Friday, June 1, 2012

KOREAN DRAMA: SBS's "A Gentleman's Dignity"

Sinsa-e Pumgyeok (신사의 품격)

Main cast of "A Gentleman's Dignity":
(left to right) Kim Suro, Jang Donggun, Kim Minjong, and Lee Jonghyuk

I'm not a fan of Kim Eunsuk, a very successful TV drama writer, whose mega-hit creations include "Lovers in Paris," "Lovers in Prague," "Lovers," "On Air," "The City Hall," and "The Secret Garden."  Well... rather, I'm not a big fan of her creations.  So "On Air" was the only one among her dramas I watched from start to finish.  Besides, since I read not so favorable reviews of this drama from the ardent fans of "The Secret Garden," I had no attention of watching it in the first place.  Yesterday, however, I happened to watch its first episode by chance and ended up watching the second one as well.  Maybe because I like Kim Haneul.  Maybe because I had mixed feelings watching Kim Minjong, the teen heartthrob of yesteryear.

Anyway, my first impression of the drama was that it was a male Korean version of "Sex and the City" (SATC).   Not only because of the scene in which the four men met together to talk over brunch but because of its opening theme that just reminded me of SATC's.  And of course, both are a story of four friends' working and love lives in the metropolitan area.

BTW, bumping into a familiar face while watching it was a pleasant surprise as I didn't know among the cast was Jonghyun, my most favorite CN Blue member.  So chances are, I'll watch the upcoming episodes unless I'm too busy or I come to the conclusion that it's totally not worth watching it.

Main cast of "A Gentleman's Dignity":(left to right) Lee Jonghyun, Kim Jungnan, Lee Jonghyuk, Kim Haneul, Jang Donggun, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Suro, Kim Minjong, and Yoon Jin-yi

Lee Jonghyun plays Colin in "A Gentleman's Dignity."   


  1. I enjoyed seeing this drama which now already episode6. After watched All About Eve series, I have not seen Jang Donggun on any Korean Drama. He changed a lot. I watched this drama because of him !!!

    I just know the writer who wrote all mentioned dramas is a woman. I already watched all of them. They are my collection.

  2. TA TA, yes, Kim Eunsuk is a female writer, and I think her given name means "graceful and pure." I was almost giving up watching this drama through episode 3 and 4. But the story is getting better through episode 5 and 6 and the actors are so great, so I think I'll keep watching it. BTW, don't you think Yim Me-ari, a sister of Taesan, looks like K-pop Star's Kim Nayoon?

  3. Yes, you are right. Both of them are look alike. I think they are like sister. Do you know what Kim Nayoo is doing right now ? I heard that she contacts several agencies or entertainment company. I hope she is good luck in her career.

    I am wondering after Taesan know Yisoo is fond of him, will he turn to her?

  4. TA TA, there's been no news of her signing with any label since. According to the synopsis, Taesan will waver between Sera and Yisoo and Yisoo will realize she's already falling for Dojin. But most Korean dramas unfold "not" as planned as they reflect the viewers' feedback - as you may already know, 99% of Korean dramas are shot while being aired.

  5. Do you know the whole story? It is not fun if you know the whole story. I guess most viewers like happy ending. As I watched Korean drama, only the few Korean dramas were not happy ending compare with Japanese dramas. Most Korean dramas do not torture viewers or am I wrong ?

  6. No, I don't. Most synopses of Korean dramas provide the background of the characters and the outline for the story except the conclusion.

    Korean people love happy endings as they believe in "kwon-seon-jing-ak," which literally translates to "the rewarding of virtue and the punishment of evil." But seriously, who wouldn't? :)


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