pass on the "pay-per-view" pass. I said I might because it's actually affordable :) It's tempting! hahaha! Are you still in the US? How come you're still up at this time (like me)?

  10. Unfortunately, Family Honor is not available streaming online. I'm in the US and yes, it's quite late now, so I gotta go to bed. Good luck!

  11. Thanks for looking that up for me, too! I'd have to try KBS and see if there are any SAR free video stuff there that I can watch when I become a member. I'm ok with SBS because there were 2 variety shows that she was in that I was able to watch in full.
    Thanks again so much! I really appreciate your help!

  12. Mowee, you really are a loyal fan of Shin! I loved her "Angel's Choice" in which she made her TV debut; it was written based on A.J. Cronin's "The Citadel" and "The Keys of the Kingdom." I searched for it last night (for you) only to find it's not available online either. Anyways, good luck!

  13. I know! hahaha! I first started to watch her in "My Funky Family/Family Honor" on ArirangTV back in 2000s (not sure probably 2000 or 2001? I guess I started to watch Korean shows this year). After that, didn't get to follow her 'coz I wasn't on the internet that much that I was so busy preparing to graduate in college. I only had the time again this year to look her up and found out that she just finished a drama last year. It would have been really nice if I see her in person :)

  14. Shin is actively involved with Compassion International, so who knows? Someday, you might bump into her somewhere in the US. :)

  15. I learned that she and her family were here in the US for 3 weeks but unfortunately not in the part where I'm in. So, I guess I'd have to wait another year (maybe) to get the chance to see her. I really like her because of all the good causes she involves herself in. I've been active before in volunteering but having gone to different countries and now having a family stopped that. I would want to go back to volunteering again in the future (when my kid's a little older). I admire Shin Ae-ra for always making time in helping even though she's busy at her work and personal life :) I hope to do the same someday!

  16. Mowee, I hope your dreams (of seeing her ahd her family in person) come true someday.

  17. hahaha! Yeah, maybe in a couple of years. My family & I don't have plans yet in visiting the state they frequent, anytime soon.
    By the way, is there a site I can visit to know which Korean celebs are planning to visit the US? Like information about dates and places?

  18. Mowee, unfortunately, not that I know of.

  19. Ok, would have been nice if there's a site which can provide such info. Thank you again for all the help! I'll try to visit as much as I can here :)


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