Monday, June 11, 2012

KOREAN SHOWS: Dancing with the Stars Korea - Season 2 (3)

In the third round of "Dancing with the Stars Korea," the actress Ye Jiwon won the judges' hearts as well as their votes.  But just like its American version, it turned out to be a popularity contest, and Hyoyeon became the overall winner boosted by the viewers' votes.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Hyoyeon and am happy for her win but not with the show's results.  Plus, too bad the judges have been really stingy with their scores for Shin Sooji.  It was not unpredictable that the judges would try to even out the skills gap between her and the rest of the contestants considering she was the Korean rhythmic gymnastics champion and Olympian.  But it went too far when she was placed behind the actor Lee Hoon, who garnered a total score of 20 from the judges. What a joke.

● Choi Yeojin & Park Jiwoo (Tango): "Sunny" (Click to watch.)
● Ye Jiwon & Bae Jiho (Tango): Iyugatji Aneun Iyu ("An Unreasonable Reason") 
  (Click to watch.)
● Hyoyeon & Kim Hyeongseok (Tango): "Toxic" (Click to watch.)
● Shin Sooji & Kwon Sunbin (Cha-cha-cha): Bulti ("Sparks") (Click to watch.)

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