Thursday, July 26, 2012

KOREAN SHOWS: Dancing with the Stars Korea - Season 2 (11)

In the eleventh, semi-final, round of "Dancing with the Stars Korea" (7/13/2012), my favorite actress Ye Jiwon was sent home after performing two dance routines (first samba and then rumba) - since last week, they began dancing two full dances.  Her partner and coach Bae Jiho said he also learned a lot working with her, especially how to respect the people you meet.  Choi Yeojin and Hyoyeon were tied with each other at the end of the judging process and advanced to the final round.  No winner was announced for this semi-final round though.

First, here're the judge's scores for the girls for their first routines (jive): Hyoyeon (28 points), Choi Yeojin (27 points), Ye Jiwon (25 points).

● Hyoyeon & Kim Hyeongseok (Jive): "Rock and Roll Music" (Click to watch.)
● Choi Yeojin & Park Jiwoo (Jive): "Take On Me" (Click to watch.)
● Ye Jiwon & Bae Jiho (Jive): "Diana" (Click to watch.)

The second routines (rumba) featured the singers who came to sing live for the performances of their friends.  f(x)'s Luna sang "Way Back into Love" for Hyeoyeon & Kim Hyeongseok, the ex-FIN.K.L-turned-musical theater actress Ock Joohyun sang "Broken Vow" for Choi Yeojin & Park Jiwoo, and the ex-Solid Kim Johan sang "Endless Love" for Ye Jiwon & Bae Jiho.  And their scores were as follows: Choi (29 points), Hyoyeon (27 points), and Ye (27 points).

● Hyoyeon & Kim Hyeongseok (Rumba): "Way Back into Love" (Click to watch.)
● Choi Yeojin & Park Jiwoo (Rumba): "Broken Vow" (Click to watch.)
● Ye Jiwon & Bae Jiho (Rumba): "Endless Love" (Click to watch.)

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