Saturday, August 25, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: PSY Sings Gangnam Style Live

PSY was featured on MBC's "Music Core" aired today (8/25/2012) but in fact, the performance was filmed during his own show "The Heumbbeok Show" (8/11/2012).  The word heumbbeok (흠뻑) has such meanings as "soaked, entrenched, drenched, saturated...." and I think this show is a must see!  In the following video, you will witness how PSY makes the crowd go wild as always; he's an iconic figure in the Korean music industry and nicknamed the King of Performance. BTW, the Korean audience are known to sing along the song in perfect unison, which is called Ddechang (떼창, "group singing") in Korea. Ddechang is a slang word.

[LIVE] PSY performs Gangnam Style (8/11/2012)
(Air date: 8/25/2012)


  1. This song has crossed a line of pervasiveness that I haven't seen since WG's Nobody. I was at the 2NE1 concert in LA and people would just break out into the dance everywhere. It received a huge ddechang during the warm-up videos played before the opening act.

    My cousin, who is a Wedding DJ in Las Vegas (and who's never really ever commented on anything kpop related) posted that an 8 year old girl at a wedding requested that song. He had to scramble to download it....

    You probably saw he little buz about him being at a Dodger game in LA where they played that for the dance-cam bit between innings.

  2. Allan, I love 2NE1 and am a mega fan of CL and Minzy. They are great in every way - rapping, singing, and dancing. BTW, it was Scott "Scooter" Braun who was sitting right next to Psy and "rumor has it" he was there to perform between innings but due to the lack of time, they just played the song and briefly showed him on the electronic display board.

  3. While it has been a while since my time living in Kroea (i.e., mid 90s), it has been amazing seeing how its culture has made impacts on the general global pop scene. PSY is another example of this phenomenon.

  4. rsm, I'm quite happy to see this change. :)

  5. Update: Psy has just signed to Island Records, home to the likes of Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Annie Lennox, Babyface, Bon Jovi, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Def Leppard, Melissa Etheridge, Jessie J, etc. Congrats, Psy!


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