Thursday, June 28, 2012

KOREAN SHOWS: Lee Hyori's Social Club - Golden 12

“We’re No Different,” an Eco-Friendly Song by Golden 12
골든 12 부른 친환경 노래 다르지 않아

Lee Hyori’s Social Club: Golden 12,” aired on OnStyle, a Korean cable network (4/5/2012~6/21/2012), showed the nearest reality of all, living up to its name – a reality show.  As we all know already, everything is staged on TV. Even reality shows, which are believed to be unscripted, are in fact scripted.  It's a must to prevent any possible accidents during the live broadcast or to avoid any possible delays during recording.  Even though we have to admit it, however, this show just flowed so seamlessly as the cameras naturally followed and captured its cast members and many, many of their unplanned moments as well as their planned activities and events.  I think it was one of the realest reality shows.

The show focused on the eco-friendly social lives of its host Lee Hyori, a singer, once sexy icon/all time fashion icon, and socialtainer, and her close friends, all of whom are professionals: Han Hyeyeon (fashion stylist), Yoni P (fashion designer/entrepreneur (Steve J & Yoni P)), Bae Dahae (singer/musical actress), Lee Juhee (copywriter/writer), Hong Janghyun (photographer), and Jang Beomjoon (lead singer/lead guitarist of Busker Busker).  The show captured my health-conscious vegetarian heart in an instant as each episode of the show presented a theme such as eating vegetarian, growing vegetables in containers/on city farms, experiencing a templestay, seeing and experiencing the real Jeju Island life, learning about vegan baking, taking a healing trip to Hawaii, and putting on a “Love Lives” concert – BO:DA.  And the frosting on the cake was its guests, many of whom are my favorites: John Park (singer), Jung Jaehyung (singer/song writer/pianist), Kim Jedong (TV personality/entertainer/socialtainer), Hye Park (model), to name a few. 

While watching the show, I always wondered what the number 12 in its title might mean as the number of its cast members was just 7.  And last Thursday (6/21/2012), I kinda got a little dumbfounded when I found out it represented the number of full episodes; I really never expected it would end so soon.  The series wrapped up with a “Love Lives” concert where an eco-friendly song, “We’re No Different,” was revealed.  The song’s lyrics were co-written by Lee Hyori and Yoon Youngbae, a singer and song writer, and it was composed by Jeong Jichan, a singer and song writer best known for his work as music director of NAGASU (“I’m a Singer”).  It was produced by Lee Hyori’s boyfriend, Lee Sangsoon, a guitarist and musician.  (FYI, all proceeds from this song go to KARA, Korea Animal Rights Advocates.)

The show touched my heart so quietly and deeply yet it was so uniquely funny that it always made me giggle.  And I found myself getting quite sappy as I bid farewell to it watching Hyori left alone after all her friends were gone.  In a word, this series was simply too good to miss and I'll miss it.

Golden 12: Dareuji Ana ("We Are No Different")
with English Lyrics 

[MV] Golden 12: Dareuji Ana 
("We Are No Different") with English Lyrics 


  1. Lee Hyori is one of my fav's. I love she how attacks the other idol singers on some of the family outing shows, chastising them for acting so cute. She leaves me cracking up, i love when she says "Thats my style"...LOL

  2. And she was my most favorite Fin.K.L member during her girl group years. :)


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