Saturday, May 12, 2012

ZILLY TALKZ: Teen Top Rocks "The Immortal Songs"

I knew they were produced by Andy of SHINHWA.  I knew they rose to stardom about one year and half after their debut, topping all the Korean music charts.  But I didn't know they could sing like this.  I thought they were just another over-celebrated boy group but their first performance ever on KBS's "The Immortal Songs" proved me wrong. They are really talented, well-balanced between singing and dancing.  Yes, their performance was not flawless - Niel flubbed the high note at 1:05, for example, but it's still a feast for the eyes and ears.  Here's Teen Top performing JYP's "Honey."

Teen Top: KBS's "The Immortal Songs"
JYP's "Honey" (aired 5/12/2012)


  1. I was just going to ask whether you watch Immortal Songs! Apparently you read my mind!

    I don't know Teen Top, probably their group name scared me off from actually giving them a chance. LOL. They certainly gave quite a different spin of Honey, which I think is hard to do.

    I love this week's Immortal Songs because I know a lot of the songs ha ha so I can most of the performances. *how silly* I can't find the videos of some of the other performances though , like Ailee.

    I don't really like the winner's performance though. He sounded off key. Maybe I'm just tone deaf.

    Which show is more interesting? Immortal song or i am a singer? Someone said that Lyn should be in I am a singer instead, I don't understand what he/she means actually.

  2. Wahyimo, did you mean Ali? 'cause Ailee is yet to perform next Saturday. This JYP special is a 2 week long contest and Ali will be a winner just until then. And I'm not a fan of the vocal style of Shin Yongjae of Four Men - actually Four Men and Yoon Minsu are never my favorite and they have a tendency to go off key. You're not tone deaf.

    To me, both shows are great. IS actually is a copycat version of Nagasu but has evolved on its own. IS is funner and stress free while Nagasu is more engaging, touching, and nail biting as it features legendary/veteran yet quite forgotten singers. On the other hand, IS features signers in the younger generations including idol stars and rookies. So what that "someone" meant waas(methinks) LYN is too heavyweight to sing on IS - it's like Beyonce competing with Charice or Selena Gomez. When I watch Nagasu, I really watch it. I listen to IS while working at my computer, and whenever some singer catches my ears then I click back to the show. If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely go for Nagasu.

  3. I see. *nod nod* thanks for the explanation!

    Oh, I thought the winner was the Brown Eyed Soul guy. I just saw cuts of the results so I am not sure which one is the final result. I don't mind so much Shin Yongjae's style. But I dooo love Lyn! She seldom wins, though, I think.

    Yes I meant Ailee. I didn't know how it works since I didn't watch the whole episode so I thought everyone sang this week. I just saw them at the waiting room and wondered why there's no video of them singing. Next week it is then!

    Thanks again!

  4. Yup, agree with you. I've heard the name Teen Top long before, however I didnt have any interest in them until I watch this performance. They really make me surprised.

  5. I just remembered to check out the second episode of the JYP Immortal Song. I think the second episode is more awesome! I think Shorry helped a lot too.

  6. Wahyimo, I think you really like Ailee! :)

  7. Hehe. I like her, but not in love. Actually I never thought Ailee's voice was special. She certainly has the technique and pretty stable when singing. I think she has the whole package because she has a pretty face too, but I'm not really a fan.

    The one i like from the first week's probably just Lyn (can't remember the rest much). I usually liked Ali's power but I think she's just okay the first week.

    I think the other performances the 2nd week are also entertaining, like Ulala's. I don't know Sonya at all, I think Shorry helped her performance a lot.

  8. I agree. Sonya's version lost the nuances of Uhm Junghwa's original version.


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