Thursday, May 17, 2012

KOREAN SHOWS: "The Healing Camp" Featuring Yang Hyunseok (YG) (1)

힐링캠프 양현석 편 (1-2)

Let's watch together "The Healing Camp" featuring YG (aired on 5/14/2012). The second part of this episode will be aired on May 21.  The clips are subtitled in English.  Enjoy!

YG on "The Healing Camp" 1-1
(Air date: 5/14/2012)

YG on "The Healing Camp" 1-2
(Air date: 5/14/2012)

Click to watch the second episode of Healing Camp featuring Yang Hyunseok.


  1. So Seo Taiji and Boys, or Seo Taiji & YG, are the pioneers of Korean Rap & Hip Hop music. I understand that until 1990, Korea hadn't experienced this style of music until they debuted?...Wow! No wonder they get so much respect. Just like our icons, like DJ Kool Herb, Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, Leaders Of The New School, Tribe Called Quest, N.W.A., and all the guys in there 40's & 50's.

    It amazes me though, how the Korean music industry transitioned so fast from traditional hip hop & rap, to mostly pop music, in a shorter time than we did. I guess because it started here first, being the reason....i really enjoyed this experience.

  2. kpopantz, there was Hyun Jin Young before the Taiji Boys. In fact, Hyun was the pioneer of Korean hip hop/rap and the first singer produced by Lee Suman (SM). But unfortunately, his substance abuse ruined his career. I blogged about him and his music. Here's the link to the first of 4 posts in case you're interested:

  3. Yet another great blog! Im getting years of korean music history in one blog? I'm loving this!....No disrespect intended, but if only Hyun Jin Young could've managed his substance abused, he could've been, and deserves to be right where YG, Lee Soon Man is today.

    Do you know if he has ever tried to start his own music ENT company? He may not be as prominent as the other members of his generation, but i wonder what he's doing nowadays', aside from making short appearances on strong heart and other TV shows?

  4. kpopantz, I posted about Lee Su-Man and his enthusiasm for hip hop. He was really into the genre when he first established his company, SME. Frustrated by the fall of his own creation, Hyun Jin Young, and disheartened by the rise of the Taiji Boys, he completely turned his back on hip hop. So I would rather say if Hyun Jin Young had gathered himself before it was too late, then SME might have made itself a home for Korean hip hop way before YGE. And accordingly, we wouldn't have seen HOT, SES, TVXQ, SuJu, SNSD, SHINee, or f(x). hehe

  5. Thanks for the translate, I rarely watch full interviews ever so this is a feat for me. Lol. So each Healing Camp is like 2 episodes? Will you be subbing the next one too? Looks interesting!

    Anyway I'm glowing over what he said abt him not believing in looking needy when he does business. That ain't so anymore with Hayi around!!!

  6. Wahyimo, only when they think their guest has a lot to show, they have two. Probably by taping him longer or by cutting and editing less? But most of the time, it's one episode per guest.

  7. @kpopantz yeah they are the pioneers of mainstream Korean rap & hip hop because they popularized it and brought it into the mainstream in Korea.

    It's impossible to overstate their influence, like the influence of Elvis or the Beatles.

    But they were a creation of the time. If Seo Taiji didn't exist, someone else contemporary would have had a big impact (not the same impact because he was a cultural icon, but in terms of music a similar impact).

    This like most things had to do with 2 things: politics and the economy.

    Koreans have a rich musical history, even with Western Music. Even during the brutal Japanese occupation when hundreds of thousands starved in Korea, and during the wars when millions died & when most Koreans didn't even have shoes, there were musical artists like the Kim Sisters (who were famous even in the US, appearing alongside Sinatra in Vegas and appearing on Ed Sullivan over 20 times), Patti Kim and others.

    However during the dictatorships of the 60s-80s, especially after Yushin and during Chun Doo-hwan's reign, arts especially music and film were tightly suppressed, for fear of breeding dissent or politicization for democracy. So there was a period of 20-30 years when there was no real creative outlet for Korean musicians.

    After street protests took down the dictatorships, and corresponding to the growing wealth that Hyundai and other conglomerates were shipping back to Korea from exports and projects overseas there was an explosion of popular culture after 88. And like everything else in Korea it was at an accelerated pace. In a space of less than 5 years Korea went from basically 0 to place where Seo Taiji could passably replicate the sound of (bad) mainstream American hip hop reminiscent of Vanilla Ice, Gerardo or Hammer. Of course it wasn't a perfect copy but it was a reason facsimile and like all Korean things a very good copy, but with a native Korean essence.

    A more interesting question is what would have happened if the record labels hadn't pushed Hip Hop in the 1990s like they did. For example if grunge and glam rock had held. One of the key non-fungible advantages that KPOP has over Jpop or HK pop is the massive population of Korean Americans who were forced to work and socialize with black in LA and other areas. An early attribute that Korean labels had (and have to this day) is the "authenticity" of these Korean American performers and producers in urban culture. Something that Japanese pop and Chinese pop cannot match and a key actor in the superior acculturation of KPOP with Western music . It's interesting that the legacy of the Korean American community's interaction with that African American community is one of tears: riots, discrimination, boycotts, shootings, robberies, violence etc but that there are also benefits...

  8. @Anonymous, thanks for that wealth of info, which brings me up to speed on Korea's music history. However, i think you need to read the moderators earlier post, so you can catch up.

    As it is with anything else, whoever gets there first, earns the right to become the pioneer or trailblazer. While i believe that Seo Taiji & YG made it popular, (again)...if HJY had controlled his substance abuse, he rightfully earned the title, as the Godfather of Korean hip-hop.

    You're a little late, my friend. Onsemiro, How accurate is this history lesson? I also will be researching this on my own.

  9. thanks for the trans.
    will you sub for the 2nd episode?

  10. thanks for the trans.
    enjoy watching JYP and YG episode.
    will you do the trans for the 2nd episode of YG in Healing Camp?

  11. YG is so humorous!

  12. Anonym @8:33 AM, I think he's an extraordinarily clever guy.

  13. Quality of the Healing Camp videos featuring Park Jinyoung (JYP) and Yang Hyunseok (YG) were updated and re-uploaded here:

    Healing Camp JYP part-1
    Healing Camp JYP part-2
    Healing Camp YG part-1

  14. HELLO!! Thank you so much for subbing this and jyp's! Lifesaver indeed! Any update regarding the 2nd episode for YG? :)

  15. Hey there! I was wondering if you are planning on subbing ep 160 with Yang Hyun Suk as well? ^^;


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