Sunday, May 6, 2012

KOREAN SHOWS: "The Healing Camp" Featuring Park Jin Young (JYP) (2)

힐링캠프 박진영 편 (2-2)

As follows is the translated second half of "The Healing Camp" featuring JYP.  While I was watching this show, he came across to me as Peter Pan in both positive and negative ways.

JYP on "The Healing Camp" 1-2
(Air date: 4/30/2012)

Watch the first part of Healing Camp Featuring Park Jin Young


  1. well.. I never knew anything about JYP before but he is very interesting person. I hope that he finds what he is looking somehow in someday.

  2. Translation of the second half of "The Healing Camp" was just uploaded.

    oksana, glad to know my translation helped you.

  3. Thank you for adding the subs for the second part of this episode of Healing Camp! It certainly gave a more rounded portrait of JYP - bringing out the human and philosophical side of him. The first part made him seem a bit weird and almost narcissistic in his regimental routine of taking care of his body/health, almost like a robot. THANK YOU for all your efforts. Hope you'll feel inspired again in the future to add subs for Healing Camp! ^^


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