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KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (2)

이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi)

Seoul Jazz Festival 2012 (5/9/2012-5/12/2012) will feature four of the K-pop Star contestants – Lee Hayi, Park Jimin, Lee Michelle, and Park Jehyung.  In the following clip, Michelle said it was not they invited themselves but they were all invited to perform at the festival.  Jimin said she would duet with Eric Benet and also collaborate with LeeSsang (and I’m starting to feel really bitter!).  As you all know, Eric Benet also tweeted about Jimin after he watched her "Rolling" clip.  Hayi said she would duet with Ledisi Anibade Young – actually it’s really hard to understand the part as she spoke too softly and low, but I’m quite sure it’s Ledisi.  Jehyung jokingly said he would perform “alone.”  I think Michelle and Jehyung will just sing solo. 

Hayi, Jimin, Michelle, and Ayeon were also on Park Sohyun's radio show, "Love Game" (5/10/2012). According to the news article, when asked who each of them wanted to duet with, Hayi picked TOP, Jimin, Gary of LeeSang, Michelle, Taeyang, and Ayeon, LYN. On the show, Hayi danced a "Gaedari Chum" (Dog Leg Dance) to fulfill her pledge she'd made before. She pledged she would do that if she made the top three. They also sang on the show live. Hayi sang "Love," Jimin, "I'll Be There," Michelle, "One Night Only," and Ayeon, Bogosipda ("I Miss You").

Hayi sings "Love" on Park Sohyun's "Love Game" (5/10/2012)

Hayi does Gaedari Chum on Park Sohyun's "Love Game" (5/10/2012)

Hayi uploaded her own picture on her fan club site:
The message reads, "Thanks for supporting me!"

Hayi et al. posed for a picture after the radio show, Park Sohyun's "Love Game."

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (1)


  1. I am also bitter as well. But it's okay...we all know Gary loves Lee Hayi ;). Also, I am so excited for the Lee Hayi and Ledisi collab. Omg...first she sings Love at the radio show, now she's collaborating with Ledisi... My suspicion of her being in JYP is growing day by day.

  2. Btw, can you share the link to her fan club site? :3

  3. I think this might be it:

  4. Onsemiro, I'm just curious. Is there anything special about Je Hyung's voice? I read in an article that Yoon Do Hyun would have picked Je Hyung as the winner of kpopstar if he was one of the judges.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like his personality, but his voice,isn't it just common? I'm sure there are voices better than his in the industry.

  5. Hi.. Thanks so much for the updates!! Much love and gratefulness from a hayi fan like me.. I saw a video of Hayi singing Love in the radio she was in and my god.. she really is the best without pressure it was so much better than the live Kpop star... and ur right I also wanted Gary to have a duet with Lee Hayi i think that would probably be really good :)

  6. I think his voice and vocal style are attractive enough but I'm not quite sure if he could make it in Korea. Just when we look at his choices of music, it's mostly American pop music - Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Frank Ocean, Frankie Valley, Britney Spears, and Bruno Mars. Only gayo songs he'd sung were SHINEE and 2NE1 he dueted with Yoon Hyunsang, and Kwon Sungyeon. (Yes, I looked up the list on the Wikipedia. And to my surprise, I found he'd sung more Korean gayo songs than I thought.) He even chose to sing 2 tracks of Bruno Mars and Maroon 5, respectively. I think, as of now, his repertoire is very limited even though it suits his very attractive voice. Overall, his songs are quite pleasant to listen to.

  7. I almost went into a BLIND RAGE when i saw read this!...LOL, but seriously, Onsemiro, i think i ate the same sour-patch candy you did, after hearing about Benet & Ji Min. Are they freakin' serious right now? What's going on?

    The one sound that's ringing in my head, is when Wahyimo said "Hayi needs someone famous enough to acknowledge and believe in her and introduce her around." That's what Ji Min is getting for this festival. Man!!!, if i could help it, and were some music P.R. and promoter, i'd try to arrange for Hayi to get some face time, and accompany her @ the festival like Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson, Keisha Cole, somebody with REAL star power! Ledisi who? That's not gettin' it done! (Yes im fired up, Ji Min's pulling ahead in the race, somebody's got get in there an mix it up with Ji Min & Benet).

    Forgive me for this, but part of me wants to sabotage this event, by requesting Halle Berry to come and start a fight with Eric Benet about their previous marriage...LOL

  8. Anonym at 9:37PM. thanks for the info. I just uploaded the videos. :)

  9. kpopantz, Eric Benet was one of those Jimin worshipers (along with Kutcher). Actually, it's her collaboration with LeeSsang that bugs me more.

  10. Ji-Min worshippers,too funny...tell them not to come to this blog. Well if it's LeeSsang or Gary, then i can sleep tonight...LOL. Ji Min should rethink that, that's a recipe for destruction. I don't see that working in her favor. Seems like now she's trying to do a hip-hop stage. Bad timing, for her on this one...IMO..what about you Onsemiro?

  11. Honestly, Jimin's collaboration with Gary bugs me too.. but we have to also accept the fact she was first in the contest.. She will be given more opportunity than the rest of the contestant. Besides isn't she releasing an international album or something like that as a price. She needs as much support as she can get. Look how she has two collaboration but the rest only has one.
    As for me, I really want Hayi to be known, but let's face it, Jimin has the "wow" factor in her high notes and such and people with lower register voice tends to be underratted most of the time. But I'll support Hayi no matter what, as long as she doesn't dissapear in the music industry and I hear sing I'm quite happy because I can seriously listen to her all day. Well just my two cents. Thanks for the updates, oh Hayi u Cutie:)

  12. kpopantz, Gil and Gary are very talented and quite versatile musicians and I think they will definitely help Jimin stand out not matter what and how she does.

    Anonym at 10:59PM, Thanks for sharing. Very well put and I totally agree with you. It's just that my mind and heart don't go together. :)

  13. Hey guys! Just went for a Sunday out and miss all these stuff going on!!

    @Anonymous @1:20 PM I'm just curious what connects Ledisi to JYP?

    The thing with Leessang is that Hayi didn't mention her desire to collaborate with them, but JiMin did, so I think it is natural for them to go with Ji Min. It would be strange for them to choose HaYi where JiMin has explicitly says she wants them.

    Unfortunately, I think Hayi picks Top because she is somewhat infatuated. She wasn't thinking about her career. Career wise, since she has a natural Soul tendency, she could/should?'ve chosen someone else. At least someone who does both rap and r&b/soul like Tasha or Leessang. I don't know who else in Korea since my knowledge is pretty limited.

    Since JM won, i think she will continue to be more 'popular'/visible than Hayi :(, while Hayi may grow to get acclaimed from more hardcore Jazz/Soul performers if she chooses that genre to be in after all.
    I can only hope that these world stars will see Hayi's performance too and would be able to see her definite charm and not forget her when they go back to wherever.

    @Onsemiro, Will there be videos available for that Jazz Festival you think?

    About Jaehyung I think he has a charm on his own. I agree his music is a bit too predictable.
    I love the duets he sang with Yoon Hyun Sang! I know the judges say they are incompatible, but I don't care LOL. He has a youtube channel with the user 'yellowpostitman' if anyone is interested.

  14. I think the top indicator she's going with JYP is that, she sings LOVE and MERCY when she goes outside.

  15. Wahyimo, Korea has many, many underground and commercialized hip hop artists: Verbal Jint, Buga Kingz, The Quiett, FatDoo, Kebee, Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK), MC Sniper, Dynamic Duo, Baechigi, to name a few.

    I'm 100% with you on why Hayi chose TOP. Sigh~~

  16. Hayi and JYP have a very suspicious relationship. Like throughout the show, whenever it's JYP's turn to "judge" her, she would half smile, half laugh at him like as if receiving criticism from a friend. Hayi seems the closest with JYP. Of all the 3 judges, I think she spent the most time training with JYP. Remember that one episode where she trained in his van until sunset? Although I want Hayi to be with YG so that she, too, can have million dollar music videos, but i think JYP knows how to train her best. The man knows how to pick the right songs.

  17. @wahyimo, if you listen to Ledisi, you can totally picture JYP's face in the background, jamming to the beat. It's very JYP.

  18. Trying to imagine JYP's face in people's music is futile exercise. I may end up laughing at the song. :P

    It's true though I think JYP has the most 'breadth' of knowledge in soul music. When she first sang Bust your windows, none of the other judges seemed to know the song.

    Hayi may choose YG simply because of Top though. ha ha ha.

  19. I love your blog ^_^.
    I don't think Hayi can join YG. Because YG is going to debut a new girl group in this year. It's 4 years since 2NE1 debuted. So YG can't debut another soon.
    I believe if Hayi want to be a kpop star not a underground singer, she must debut in a group because it's easier to make success more than singer in Korean and international.
    Like i said, only idols who can earn more money even if their song isn't good because they have more fans. LOL
    And underground singer, they are popular too but only in Korean, and of course international person can't know them. And they have more supporters than fans. And if their song is good, supporters will buy it, but if isn't they will not buy it. But as a fan, you still buy it. LOL.
    So I start to think that Hayi will not debut as a solo singer, she will debut in a girl group.
    If she join girl group, that means YG will not cast her, she only have a chance with JYPE and SM. I believe SM and JYPE will debut a new girl group within the next 2 years. But I really really don't want to see Hayi with JYPE, JYPE has many songs which suits with Koreans than SME but their promotions is really bad. Their stars only shine one day then flop. But SME, their artists shine more and more.
    I know Hayi feel comfortable with PJY more than Mr Yang and BoA but it's a business. YGE and SME is really good for her more than JYPE. Oh, let's pray for her to have a chance to debut with SME.
    LOL, even if I love nega network, I still admit SME is the best company in Korean.
    Sorry for my poor English >.<

  20. SME's business plan is: starve your singers to death, pay them unfairly, plastic surgery, etc.
    If Hayi turns out to be another cookie-cutter snsd-looking member with a bubblegum-pop voice...I will give up on Korean music altogether. This is completely selfish of me to say but...I wold rather Hayi be an underground singer than be in SME.

  21. I think SME doesn't force their artist too much. Only JYJ complain it. You can see many artists still work with SM through many years like Kang Ta, BoA, The Grace,DBSK. Shinhwa left SM but they still thank you SM.
    If you want to make more money, more fans, you need more schedule. And I think, many SM's artists feel OK with their salaries. You can see, SM artists can buy expensive cars, house, use brand goods like LV, Gucci, channel... If you want to see bad company it's CCM, they have T-ara, they treat them so bad. They work hard but the CEO want them work more and more even if they are injured.
    I don't think Hayi want to be a underground singer, i believe she want to be a super star. And I want her to be a super star too. >.<
    Many artist do plastic surgery not only SM's artists. But it doesn't mean all SM's artist do plastic surgery. The fact is Koreans love beauty girls. If you are a beautiful girl you will have more chances than ugly girls.
    It's Korean industry. You need to admit it.

  22. Sally, welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliment! Some time ago, I just happened to read a post written by a one-time "follower" of SME. In the post, she/he provided an in-depth analysis of the big three Korean agencies and while reading your comments, I was really tempted to translate it in English. But I'm not sure it's a wise thing to do, haha.

  23. <-- i think Hayi would sing this song so well. What do you guys think?

  24. Both posted on 5/15/2012

    [직캠]120515 이하이(Lee Hayi) - Bust Your Windows / 신도림

    Another one...

    이하이-너를 위해

  25. Wow! How did you find those!
    Thanks for sharing kpopantz!

    The For you sounded a bit off on the high pitch. Her first performance was better.

    Just curiousity, if you guys were to pick one of her performances to be tweeted through to / by some famous people in the world, which one would you pick?

  26. @Wahyimo, I think her 'sweet love' performance was one of the best. I don't know why that song did not get as much attention from the audience as her other performances. It is my favorite performance from her.

    Also, here's a video of Hayi and Jimin singing about food (with English subs!):

  27. OMG! Im cracking up over here! That's was actually amazing? Our little hayi plays piano pretty downloading the video right now!!! To funny, and adorable!

  28. Wahyimo, maybe Noah ’40′ Shebib or Kanye West?

    kpopantz, I think Hayi and Jimin are so adorable in that video; some parts were mistranslated though.

  29. Really? See that's sad, but the video was still funny...what was missing?

  30. @Sally,

    I'm not sure about the SM forcing thing since I don't work in their company but I want to add:

    H.O.T's Moon Hee Jun said that he would never sign under SM again and does not want to hear people mentioning SM to him again.
    Besides JYJ, Super Junior's Hangeng has also "complained" about SM's unfair treatment (violation of human rights). <- You can find the video online.
    Super Junior's Heechul has complained about SM before and also about their crappy Suju promotions and said he preferred JYP over SM.

    And about the stars still under SM who have yet to "complain", there might be a reason why. I feel as though SM preventing JYJ from performing in Korea and all the other cockblocking shit they've done is meant to be seen as an example for SM's current artists. Like "If you cross me, you'll end up just like JYJ" so maybe that's why nobody's voicing their opinion against SM atm.


    Now onto the Hayi issue..

    "If you want to make more money, more fans, you need more schedule."

    What about music? I don't think Hayi even thought about money when she first entered Kpopstar. Like you said, she wanted to be a star but she is also very dedicated in her craft- music. The first scene she appeared in, she talked about her love for music so I'm pretty sure Hayi is not doing all this for popularity and wealth but more for acceptance and music.

    SME is a great company but I don't feel it's right for Hayi. You like Hayi, you know what type of genre she likes and prefer doing: (pop) soul. And I'm pretty sure we can't get that in SME. You want Hayi to be more popular and get more attention but what about the music she will be singing if she debuts under SM? Wasn't it her voice and her music preference that first attracted you to her? Don't you want to hear her sing more soul/RnB/hip hop/pop soul? Instead of SM's pop/electro-pop/dance-pop music?

    And the YG thing, just because YG is debuting a new girl group this year doesn't mean YG can't take Hayi as a trainee. She doesn't have to debut right away (despite fan's wishes :x). Shannon appeared on Star King around 2010 and got signed under CCM but have yet to debut. Jino appeared in SM The Ballad album in 2010 but have yet to debut also. -- And I'm not sure if YG is planning to debut more groups in the upcoming years but he did say he is planning to debut more because having just Big Bang and 2NE1 is not enough.

    JYP - "Their stars only shine one day then flop."

    Oh god, I don't know, but you come off as a total SM-stan. I know I might sound as if I don't like SM, but I really do, I love SNSD, The Grace and Trax. Anyways, saying JYP stars "only shine one day then flop" is just... -facepalm-. 2PM is pretty popular and is #1 in CF offers (CF deals bring in a lot of money). Wonder Girls, miss A, and 2AM are still pretty relevant in not Korea but also worldwide. I wouldn't call them flops. For all I know, almost all SM groups are older than JYP's groups so maybe in time, they will reach the stardom SM groups have achieved. ~shrug. I don't really care so much about popularity as long as they release decent music and not some recycled junk, I'm ok :)

    Oh and you say JYP is bad at promoting, SM is also. Just look at Trax, The Grace, Kangta, and Zhang Li Yin. I havent' seen Zhang Li Yin in like FOREVERRRR, where the fudge is she?!

  31. kpopantz, just a little mistranslation. You're not missing much. :)

  32. @Anonymous. pretty good call on sweet love! As valid as any.

    @Onsemiro. What abt which Hayi's past performance should be tweeted, u know, like Ji Min has her flagship Rolling in The Deep.

    I had a bit of thinking and it was difficult. I guess it has to be an English song, next something likeable immediately. I think her Rolling in the deep would be difficult, though I like it, it is an arrangement that may not be readily appealing. Ji Min's easier to listen.

    My choice might be Mercy and or Mama Do. Eventhough it has Cathy, i think they worked well together, and the arrangement is easily likable, and it comes mostly from them since she hasnt got training at that point.

    And Mercy s just cause there's that sexy side we don't see much from her other English songs.

    Sweet Love is a good recommendation, just visually it's not as big because she did not look so confident.

  33. Wahyimo, I really loved her rendition of Keyshia Cole's Love.

  34. I just saw the strong heart channel in youtube. Ah yeon got a full song to herself! She did a good job on it, but did Hayi sing too in this episode? (apart from that cookie thing)


  35. Actually, I got really disappointed (or furious) after watching the show. It was all about Jimin and Ayeon (both talking and singing) Hayi was given just a little itsy-bitsy screen time. Period.

  36. Hi guys! I just read somewhere that Seung Hoon and Ha Yi are YG trainees now. Is this true?

  37. Here's the link to Hayi's choosing YG news

  38. To Anonymous 11:43 PM
    Sorry, but I'm not SM's stan. I only love Brown Eyed Girls and 2AM before I know Hayi.
    I said if you want to make more money you need more schedules because you said SM starves their artists. I didn't talk about Hayi.
    Yeah, if you want to talk about music, Hayi will not choose all of entertainment companies include SME, JYPE, YGE. Their song suit for idols not artists. I think Hayi want to be a idol too. C'mon she is young, of course she want to be a famous star. Do you think she want to be a underground singer?
    And I think nowadays, SME spend more money to make a great songs, great MVs. They work with more producers than other. About JYPE, sorry but when thinking about JYPE's song, i only thing the whisper "J....Y...P". And YG, it's always Teddy and GD.
    OK, The Grace, Trax and Zhang Zi Lin aren't famous, but you forget that SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee are really popular. The Grace, Trax, Zhang Zi Lin are old - I don't talk about age ^^, SM can't make magic with them.
    So Can you give me one name group in YGE, and JYPE have more popular than SME's groups? Why you don't talk about Joo, Lim Jeong Hee. You think WG can be exist? With So Hee?
    SM's groups are old, really? LOL they got more groups than JYPE and SME. SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO, they are really young. And in my country, SM's artists are more popular than other.
    In Korean, if you talk about digital sales, yeah, JYPE and YGE's artists can beat almost SME's artists. But if the fanbase and album sales, the winner is SME. And do you believe in Korean, SNSD - SM's artist can beat all JYPE and YGE's groups? Sound like really funny but it's true. SNSD is the most famous group in Korean, Korean love them and no one can beat them.
    I'm so sick with JYPE's promotions.
    Don't talk about 2AM, I'm a fan of 2AM. I know what is 2AM position. The only things i can say 2AM is popular because of Kkap dance and We got married show. If Kwon didn't show his kkap, if Kwon didn't join We got married, 2AM was forever flop. But 2AM's position is so-so. They don't have many fans, do you believe 2AM's fanbase smaller than Infinitive, B1A4 in Korean? =.=
    I love Hayi's voice, I love her personality. I think she suit with many style, you know that she always out of her zone. After the stage "Love", she is ready to sing pop song. So i want many people know about her, i don't want her to be a underground singer only sing R&B songs.
    SME isn't a perfect company but it's the best company in Korean.
    I believe SM will debut a new girl group soon. I think SM want another successful group like SNSD (but maybe this group won't have style music like SNSD. That the reason why I want Hayi join SME.

  39. Anonym at 4:47AM, Yup, obviously something's cooking. I found another article in which YG said such reports make him uncomfortable when Jimin's agency is yet to be decided and it seems both SME and JYP are taking no action yet. He said, "Of course, I showed a little bit of favoritism toward Hayi and Seunghoon but I've never contacted them - never called/met them - since the K-pop Star was over. Nothing has been settled yet." But people in the Korean music industry are quite positive Hayi and Seunghoon will end up with YG. According to one YG insider, "Only YG knows what's going on with these new contracts between the K-pop Star contestants and YGE. But I know he has praised both kids a lot."

  40. Thank you for every one who posted Hayi news update.

    Kpopantz : how did you find Hayi clips especially Bust Your Windows bc I want to hear Hayi sing this full song for long time ago.

    Anonymous & Onsemiro : It is good news, if Hayi news about to be a trainee at YG is true. At the same time, I wish Hayi will be trained with PJY too. I feel PJY can train her well. PJY and Hayi are good chemistry about music. It is just my feeling. I don't have any knowledge of Korean music industry.

  41. To Onsemiro
    I was like from the heaven to the hell while reading you translate the article about YG.
    I have been waiting the moment that Ha yi join YG but can you translate all of the interview?

  42. There's nothing more left to translate. But as I mentioned, it's obvious there's something cooking so let's just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  43. You're right, Onsemiro. I was actually thinking it's weird that Hayi's news came out first before JiMin's. Ah well, like you mentioned, sit back and enjoy the ride. All this speculations can drive one crazy sometimes. And the news about Seunghoon and Hayi joining YG is spreading fast alright.

  44. With YG & Lee Seung Hoon's father/son relationship,...everyone saw this coming. THAT...was more official, than Lee Hayi coming to YG. In fact, he'll sign before Hayi does, if he hasn't already. Hayi has more time and options than Seung Hoon.

    According to certain financial reports, YGE is the #2 music entertainment agency, gaining momentum behind SME. So if YGE is where she wants to commit, then she's made a good choice. Im not worried about their financial backing, but Hayi with YGE, speaks to me in a way that says,"Ok, this is round 2, or your 2nd chance, YGE. What will you do different this time around?" (I've said this before)I shouldn't do this, but i can't ignore how Gummy, the best singer on his label,...(yes she is better than Park Bom), her career, has been managed/handled. I would be willing to forgive YG, as long as he doesn't make the same mistakes he made with Gummy. When singing other genres of music, there are techniques that can be acquired from each music style that give greater flexibility & control, to the singer. (My fault, the LSH & LHY potentially signing with YG hit a nerve)

    Vocal Techniques
    Opera - Voice Projection(Power)& Consistency, (Perfect for increasing ability to breath, lung expansion)

    R&B - Rhythm, Timing, Octave Change Adjustments,(Perfect for always knowing the right note to sing, and being able to properly blend voice & music beats w/ instruments when the beat changes)

    Gospel/Country/Soul/Ballards - Conveying Emotions/Message Of The Song (Perfect for learning how to connect with your listeners)

    These are the things i'll be listening for, as she grows as a singer/performer. Hayi needs a vocal coach that specializes on techniques, not genres, necessarily....Sorry for the long post.

    Side Note...Onsemiro, again you are wonderful, patient, and very strategic, with all of these "special requests". It is always appreciated, and ill do better about controlling my fanfare excitement, and requests.

  45. Ah, thank you kpopantz! You just spoke what I was feeling. The sole reason why I wanted hayi to join yg is because yg sure knows how to do business(promoting etc). With her for you and as time goes by songs, it was definitely a hit. But whenever I think of gummy, I worry about hayi.

    Jyp's training brought out the vocal skills in hayi. But his song selections are always in English and it wouldn't exactly help hayi in Korea, in my opinion. I have lots to say about jyp too, but I shall keep this post as short as possible.

    Honestly, I feel like I don't want ha Yi in either yg or jyp. But I don't know which other entertainment company would suit her either


  46. I was actually about to ask about the hayi-goes-to-yg news from soompi only to realize that before I even asked, it was already answered. :)

    To all the people who post their comments here and of course to Onsemiro, THANK YOU. You're heaven sent to my Hayi cravings. :)

  47. LOL. I'm imagining if we can keep this talk continues until she debuts.. 2 3 years? That would be interesting.

    I think the news got leaked out by an insider or something. I think they just want to keep it in wraps till Ji Min's news come out. As always thank you to all of you who brings us this news! I wouldn't know where to find these stuff otherwise.

    As for other music genres, I don't mind if she trains in various music genres and get the techniques, but once she debuts it is hard to change an image of a genre she's associated with. Rarely does an artist manage to switch genres successfully.

  48. It was awkward watching CL and Park bom give Hayi advice on how to sing because Hayi can sing better than both of them. It was like watching Beyonce get voice lessons from Justin Bieber. If Hayi does in fact join YG, she will become (next to Gummy) YG's top vocalist. All the fancy clothes and auto-tuned rapping aside, YG is deprived of genuine singers...and thus I think Hayi is exactly what that company needs.

  49. Hi everyone.. I just wanted to ask if they released a studio version for Rolling in the Deep that Hayi sang. cuz when I went to tumblr they posted something like that but I don't know if that was the live version cuz it sounded different... Sorry for asking. Thanks:)

  50. Wahyimo,...that's not fair...LOL. You gotta let us vent, and let the fire burn itself out, before you rip us like that...LOL, ROTL, and HAHAHAHA!!! I'll forever be a fan, but man, that one stung a little...LOL.

    Anyways, i understand what you're saying, but that's also the reason why i stress that if her vocal coach uses the techniques, not necessarily have her singing other types/styles of music, she keeps her foundation in tact, but she'll know how to alter her voice to properly express whatever song she sings...(I hate to admit it, but you speak the truth)

  51. Kakaka peace kpopantz. It's awrite. It would be nice to keep ranting about her, otherwise she may be forgotten all to soon, and we'll lose this great fellowship of Hayi.

    It's just so funny when I try to imagine it. We're almost like grandmas! (no offense to any grandmas reading this)

    I would LOVE to see Hayi singing country.

  52. I wonder why she messed up so many of the Bust Your Windows lyrics on both of her performances of it, but not at the other songs. Perhaps there are too many different words?

  53. That was a trap!...LOL. Vocal training 1st, improving English comes shortly after, not a problem.

    As of late,seems like she's gonna be doing alot of radio shows for awhile, until time to train @ YGE.

  54. @Kpopantz, watching that video, I realize that Hayi has a very weird hair line O_O lol. Am i the only one who misses her messy, split bangs, black hair back in her audition days?

  55. ooh,

    wonder what 'has to go through sbs first' means. soccer player transfer $$$?

  56. Wahyimo, I just read the original Korean article, but I didn't fin any sentence meaning "has to go through sbs first." It said, "Any agencies (besides the big three) can contact the contestants (except Jimin) through SBS. In this case, it never means that SBS would ask "Commission Charges" but that's just to prevent reckless management offers from the agencies. And as the creator of the show, SBS has every right to ask for some "courtesy."

  57. Just FYI, yesterday on MBC's "Radio Star," Yoon Jongshin, singer, songwriter, producer, TV talk show host, and Super Star-K judge, revealed he rooted for Lee Hayi to win. He's been my long-time favorite, but I love him more.

  58. Hello..I don't know if anyone is interested but they release a studio version of Lee Hayi Rolling the Deep..its sounds really nice :)

  59. Here's Hayi singing Sway

    And she sang U-Go-Girl here

    I feel like she does better in front of a smaller audience or radio broadcasting.

    I used to think she had better stage presence but that was only during the audition rounds. I hope she'll work on it:) Am still rooting for her!

  60. @Anonymous,....i think YOU are the only who is concerned about her hairline. We are here for music, not hairstyles...:). I miss the "I don't care who you are, im Lee Hayi attitude" while singing B.Y.W., and Jessica H.O.'s "Life Is Good"

    I found a studio version of LHY singing Keisha Cole's - Love, over a beautiful landscape...tell me what you think...

  61. I think this whole casting process mirrors how the actual KPOPSTAR show works. Perhaps the reason why YG was the first to take action and make a request to SBS to cast 5 members is because in cases like these, it might come down to first come first serve (Recall: during the live shows, whichever judge got the 'first choice' they would choose Hayi, knowing that if they didn't some other judge would cast her.) I also think that YG isn't going to get Hayi as easily as he would like to think. JYP will give him a hard time (recall: that time when both JYP and YG had to use their 'priority card' just to cast Hayi). Our little Hayi is in such high demand :)

  62. kpopantz, exactly! I really want Hayi to get back to her old self. Feels awkward to use the world, old, though as it was not that long ago when she looked so feisty, gutsy, and care-free.

  63. Look at this video of JYP training Hayi...

    I would want Hayi to join JYPE IF and ONLY if he would personally train her. The relationship they had/have since the auditions would be a shame to watch that fade away.

  64. Oops, here's the video

  65. @Kpopantz, when did she sing Life is Good? I never saw this?!
    Or am I not remembering things well?

    I think she is overwhelmed with critics and the points she must improve. When she was carefree JYP told her she's not giving 100%.

    I also fear that when she goes to YG, he will not be involved with her practice so much. He'll become like the persona he mentioned in his Healing Camp interview.

  66. Wahyimo, it's actually that very episode, when she sang in front of JYP, in the one-on-one elimination session. She was care-free when she started, then afterwards he started criticizing her about her lack of energy.

    The YG persona is the reason, why Im overly stressing & pressing this issue about her vocal coach. YG, seems like a fun guy, but he's also, the head of Y.G.E.! He'll do his part to get her the best training, but what that means is another issue.

    Her going to the S.P.A. in March, was the best way to get her started. Now we can only hope she'll get what she needs to make the transition from what we see now, to YG's best new female artist.

  67. Ohh! She has gotten prettier. She's still as adorable as before.

    Her Sway rendition is so good! Sometimes I think she performs better in radio shows than on the live stage in kpop star. I think she has less pressure and audience when she sings in the radio show.

    Thanks for the updates again!! :)

  68. Bonnie, I think only time and more experience will help her relieve stage fright. And getting a little help from other YGE oppa/unni singers wouldn't hurt either. :)


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