Saturday, August 25, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (6)

Hello!  Lee Hayi fans out there!  Here's the long-awaited performances by Hayi on the second night of 2012 All That Skate Summer (August 24~26).  She opened the second half of the show with Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" and sang a duet with Park Jimin on Rihanna's "We Found Love" for the curtain call.

(fan cam) Lee Hayi: Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" (8/24/2012)

(fan cam) Lee Hayi & Park Jimin: Rihanna's "We Found Love" (8/25/2012)

Bonus: Here's our beautiful Kim Yuna, the 2010 Olympic Champion and 2009 World Champion, revisiting her 2006-2007 short program "El Tango de Roxanne."  She executed a triple salchow, a triple lutz, and a double axel; it was her first time in many years doing the triple lutz in the gala or ice show.  She seemed a little slower than before (and she popped the lutz on the second night of the show) but I'm sure she'll be back in perfect shape to compete in no time. (UPDATE: Yuna nailed her 3 lutz on the third night of the show.)

(Official Video) Kim Yuna: "El Tango de Roxanne" (August 24~26, 2002)

Baek Yerin, the other member of a new JYP duo 15&,
sings "Listen" at age 10


  1. thanx for the updates :)

    i think this vid is better for the We found the love duet since it shows both Hayi and Jimin singing

    its amazing how comfortable Hayi seemed during her performance compared to Jimin. was really impressed with her much improved stage presence :)

  2. Anonym @9:10 PM, thanks for the link! I just uploaded the video. :)

  3. Am I seeing things or does Hayi have a tattoo on her right leg O_O

  4. Anoynm @5:37PM, no, you're not mistaken; I think she's wearing temporary tattoos. :)

  5. *floating in almost heaven* If only we got HQ videos and audio. But I'm not going to complain much.
    I think HaYi is more comfortable with her falsetto. Thanks as always Onsemiro!!

  6. Wahyimo, your complaint worked or is it your wish came true? I just replaced the old vid with a better HD version. Thank you for "wishing." :D

  7. Although, I could not really catch some of the words Hayi was singing(Good Girl), but goodness, her stage presence has improved!! I am happeh:) haha. rtibrur

    Thanks, Onsemiro for the update!

  8. It's hard not to notice how much she's improved. :)

  9. I love how the "Hayi Updates" brings us all back together on this blog. I feel like I've been on a journey with all the Hayi fans on this blog ever since her KPOPSTAR days. God bless this blog <33

  10. Agreed(Anonymous)'s been 4 months, and we're still here. New fans are starting the same arguments many of us were in, months ago. I was told not to get involved, but some days i couldn't resist. Fast-forward - Hayi did seem even more comfortable than Ji Min, but that's just me being spiteful. It was exciting to see how much she's progressed,she's incorporated some more hand gestures, and moving alot more than she use to, which is great. She'll have exceeded expectations, when she debuts next month, (according to YG). Ok, so the butterfly tatt is temporary. What's the age limit for getting tattoos in Korea? Same here? It's too early for all of that, but it tells us what she's thinking. We need to have a family meeting about this, and issue a short punishment. She's grounded!!! at least until the next performance...LOL

  11. kpopantz, as far as I know, there is no age requirement to get a tattoo in Korea but the professional tattooists hardly give underage people tattoos.

  12. More Hayi magic! Her song keeps playing over and over in my head and I find myself repeatedly going back to youtube to watch her performance.

    The recordings on the available youtube postings are clearly not ideal--i.e. they're just ambient recordings on video recorders from different locations in the audience rather than properly mixed and balanced professional recordings--and she still sounds great!

    --Happy Hayi Fan

  13. Just can't wait to see her debut in September.

  14. Ooh. Ah yeon is also debuting this month.. this is going to be interesting. She looks a bit like Suzy in the cover though.

    Out of topic: what do you think about Apink's Eun Ji? I think she has got a good tone and depth, though not perfect but I'm beginning to like her (when she's not singing cute songs). Not a fan of the group though.

  15. Wahyimo, I just lurrrrrrve Eunji! She started growing on me as an actress (in "Respond, 1997!"), not as a singer, but now I came to like her as a singer, too. And honestly I couldn't care less about Apink until lately, but Eunji made me interested in the group. I think they remind me of SNSD in their early years.

  16. My thoughts exactly! I didn't know she was a singer actually :P I thought she was just an actress. and Yes I loveeee reply/Respond 1997! Then I heard she was from A Pink, then I looked up one of their MVs, and I thought she wasn't bad. Then I found her solos and found she has so much more.

    However when she sings songs in her duets, don't you think she doesn't shine as much? Perhaps because she has gone falsetto.

    She should go Immortal Song or something :)

  17. I read somewhere Eunji just wanted to be a vocal coach but ended up being a professional singer. When she was in the 5th grade, she won the 2004 children's song contest, singing Dokdo Jamjari (Dragonflies in Dokdo islets). FYI, Her birth name is Jung Hyerim and the host of this competition was Park Jiwoon who plays Junhi's twin sisters in Respond, 1997! Here's the clip:

  18. Wow.. she's so cute! And I love her accent! I hope she won't just become a vocal trainer :)

    I don't get why the need to change people's name when they become celeb. Hyerim sounds perfectly attractive to me and it's not difficult to pronounce or anything. It's not like she/they changed it into an obvious stage name like Top.

  19. Wahyimo, I don't know exactly why but my guess is: she might've changed her name to avoid confusion with Wonder Girls' Hyerim. And Eunji sounds a little cuter and trendier in my Korean ears even though Hyerim is perfectly fine. FYI, the real name of the actress Ha Jiwon is Jeon Hyerim.

  20. I really like Eunji's singing in the 1000 Challenge Song tv show and some other korean show :o Her voice was pretty manly! Took me by surprise since she tends to be in charge of the high notes in A Pink :o

    Here's one of the clips, I couldn't find the other 2 since youtube took them down:

    Oh, and Goose's Dream is alright too:

    Ah, and her duet with Huk Gak for That Woman/Man is nice too ->

  21. Anonym @8:08 PM, thanks for the links! Eunji sure knows how to sing! The more I see her, the more I am convinced that she looks like Tiffany (of SNSD) in her early years and Victoris (of f(x)), especially when she smiles.

  22. I think she looks a bit like Secret's HyoSung.. especially in the Love is Move MV.

    I'm a bit worried I haven't heard news of HaYi debuting. I thought it's September but we've heard no hype about it at all. could it be delayed :(.

  23. Wahyimo, guess YG has been indulging a little too much in PSY phenom lately? PSY's international success has put him ahead of SM and literally, he's number one now!

  24. I suppose you're right.

    Ah Yeon's album is out. No JYP whisper on title track! LOL

  25. And she looks really mature and pretty!

  26. although Psy is doing incredibly well with Gangnam style and YG has gone up the scale of success in the korean music industry, I think there is still a long way before YG can top SM.

    thats not to say that SM is better than YG, but I think SM remains the music and management label that makes the most money in Korea.

    if we look at YG, their biggest cash cow at the moment is BigBang followed closely by Psy and 2NE1. Yet, all three artists have been unable to surpass any of SM's current active idols' music sales since their debut.

    None of Big Bang's albums have ever surpassed the 400,000 mark, and 2NE1 still needs to surpass the 200,000. Moreover, unfortunately YG's artists have always struggled in selling albums and singles outside of Korea (ie in other Asian countries including Japan). this is a shame cuz i think YG's produced music is much more exciting and interesting.

    On the other hand, almost all SM's artists sell over 400k and 500k. SNSD's last Korean album alone sold over 500K, while their first Japanese album that was released in 2011 sold over a MILLION copies, which is insane considering that was their debut album in Japan.

    other artists under SM including SUJU, DBSK, and Shinee have always had incredibly high sales. EXO mini debut album released earlier this year sold over 150,000 copies. and this is just mini album.

    not to mention all the sell out concerts and merchandise. TVXQ's huge Japan tour was sold out in less than 30 seconds with over 550,000 fans attending it. keep in mind this has happened despite the split of their members and decrease in their popularity.

    I do agree that YG is getting closer in its race against SM, and I think its possible that YG will overtake SM. but i think its still too early to decide on this.

    i saw this article earlier today and i thought it was very interesting

    just want to point out though, SM has never really promoted any of its artists in the US. its true that last year SNSD were invited to 2 or 3 American shows after certain industry people noted their massive and sudden success in Japan. the girls made over 50 million USD with their debut Japanese album hence why pple were suddenly interested in them. SM though never had plans previously for SNSD to debut in the US. As a matter of fact in 2008 SM was on the verge of eliminating SNSD due to how badly their music sales were, and the fact that kpop fans seemed to hate them (remember the Black ocean at dream concert). their success came out of nowhere and as a shock to SM itself thanx to Gee MV going viral.

    Even when BoA went to America, she herself admitted that she was the one who paid for her own album production fees becuz SM did not think she was ready for America.

    in either case, i think its gonna be very interesting to see what SM will do next to protect its current position.

  27. Anonym @11:50 PM, I'm sorry; I just meant to say YGE just rose to strong number one share in the Korean entertainment industry. And thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. :)

  28. no problem. im actually a fan of YG and its artists especially 2NE1 so it would be refreshing to see YG clinching into the number 1 spot ;)

  29. Chiming in, only to say that i just saw Baek Ahyeon's Sad Song MV. Enjoyed it. I saw what i expected to see from Ahyeon, great video, and her dental work looks amazing! I think Yoon Hyun Sang will create healthy competition between the two them. It's September, YG, we're waiting....

  30. Hey! It's been a long while, kpopantz! I personally like "Stay" among Ayeon's new songs. :)

    And also "Always":

  31. It was only a few months ago when this blog only had 20 people. This thing is gonna grow legs, and walk real soon....Always is now my favorite. Her voice coupled with that Fender Rhodes piano, is such a beautiful combination. Stay was good, but i was expecting something a little more inspirational or deeper after hearing it. Anyway she's doing great, now for her dongsaengs to debut.

  32. Yes, and you were one of those 20 people. :)

  33. I was reading the article the anon posted above about YG vs SM. its definitely an interesting, albeit controversial topic. but then again the fact that its controversial is what makes it interesting ;)

    I have been following SM for few years now, not because I like the company, but rather I like some of their artists.

    What I have noticed is that most kpop fans tend to think that SM is interested in breaking in the US or that SM is in a race against JYP and YG to break the US.

    reality is, SM has never ever been interested in the US market. If people have actually bothered look up Lee Soo Man's interviews and seen some of his lectures about SM's expansion plans, they would have realized what SM's real goal is.

    trying to get his artists to break into the US market is not profitable to him because the US is already saturated with singers, and the industry is controlled by very racist and discriminating people (watch AI and other singing competitions and u'll see how asians struggle to pass into the top 10 despite having great voices). the chances are very slim for kpop idols to actually get a break no matter how talented they are. for ex YG has been trying to break BigBang and 2NE1 in the US since their debuts and it hasn't worked at all despite the fact that their music and image is very Americanized.

    Lee Soo Man's idea is to bring the US and the whole world to Asia and specifically Korea.

    the US music industry is weakening under the effect of the recession and increase in illegal downloads. SM has already created a strong name for itself in Japan, and after 4 years, they have already opened up their label, SM Japan, there. in a couple of years, SM will most likely become as big as Johnny Entertainment, if not bigger considering that Johnny's idols have been struggling in the past 2 years. plus, the japanese industry has high respect for SM and Lee Soo Man after seeing how he had BoA and TVXQ members learn everything about the Japanese language and culture before sending them to Japan. even today in the anti-hallyu movements going on in Japan, BoA and TVXQ are actually praised and respected by anti-hallyu advocates for their professional attitude and talent. This has had a very positive impact on SM's image in Japan, especially when considering how Johnny's idols have been getting criticized due to their numerous scandals and lack of talents.

    China is SM's next step, like SM's CEO himself stated. EXO were aimed specifically to break the Chinese market. Considering that china has over 1.3 Billion people living in it, if SM breaks the chinese market the way they did with Japan, then SM will be the centre of Asia's music.

    SM has already announced itself as SM Nation during SMT Seoul few weeks ago, and has been handing out special SMT passports to fans that offer special privileges such as flight, electronic store, and music purchase discounts to members of SM nation.

    if this keep going then in 20-30 years, Asia will become the new centre of the music world with Korea and SM right at its heart.

    as ambitious as it is, its also very scary because in this case, SM will end up monopolizing the whole music scene in Asia with their influence and power.

    I think Yang Suk has realized this, hence why he made sure to improve the relationship between SM and YG, which used to be quite strained few years ago.

    sorry if I talked too much about this in page that has nothing related to SM but I couldn't help it after reading the link the anon posted lol

  34. SarahM, didn’t SM briefly promote BoA in the US market though? Or can I say it was never their intention but hers in the first place? BTW, please share your thoughts more often. :)

  35. @Onsemiro nope SM never actually intended to support BoA breaking into the US. It has always been BoA's own ambition to go there. I'm a big fan of BoA, as through her I got to know about kpop in the first place, but back then she really believed she could take over the world.

    so yea SM rejected her idea of breaking the US market but she kept insisting. I think SM worried that they might lose her like Shinhwa who refused to sign with them once their contract was over, so SM made a deal with her that she can work on her US debut, but she will have to pay for most costs herself. SM only acted as her label in America but they didn't even try to get her signed with an established American label like YG did with 2NE1 for example. if ur gonna break into US, the first thing u have to do is sign with a US record label. even British singers who cross over to the US do the same.

    she agreed but she ended up loosing a LOT of money in the process and she also lost her popularity in Asia.

    BoA and Lee Soo Man are very close and are fond of each other so SM did provide her with some of the best producers and songwriters in the US, but like I said the problem is she had to pay for most of their costs because SM's higher ups and investors didn't see any profit in her venture.

    there was also a lot of pressuring from her Japanese label to go back to Japan, which she did to release an album but she didn't promote it as much as she should have. she was very half-hearted about it and just wanted to get back to doing US activities, which more or less turned her relations with her Japanese label sour a bit.

    it was actually a big deal few years ago when her korean album Hurricane Venus flopped in sales, and fans blamed SM for the whole thing.

  36. honestly I think BoA's very young age (i mean she did debut when she was 12-13ish) and her huge success in Japan, the world's second largest music industry after the US, must have gotten to her head a bit. back then she got surrounded by lots of japanese celebrity friends with not-so-good reputations, and really bad attitudes.

    shes always been extremely professional and hard working, but she was a bit of a party girl back when she was successful in Japan. koreans never knew about it cuz it only happened in Japan and SM made sure that no korean papers picked up on it.

    obviously today BoA has grown and matured a lot. but if you have followed her the way i have you would have noticed how her circle of friends has changed over the years. back then she used to love hanging out with Johnny's boys, which is never a good thing really. she also used to go drinking and clubbing a lot with JYJ's Jaejoong and Yoochun. Ironically, back then she used to hate TVXQ's Yunho cuz she found him too much of a goody two shoes and hated how cared for her as a younger sister. Now she considers Yunho her best friend and the closest person to her.

    I don't know if you have seen this but here is a VERY VERY entertaining interview BoA did earlier this year, where Yunho, Go Ara, and another SM actress make a guest appearance and talk about her.

    unfortunately I don't have BoA's earlier solo cuts any more where she talked about Lee Soo Man and her days in Japan but I do have her cuts with yunho below

    the cuts are very very funny. even if you are not a fan of BoA, u will still find them entertaining ;) they also explains a lot about her as a person

    PART 1

    PART 2

  37. sarah, are you a walking history book of SM or something? I really enjoyed reading your comments, indeed. Thanks! And I watched her on the show, thinking she'd rather have chosen "Healing Camp."

  38. LOL! I have been a fan of BoA and TVXQ since 2006-2007. due to the massive position those two held at SM, it became very easy for me to know a lot of things about SM and SMTown.

    the business aspects to SM were revealed many times through LSM's statements during lectures along with statements released by SM's CEO.

    here is what Lee Soo Man said earlier this year about breaking into the US market:

    [And what about SM Entertainment’s plans for expansion into theU.S.? The reporter asked, “SM TOWN is going to be held at Madison Square Garden in New York, are you going to be making an official venture into the U.S.?” Lee Soo Man replied, “No, it’s not like that. Rather than venturing into the U.S., we are just holding a concert as a consolation for the people we consider a part of an imaginary country called SM TOWN. The markets of China and Asia will be bigger than the U.S. market. Thus, it isn’t really necessary to go into the U.S. In the near future, when a ‘Hollywood of Asia’ appears, the cultural center of the world will make a big shift to Asia. Asian songs are not well known in the U.S.? Totally irrelevant because Asia will soon become the center.”]

    he also said “Eventually, the Chinese music industry will form something equivalent to America’s Hollywood and our goal is to conquer China’s Hollywood.”

    these are few other snippets of an interview done with SM CEO back in January 2012

    {MK recently held an interview with representative Kim Young Min from SM Entertainment who said, “I guess you can say that we have constructed the market conditions so that now, we can create a music format to break into the Asian market. Our goal this year is to launch into the Asian market, collaborating with corporations in China and Japan. We are keeping all of our options open, and reviewing them over carefully.”..Kim continued, “Compared to America and Europe, Asia is still the best market that yields the most efficient results,” and that’s where SM plans to work on a lot of side projects. ”The US market is still a bit risky, and if it was a market that yielded the best results compared to what we invested, we would have jumped into it without thinking twice.”}

  39. Actually, as seen in PSY's newly acclaimed global fame, I also agree, "Try first to make it big in your neighborhoods, then the rest MAY follow in this socially networked world." :)

  40. SarahM,....loved your posts! This would make for an interesting blog by itself. Global Domination is an interesting subject. As LSM's dream becomes a reality, is music & social networking, his only interest? When you reach a certain level of success, the invitation to sit with kings is placed at your feet. This may be overkill, but i wonder what his thoughts are, on affecting world hunger? Get involved with Government? Military Power? Religion?.....If he wants it, it'll all be there at his disposal. (I went to far, i know_LOL, but having the influence & power to affect change, is not a right, but a privilage)

  41. @Onsemiro

    Absolutely! One Direction would have never seen the success they are enjoying right now after breaking into the US without having a massive fanbase in the US to begin with. they became famous becuz their fans forced the US media to take notice of them and support them, not the other way around. Even their British label didn't expect them to become so famous like that. and like the anon before said, SNSD would have never been invited to perform at 2 major talk shows in the US if it wasn't for their huge fanbase all over the world.

    Social networking is key in all three cases. the faster people realize the influence of social networking, the more they will take advantage of it.


    im glad ur enjoying the essays LOL

    LSM is a very fascinating character. its hard to decide whether hes a decent person or not like its usually portrayed in the news but one thing for sure, hes very ambitious.

    I don't think money matters to him the way people think it does. its definitely important but it will always be in the second spot after "glory".

    I think LSM sees money as a commodity that must be used to achieve his vision, which is to turn SM from a small idol-producing label into a massive Enterprise.

    check this for example from his interview with Chosen:

    [..He (LSM) also added, “People worry that without Lee Soo Man, SM will come to an end, so that’s why a ‘clone’ has been made to take the place of Lee Soo Man.” He revealed that this ‘clone’ is a team made up of six people who are specialists in areas like dance, singing, and mixing music. He stated, “Something better than a copy of Lee Soo Man will be produced, and SM will become even bigger.”..]

    when i read this for the first time, i understood that his vision is so important to him that he doesn't even want his own death to stop SME from turning into an empire for the entertainment and music world.

    hes pretty much willing to do anything to turn this vision into reality even if he never gets a chance to see it happening right in front of his own eyes.

    in that same article he admitted that he is actually training individuals under his company to become business people and professionals who will take the reins of the company after him.

    I would love to see a blog about this topic if Onsemiro has a time to write one. LSM has always been a very mysterious and interesting character. It would be refreshing to read something about him other than being "the root of all evil even though he created our favourite groups" ;)

  42. sarah, I don't know much about LSM specifically but I've always had a soft spot for him 'cause I remember watching him sing on TV when I was veeeeery little (yes, I have a great memory, almost photographic, haha) and he was a fresh young singer and show presenter. He was one of my mom's most favorite TV personalities at that time.

  43. It's official: JYP revealed Park Jimin will be teamed up with a girl her age and the duo will make their professional singing debut in early October. The duo is named "15 &" (Fifteen and).

  44. We only have 2 weeks left in this month, where is the LEE family? (L.S.H, L.M., L.H.Y., L.S.J., & L.J.M.?) Getting a little attention needed...LOL

  45. wahh so Jimin will be debuting too..happy for her. i have always felt that Jimin would do better in a group than as a solo. I don't think shes unique enough or has enough stage presence to be a solo.

    but wait what about her international debut? will that affect it since shes in a group now?

    do u know if there is any news about Hayi and Supearls?

    im really getting nervous about them as YG seems to have shelved them away in favour of his new SNSD-like group that he plans to debut in mid October.

    Supearls were meant to debut in Sept yet there has not been a single teaser or piece of news on them to this day.

  46. kpopantz & Anonym @10:59 PM,

    Maybe YG's too busy dealing with Psy's unexpected rise to international fame and Seungri's recent scandals in a row? Just hope to see Hayi and SuPearls make their debut soon.

    Anonym, nobody will ever know what's going on inside JYP's mind. Let's just hope he's made the best decision for PJM.

  47. Kpopantz, reporting for duty!!!. PJM has a website, and a teaser video out, and i love it!..HOWEVER.....Im holding my excitement for our princess. COME ON YG ENT!!!...LOL

  48. kpopantz busy as a bee! Haha! Thanks a lot for the links but it seems JYP is putting the other member at the center of attention by literally teasing us with this teaser video. Not that I don't understand why though.

  49. Rumors say that the girl is Baek Ye-Lyn that auditioned for JYP back in 2008? Not sure, just a rumor, at least until October...ill wait & see.

  50. kpopantz, I really appreciate the info. Just uploaded Baek Yerin's video to this post. I read some Korean blog posts and it seems she's the one.

  51. YG's teaser image.
    Epik High + Hayi? I guess I'm wishing too much.

  52. Ah, now I get why JYP does that. I can see her similarities with PJM.
    It's hard having two girls in a similar genre competing with each other (if he were to debut each separately). It is much easier to make them team up.

  53. Wahyimo, your reasoning totally makes sense to me and I personally hope to see Hayi with TOP. :D

  54. I saw Ji Min's pictorial teaser. I hardly can differentiate them in that picture! Why do they keep using make up that makes people look too much like each other.

  55. Wahyimo, I think the picture is photoshopped and I don't understand why they do it either.

  56. It seems like Hayi will make her solo debut before the SuPeals as the YGE posted the phrase, "Hi! Lee Hi, Epik High in October" on their official blog today (Sept. 27 in Korea).

  57. yep its been confirmed that Hayi will be debuting solo in Oct of this year

    so excited but nervous too :D

  58. hey Onsemiro! sorry to bother u with this but could u give us a small translation of what is being said in this vid?


  59. A listener of the show named Sujin posted a comment, "Hayi, you owe me 2,700 won (approx. 2 US dollars and 50 cents)." When the hosts asked her if that was true, Hayi answered, "I think I do. I borrowed the money right before I graduated from the middle school." And when asked what she wanted to say to Sujin, she said, "I'll pay you 2,700 won." The host said, "You are so chic" and she said, "No, I'm just nervous 'cause the audience is sitting too close." Then the host asked, "Aren't their stares something?" and she said "They are looking at me like the judges." The host asked, "Who's stressed you out the most?" and she pointed to a man sitting in the front row. And this is pretty much it. :)

  60. lol thank u so much! ur the best :D

  61. hey Onsemiro, could u please do me a small favour and briefly tell us whats being said in this new article about Hayi's debut?

  62. Anonym @10:54 PM, I'll summarize the article for you:

    As Hayi's debut is imminent, people's attention is turning to the YG Entertainment (YGE) as to how they have helped this already talented ex-K-Pop Star contestant improve her skills.

    YGE is home to big name artists but Hayi who is still a rookie has received exceptional support there. They said they have great expectations for her than usual as shown in the fact that (i) her music video cost 2.5 times more than other singers', (ii) she is featured on Epik High's new song "Cold" which will be released on Oct. 9, and (iii) she received one-on-one supervision from YG.

    YG strongly believes ex-K-Pop Star contestants must be nurtured/trained to rise to stardom. That's why people pay attention to Hayi, YG's promising star material. Actually, the fact she is featured on Epik High's song itself shows how much she's grown to be one.

  63. Ahh thank u so much :D

    gosh I can't wait for Oct 9th and 29th to come already! Shouldn't Epik High release teasers already?!!!

  64. Watch Park Jimin's debut stage with Baek Yerin:

  65. thank u so much for posting the link to Jimin's debut.

    tbh I found Jimin surprisingly very awkward and nervous during the performance. I understand that this is her official debut so she must be nervous but she was sooo different from that energetic and confident girl during kpop star. Its like she has lost her glow somewhere after she won.

    Her partner in the group was very professional and looked extremely confident and relaxed in comparison.

    its all very strange since u would think that after Jimin had performed live for months on kpop star, she would be much more experienced and comfortable with performing live compared to someone who is standing on a real stage for the very first time in her life.

    I hope Hayi's performance in the upcoming week will not be held back by nerves the way Jimin's was.

  66. btw Hayi has featured in Epik High's pic teaser that was released earlier today

    she looks like a breathtaking Ice Queen.

    I love this edgy but classy and stunning concept they have given her.

  67. @Onsemiro

    Thanx for translating the article for me :)

    can't wait for her debut already :D

  68. Sarah, I agree and I don't think the song is helping her show off her own color, strength, and charms.

  69. Anonym @8:04 PM, you're welcome! Can't wait for her debut either.


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