Friday, May 18, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (3)

이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi)

Since last March, Hayi goes to the School of Performing Arts.  Her schoolmates include f(x)'s Sulli, Miss A's Suzy, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.  Three days ago on May 15, her school held “K-pop: The Youth Culture Festival” and she was featured on the show.  She sang the songs she had performed on “K-pop Star” including “Bust Your Windows,” “For You,” "Mercy," and “U-Go-Girl.”  You can find all her performances she delivered on that show on Youtube. (This link is to just one of many Hayi channels on Youtube.)

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "Bust Your Windows" (5/15/2014)

The show was followed by a signing event where you could see K-pop Star’s Park Jungeun as well as Hayi. I’m not quite sure but Jungeun also goes to the SPA?

Previously on May 14, she was featured on SBS’s radio show “Power Time,” together with Park Jimin, Baek Ayeon, and Park Jehyung, and she sang “U-Go-Girl.”  And yesterday (5/17/2012), she was on SBS’s radio show “Cultwo Show,” with Jimin, and sang “Sway.”  Seems like our Hayi is already a huge celebrity!  I think it’s her passion for music that fills her hectic schedule.  

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "U-Go-Girl" (5/14/2012)
On Choi Hwajeong's "Power Time"

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "Sway" (5/17/2012)
On Cultwo's "Cultwo Show"

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (1)
KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (2)


  1. School Of Performing Arts....YEEEES!!! THAT is music to my ears!...OK! That's what i wanted to(see)hear. Im so excited for her! When she graduates, i can't, but have to, wait to see the results of her training.

    I don't know how long this will last, but if she can keep getting gigs like these, she'll stay focused, and with radio station segments, and other local events, she won't be forgotten, and will continue to give her fans something to look forward to.

  2. It's confirmed: Park Jimin decided to sign with JYPE.

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
    What happened to SM. She was all SM before! LOL.
    If JYP takes Hayi, it's going to be allkill!?

    If YG takes Hayi, we'll have numerous Ji Min vs Hayi episodes in the future. constant deliberate warfare. FOREVER fanwars.

    I don't even know what I want anymore!

    Thanks for the news!!!

  4. Really? Wow, I was not expecting that.I wish her all the best!

    Now, I'm quite eager to know if the rumour about YG-Hayi is true.:)

  5. I think she chose JYP for his one-on-one training. In my opinion, she has that style of an SM trainee but I guess she does not want to be put into a girl group(cause most likely SM will put her into one)

  6. Off topic: LOL if you watch Jae Hyung's performance
    It's like all three girls have a crush on him. And I totally understand why.

    If you think about it, Ji Min's great breakthrough was because of Boa:| Because her Rolling in the deep is the most unforgettable performance so far. Poor boa.

  7. WOW!!! Totally unexpected!!!...Her choosing JYPE is so strange to me. When things like this happen, that seemingly shouldn't, here comes a flood of questions. Like how, who, and why did this happen. My mind is racing right now...

  8. I just saw Hayi's kindergarten picture, on the DAUM webstie, and immediately turned into silly puddy/clay, then melted!...LOL So adorable!!!

  9. Here's my wild guess: Since it's really obvious SME doesn't want her and YG loves and wants Hayi, Jimin might have had no other choice but JYP. Jimin doesn't fit the image of SME idols and SME is not a home for solo singers even though either of other two agencies - JYPE or YG - so far has produced "not that many" successful solo singers. Relatively, however, JYP has produced Park Jiyoon, Jinju, and Yim Junghee - the only problem is both Park's and Jinju's departures from the label were never friendly and Yim's career has gone downhill since her first hit.

  10. Yes, I did too. She's was just a sweet pie!

  11. Onsemiro, I'm actually quite curious, why do they leave in unfriendly terms?

    Well Rain is a pretty successful one.

    I'm guessing SM will get Ah Yeon then.

  12. Wahyimo, Park Jiyoon and Jinju were sued by JYP as they wanted to leave the label before their contracts expired. JYP claimed each of them had breached a contract she had signed with them. Jiyoon wanted to leave him 'cause she felt JYP was exploiting her image as a teenage sex symbol against her will. Jinju, on the other hand, felt neglected and abandoned by JYP and after the lawsuit, she even attempted suicide - I was very happy to see her singing on KBS's "Sketchbook" a few days ago. And this is pretty much all I know about it.

  13. It's official Baek Ayeon and Park Jehyung are joining JYPE together with Jimin.

  14. Woa, all these news are seriously unexpected. I say it cause earlier in the show, Je Hyung and Ah Yeon clearly idolized BoA.

    And to be honest, I was hoping and still hoping(after hearing about Jimin's choice for JYP) that Hayi would choose a different company(as much as I like their friendship)

  15. Yes, but except Jimin, it's the agencies' decision to make. JYPE said there will be no more casting except those three.

  16. I had to research the NFL Draft again, in order to say this,LOL: - If this was the NFL draft, JYP has succeeded in drafting 3 of kpopstar's best contestants.(Exluding Hayi of course) Amazing!!! All of them should do well.

    Now, it's YG's turn, to make the official announcement, that he has drafted Lee Hayi, Lee Seung Hoon, Lee Michelle, the female break dancer, Kim Seung who danced with Taeyang during YG training...

  17. kpopantz, did you mean Kim Wooseong?

  18. Yes. The first video i found with him performing, spelled his name like that, so i copied it. Man!!! some of these interpreters, are making me look bad on my blogs!...Forgive me, im still in training...

  19. Not a big deal. I just wanted to make sure. :)

  20. Wow all my guesses are wrong Haha. Shows how bad I am at this game. I thought JaeHyung fits better in US market. What's he doing in JYP! Eyeliners?

    SM gets nothing? :| Lee Jung Mi? Supearls disbanded ? :P

    Lol @kpopantz

    I think Lee Seunghoon should be a choreo or something instead of singer. No offense but his voice tone is not attractive for me.

  21. Onsemiro, do you think JYP even tried to cast Hayi? I think of all the contestants who didn't win, Hayi was probably the only one who had to make a choice between YG or JYP. If my prediction is true (that JYP actually tried to make a pitch to Hayi), i think it is safe to say that Hayi has accepted YG's offer and rejected Jyp's. if that's the case, i feel really bad for JYP, since he lost his favorite kpopstar contestant to YG by the margin of TOP. lol

  22. Just like Wahyimo said, all my guesses are proven wrong, too. So I really don't know. BTW, SM officially announced they won't cast any of the K-pop Star contestant and will just concentrate on training their existing trainees.

  23. Does Lee Seunghoon not go to a school? In Kpopstar they showed Lee Hayi and Park Jimin revisiting their schools...but during Lee Seunghoon's video, they didn't mention anything about school.

  24. He already graduated from high school and I have no idea he goes to college now.

  25. Wow SM backing off, really. If that's true and not just a PR job coz they lost in every single offer, I would actually respect them for it.

    Lee Jungmi is actually promising, she can definitely sing better than most.

    If YG takes 5, I'm wondering if he's actually got the resources and time to take care of them all. Just being greedy?

  26. Rumor has it SME already signed with this little girl with a pretty face who didn't even make it in the preliminaries.

  27. I'm just wondering.. If SM chose not to sign anyone, then, is it still suitable for the company to continue being one of the judges? Cause I've read somewhere that SM has too many trainees already. Wouldn't it be a waste of time to continue being a judge if they're not going to sign anyone.

    Btw, here is a picture of Hayi posing for Elle Girl. Haha, it was quite shocking to see her like that. Take a look for yourselves:)!/AhYeonFanbase/status/204781894485807104/photo/1/large

  28. Sorry, my bad. It is not Elle Girl. It is Vogue

  29. Onsemiro
    I just found an article here:
    Lee Ha Yi, Lee michelle and Lee seung hoon officially YG trainee now :)
    Can you translate that because Google translate is fucking danm.

  30. Cradle snatching?
    I don't really get why they would pass on those who already showed that they could sing and some has good fanbase already.

    Unless they're some type of control freaks who only like to have those they can form to be exactly what they want to be. :|
    Like companies hiring fresh grads coz they're cheap and they don't have preconditioned minds.

  31. It's official!! YG. yay? or nay..
    Now the question is.. will she disappear into the world of trainees or will they give us constant news to talk about in this blog!

  32. Wow, the news was broken while I was sleeping!

    Anonym @12:33 AM, I think SME did it just for PR's sake - they might have had no other choice when YGE and JYPE were joining the show. They should make it look like "the top three labels" not "the top two" as it was too obvious the show would attract international attention. And about the Vogue pictures! Were they out of their mind or is it just a manifestation of their lolita complex? Gosh!

    Anonym @5:12 AM, there's nothing special for translation except that YGE is teasing us with the 4th and 5th K-pop Star contestants who are to sign with them. Drum roll please!

  33. It's official?...ok, now who are the last 2 YG trainees? Singer/Songwriter (Please correct me)...Yoon Hyun Sang hasn't been signed? WOW! How shallow, and closed minded they are.

    How about making Y.H.S. both an artist, and an official employee of Y.G.E.! Promote him as an artist, but also pay him to create music for his fellow kpop trainees? With a little skin treatment, and a change in wardrobe, he'd be worth millions to YGE.

    VOGUE - I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT VOGUE DID TO HAYI! Already, the "demons" of the industry are trying to label/portray her as some emotionless, emo-gothic chic, that doesn't have feelings. This so called "thing" about Hayi, is called Innocence. If you've never seen it before, she embodies this very concept. I guess i can't be to irate about it. Prostitutes don't believe virgins still it's understood why they can't get a fix on her personality.

  34. kpopantz, even though I have no confidence left in my guesses, but I'm thinking Park Jungeun, Lee Seungju, or Erin Young.

    1. Maybe Yhs has already signed with another company? I was actually expecting jyp to sign him( they both are similar in some ways).

      I think yg will sign the guy that smiles a lot and he sang jyp's song for his audition, hopefully the guy with the nice raspy voice(from America) And had a duet with nayoon.Sorry, I do not recall their names.

  35. Replies
    1. Ah, yes that's right thanks.:)

  36. I know this is random.. But I actually like the fact that ppl are saying the"lees" have joined yg. I find it hilarious :)

  37. Foreigners have a bit skewed opinion of the Korean entertainment companies. SM is still the best. They make the most money, have the best connections, have the best diversified path for careers.

    JYP is seen to have a lot of foreign connections, especially in the US. He broke Rain all over Asia and he brought the Wondergirls to the US and produced albums for American performers.

    YG is more popular among foreign Kpop fans but they tend to overestimate his position in Korea. Compare his stock IPO to SM's... there is not contest.

    Hayi herself originally went to JYP for mentoring at the start of the show. It was pretty clear that Hayi and Ji Min would necessarily go to different agencies. I think either of them could have gone to SM, although they don't fit the "mold" of the typical SM artist simply based on their talent and their engaging personalities. YG really wanted Hayi (I think in part because it was clear that Ji Min would not be coming to YG, as well as because of her musical sensibilities)

    If I had to guess, I'd guess Ji Min picked JYP because he pitched her on making her an international idol as he did with Rain, and his claim to have the best handle on R&B music among Korean producers (which I personally dispute). It makes a lot of sense for Ji Min. For his part, Ji Min represent a linchpin for JYP to actually break into the American market, since he finally has an artist who is clearly superior to anyone else in her age range in Western music.

    I generally don't like JYP's music, even Rain and the Wondergirls sound pretty lame to me. But I think he'll do a good job with Ji Min.

    I do like YG going back to 1tym and even swi.t but I wonder how he's going to produce Hayi. It's very different from anything he's done and she's a very different from his pretty specific mold.

  38. I follow Woosung's blog, and I don't think he is in YG. Apparently, he's still in the U.S and is on some beach vacation with his friends and family members right now. He even took pictures of the event. :/

  39. I read a comment somewhere that when Hayi joins YG, there will be officially three aliens in YG (that is, TOP, Parkbom, and Hayi). I thought it was funny x). YG artists aren't big on variety shows and i think that works to Hayi's benefit, since I think she does better on stage than on variety shows. Her innocent, quiet, weird personality can easily be misinterpreted as sleepy, disrespectful and lazy. I absolutely hated how JYP tried to make her seem more "excited/ less sleepy." Her I'm-too-calm-for-this-show persona is what makes her so attractive. They should train her on her singing and let her personality stay the same.

  40. Totally agree with kpopantz, YHS has great talent and someone should recognize this! JYP was in love with him, not sure what happened there. But just because he hasn't made new songs every episode doesn't mean he's not going to make great songs anymore. I do like his voice very much too.

    Hope someone gets it, like LOEN or something :P

    Hayi's Vogue, lol. Since she joined YG, i'm not surprised if she'll look like that more often if not every time. Well not as extreme since it's a photo shoot after all but if we take a look at 2NE1's make up I'm sure you know what I mean. They're always like that, with massive eye liners etc. None of them appears natural, the closest one would probably be Dara.

  41. I hope you're not sleeping again.. coz now they say SuPearls with Hayi ! :|
    REALLY? I am hoping that's just mistranslation or some conclusion the journalists themselves made. I'm not keen on Hayi in Supearls!

    I'm quite sure Ji Min will be heartbroken, but more importantly, what is Hayi doing in a girl group! Cut cost?

    I was actually curious what happened to Yoon Hyun Sang but I can't find any other news of him, guys if you find any let me know.

  42. I was gonna. I just read the article and it said YG always wanted to create the second Big Mama, so he is now taking a chance by supporting the SuPearls minus Jimin plus Hayi. Note that "Hayi will sing solo too." Other members will probably have a chance to sing solo in the future.

  43. And most of the Korean music fans are now praising YG's ability as a producer. They say he's a discriminating shopper with awesome planning ability.

  44. I just read the news. And now that you've mentioned it Onsemiro, they actually do remind me of Big Mama.Haha

    YG is smart alright. I feel abit better now that Hayi chose YG. Hopefully he has further smart marketing strategies in store for Hayi.

  45. Gosh, YG is smart alright. Haha.

    I can totally imagine in future that ppl are going to be calling them the Lees.

    I cant wait for them to debut!:)(especially Hayi)

  46. Sweet dreams!
    I see. well, personally I still think it's wrong to still name it Su Pearls, because it was created by these 4 people and they come and slap someone else in like that. It's easy enough to name the team something else since they haven't debuted.

    How would Hayi feel being a replacement just because the other one isn't in the same agency. Had JiMin chose YG we'd be hearing it differently.

    I don't know, for me it strikes a wrong chord. SuPearls is more pop-ish than jazz/soul-ish in my ears. With Ji Min gone, the soprano would be Jung Mi, and though I like her a lot I'm not sure if it will work.

    Oh I'm such a negative person. :| Watever, go HAYI!

  47. Just read somewhere that - "In 2007, Big Mama changed record labels from YG Entertainment to Manwalldang, due to a lack of publicity from YG Entertainment."

    So is this a repeat, and the 2nd coming of Big Mama? Ridiculous!!! Ok, so what now, they'll debut as the Lee Sisters (이하이 이미쉘 이정미 이승주는 이제?)The industry standard is being revealed, and it's unfolding right before our eyes. When im done, someone call the Fire Department, because i have 3rd degree burns now!OMG! These girls are not ugly! Yes they're a little chunky, but it can be managed.

    JYP doesn't like Jung Mi, so that was never gonna happen. Hayi does not wanna be a SuPearl. If this is the future for them, then Michelle, Sung Ju, & Jung Mi will become a 3 girl group, and Hayi will go solo, @ some point. My heart is a little broken, but i will remain a person that chooses talent, before beauty. (I won't calm down, and i may explode,...until i see what YG is gonna do, "this time around"...remember)

  48. kpopantz, I think he mentioned Big Mama in terms of the kind of music he wants to do with SuPearls, not their appearances - 'cause none of them are big. They don't even look like mamas. :)

  49. Onsemiro, you're absolutely right. They're not thin, but I do agree that they're not big, and they don't look like mama's...LOL(I like that). Thinking about their future - "In 2007, Big Mama changed record labels from YG Entertainment to Manwalldang, due to a lack of publicity from YG Entertainment.", sums up everything im passionate about with his new singers. YG gave up on Big Mama, @ some point during their process. Will it happen again, with his new found singers?...

  50. I don't know how I am going to feel listening to a song that isn't sung entirely by Hayi.

  51. Hayi is going to promote as a solo artist as well... They are making the poor girl do so much lol.

  52. But don't you think SuPearls' starting line is already way ahead of Big Mama's? Among them, Hayi already has a veeeeery strong fan base. Michelle is also famous, and Seungju and Jungmi can sing really well - they are not gonna just jump in the back of Hayi's car. I think things are gonna quite different for SuPearls.

  53. I think I disagree with JYP disliking JungMi, I think I remembered him saving her twice from being eliminated. However she doesn't have that charisma to be on the stage as a solo (yet).

    Anyway, yes I think SuPearls might be successful depending on how well Hayi blends in with them. They worked because of the chemistry they have with each other.

    I love Big Mama, but i think their own songs lack something in my ears. Their song is a bit too pop and mediocre for my liking, so I listen to their live covers instead.

  54. 1st Time: JYP accepted Jung Mi because of YG's proposal to cast her with JYP, so SuPearls could stay together(YG's request).

    2nd Time: BOA scolded her a little, but cast her again to SM, so SuPearls could stay together, after Hayi's "For You" performance.(BOA's request).

    JYP is very expressive, even when he's not trying to be. You know this...he was kind towards Jung Mi, but his emotions showed he did it out of respect for his senior, YG, and to fill his casting bin. His sights were set on Ahyeon, and Hayi. He doesn't even want Lee Michelle!...LOL Jung Mi is better than many that were cut, with exception to my list below.

    My female vocalist ranking order for Kpopstar:

    1 - Lee Hayi (obviously)
    2 - Park Ji Min (She won...LOL)
    3 - Lee Michelle (arguably 3 or 4)
    4 - Baek Ahyeon (arguably 4 or 3)
    5 - Son Mi Jin (Better than 6)
    6 - Lee Jung Mi (Good, but not 5)
    7 - Lee Sung Ju (Siberian Husky)
    8 - Cassie Young (Good, not great)

  55. Creating a Su Pearl with Lee Ha yi surprised me!
    Honestly, I want her to be a soloist because her voice is so unique, soulful and rare. That's very pity to put that kind of voice into a group.
    If based on the standard of YG, He would never cast Jung mi and Seung joo. Simply They are not Yg style. However that maybe a wise choice of him to cast the other two.
    Lee michelle will never famous in Korean showbiz if she sing solo. Therefore in stead of putting her in a strange group, the original Su pearl will be the best choice because they received so much attention since Kpop Star and they also have many fans.
    I just wonder that putting Ha Yi in the group will make a comparison " again" between Ha yi and Ji Min.
    No one know for sure that Su pearl with PJM is better than Su pearl without PJM but with LHY. We all know that YG always bring us surprise

  56. Kpopantz, where are all the boys in the list?! LOL

  57. Wahyimo, it was my list....for the females.

    Here's my list for the Kpopstar Males:
    1 - Yoon Hyun Sang (No debate needed)
    2 - Park Ji Hyung (Best combo of voice & looks)
    3 - Baek Ji Wong (Appearance needs a little work, but talented)
    4 - Kim Wooseong (Can sing,dance, and play instrument)

    That's it. The ladies dominated season 1.

    @ Anonymous, you've shed some light on a idea i've had, the day after i saw YG sign Jung Mi & Sung Ju. I've often wondered, thinking, YG is crafty!!! Maybe, just maybe, in the grand scheme of things, YG did that, to influence JYP, AGAIN, to make SuPearls an official idol group! If that happens, what a negotiator YG is!!! I wonder if a trade is in the works, but somehow he's gotta peak JYP's interest in Michelle, Jung Mi, again. JYP likes Sung Ju, so no worries there. There must be a way, a loop hole, that will allow for this to happen. If the sports agencies can do it with athletes, this has to work, somehow. (Wishful thinking, after all, who am i anyway?...LOL)

  58. @kpopantz I actually though Baek Ji Woon was one of the most handsome guys in the competition. He reminded me a lot of Siwon from Supr Junior. I think the opposite: he needs to work on his singing, he's looka good naturally.

  59. I liked Son Mi Jin, so I'm glad she managed to record a song after all

    The other one by Lee Gunwoo is actually not bad either, though I don't really like him.

    I like the way she sings, but when she went to the JYP training episode, the trainer told her to stop singing like a 'singer'. I sort of understand the advice, but at the same time I liked her because of the way she sang in the earlier episodes. Besides, those 'famous singer's referred to also did that purposefully. If they can, why can't these kids?

  60. Lee Ha Yi's voice is not unique nor rare, Korean scene just doesn't make their soul singers more popular, I guess they don't dig soul music, only pop RnB-ish ballads with a cute RnB voice (Ailee, Boni, Ali). These 3 singers are on the "cute" side to me, they don't have low, husky and deep voices.
    So why Lee Ha Yi got so popular? The TV Show and her being very young and cute (personality) helped a lot IMO. Also, her voice is not really low, it is very RnB AND cute, especially in high notes, which most people like and are used to, espcially if they only listen to pop music. She sounds new in Korea but she's not to me.

    I like her voice but not in high notes (upper chest and falsetto), she loses her RnB vibe in this register.
    I think that she'll go solo after SuPearls gets enough popularity with a couple of albums. Same for Michelle. She can have a solo career, she just needs people to get used to her and like her voice/personality. For these reasons, I like the idea of SuPearls as a temporary and training thing, but YG better not be lazy and give them the same image and style as Big Mama. C'mon, the girls are teenagers, they should have a more youthful and modern style.

    And, I really prefer listening to grown singers than teen singers, even more when it comes to jazzy/RnB/soul music. It just doesn't feel/sound the same. I'd rather see YG recruiting people in their 20s in the future.

  61. Lee ha yi voice is not unique nor rare? What make you think that? I know many people have Soulful voice but there are many different kinds of soul. Jessica Sanchez in American idol 11 is assessed to have soulful voice but she sounds differently with HY.
    Among all the contestant in Kpop star, her voice is the most special one? So that's not unique? That does not all mean the only, that's the special. Even in Korea, she sounds like no one else. You may feel ridiculous when I compared her voice between only contestants, But there are a thousand of contestants joined Kpop star from the audition, no one has Ha yi voice. So even you see that ridiculous, I will say her voice is vey unique.
    Her voice is not low?
    Come one, did you ever watch the full show before giving that opinion. YG also JYP said that she can reach the lowest note that almost no one in Korea can do. And I can see how hard she is when trying to sing high note because her tone is low one.
    By the way, Ha yi 's popular just not only by her personality. I admit that her personality is the first thing people see from her. However, her popular is made with her voice too. Among many common voices in the competition, Hayi is the one that bring the audience different feeling with her soulful voice.

  62. Anonymous, thanks for defending the castle...LOL. (Enlish accent) - "GUARDS, remoove the infidale(infidel) from our midst"...ROTL. "Whot is thisss uhpper chest, falsetto nawnsense(nonsense)?.
    Is she a JYP trainee?...His training methods are amazing, for producing professional singers! They just have to be young, cute, and be on TV to be a successful singer. There must be a plaque on his wall in the training room that teaches singers to use a diaphragm, that's located in the upper part of your chest. Maybe i interpreted that wrong, im still learning about using diaphragms...(just got out of a youtube fan war, please excuse me)

  63. kpopantz: Try not to read those youtube comments, they'll leave you exhausted.

    As for uniqueness, obviously it's relative. Among the African-Americans, her voice may not be as awesome as for Asians. So it just depends on the context. Like there's a similar reason why Park Hyo Shin is hailed as well.

    If we want to get technical, everyone's voices are unique. None are exactly the same, but our brains usually lump them together because we just love patterns and organizing things in our head. So it's just how your brain works differently than some of us (, Myra) :).
    Personally, I consider Park Ji Min's voice unique as well, some friends here will disagree, though.

    The upper register thing, I'm not an expert but just as a listener I have to honestly admit that when I first hear Hayi sang For You and Mercy, it didn't sit so well in my ears on the high notes. It sounded sharp to me (not even "cute" as you call it) and I had wondered if she was using her normal voice. But now I'm OK with it. Having said that, it didn't stop me from listening to her music at all, because she has that much more awesomeness.

    Her low registers, I am sure other singers can reach low notes, but they can't do it with that solidity(?) like her. Most voices disappear/ get unstable when you go low , hers doesn't.

    I'm hoping with the professional advice she'll be getting that she will master her whole range of notes.
    I'm going to stop here because soon kpopantz and Onsemiro will kick me :P

  64. Agreed, and boy am i ever! Today, anyway...LOL

    I'm very sure that we who are faithful supporters of Lee Hayi, are not oblivious to what she needs to work on, to become a more appealing to the masses, and to the culture, and it's beautiful people, that birth the style of music that she sings so well.

    The understanding that all voices are unique, (not speaking for anyone else), creates a desire, in me, to be open & accepting of new people, and experiences, different from me/my own. So when i hear(see)comments, with overtones of "it's not unique to me, i've heard better, or we invented that style" - again_overtones, it fires me up, and like a truth serum, reveals how open or closed minded people are or choose to be.

    This 15 year old, Korean born, adorable girl, is a phenomenon to me, because for years, many of us were convinced,that only one culture, could produce such a sound. Her birth, existence, and more relevant, singing ability - the sound, has disproved this myth. (Obviously,among other technicalities) THAT is what makes her, Yoo Sung Eun, Ailee, and the new wave of Korean singers so.....Unique. And with time, and proper training, the world is about to have it's mind blown. Yes, im excited all over again!!!....LOL

  65. The PD of Kpopstar said "Jimin is a singer, Hayi is a star."

  66. Anonym @9:27 AM I've already posted the translations of the excerpts from his interview in Comment at

    But I'll post it again:

    Excerpts from the interview with Park Seonghoon, the producer of K-pop Star:

    Q: '폭풍 고음' 박지민과 '소울 중저음' 이하이의 장점은. Tell me the strengths of the high-pitched power voice Park Jimin and the low/mid-pitched soul Lee Hayi.
    A: 박지민은 몸 안에 음악이 녹아있다. 생방송 무대에서 '머시'를 리허설 때와 리듬을 완전히 다르게 불렀다. 무대에서 뭔가 느낄 수 있는 '필'이 뛰어난 것 같다. 자기도 모르게 애드리브로 불렀더라. 그 자체가 에너지로 와 닿은 것 같다. Jimin's got the music in her. She gave a totally different rendition of "Mercy" on live stage from the rehearsal. I think she has the outstanding "feel" for the stage 'cause (in the final) she ad-libbed in spite of herself. I think ad-libbing itself came out (of nowhere) just like an energy. (This sentence is quite unclear even in Korean.)
    이하이는 무대 위에서 카리스마가 있다. 심지어 무대 아래에서도 있다. 시큰둥하면서도 어린 감정을 보였다가 갑자기 집중하기도 한다. 박지민이 가수로서의 '필'이 있다면 이하이는 스타로서의 '필'이 있다. 목소리도 한국에서 보기 힘든 목소리다. 1위는 박지민이 했지만, 프로 무대에서는 어떻게 될지 알 수 없다. Hayi's got the charismatic presence on stage - and even off stage. Sometimes she's aloof, sometimes she's like a kid, and sometimes she's very focused. Hayi has the "it" factor as a "star" while Jimin as a singer. Even Hayi's voice is really unique in Korea. Even though Jimin won the final, we don't know what will happen (i.e., who will win) in the professional scene.

    Q: 수준급 실력을 보인 참가자들에게 러브콜이 많이 올텐데. I guess those contestants with outstanding singing ability are currently receiving management offers from various agencies, right?
    A: 계속 섭외가 온다. 많은 제작자가 와서 체크하더라. 방송이 끝나면 얘기하겠다고 말했다. 당연히 우리 프로에 참가했던 친구들은 어느 기획사를 통해서든 가수에 데뷔할 수 있다. 다들 좋은 소식을 들려줬으면 좋겠다.(웃음) There have been continuous offers coming in. Lots of producers keep coming to check (the contestants). I told the producers I would talk with them after the final. Of course, all our contestants are surely free to (make a contract and) debut with "any" agencies. I hope I can hear good news from all of them.

  67. a new video of Hayi :D. She looks like she is enjoying herself. Also, the crowd seems to love her. Wooh!

  68. Thank you so much for updating about Lee Ha Yi's whereabouts.
    Recently became a fan of hers!!
    Your blog is awesome! Hope you keep us updated forever lol :)

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