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KOREAN SHOWS: "The Healing Camp" Featuring Park Jin Young (JYP) (1)

힐링캠프 박진영 편 (1-2)

I really enjoyed watching this show, SBS's "The Healing Camp," featuring Park Jin Young (JYP).  So I chose to translate and subtitle the video for my blog readers, but only to find it's really a time-consuming job.  While working on subtitling, I just came to appreciate those uploaders (on Youtube, for example) providing subtitles for us. I uploaded the first half today and don't know exactly when I will be able to upload the second half.  Will try my best to finish it soon, though.

BTW, on the show, JPY kinda gave me a hunch that he was talking about Hayi while describing the kids he loves to work with.  Please share your thoughts on this.  The show is reportedly scheduled to have YG and BoA for the upcoming weeks too.

JYP on "The Healing Camp" part -1
(Air date: 4/30/2012)

Watch the second part of the show:

BONUS:  As follows is the excerpts from the interview (5/2/2012) with Park Seonghoon, the producer of K-pop Star (NEWS LINK):

Q:  Tell me the strengths of the high-pitched power voice Park Jimin and the low/mid-pitched soul Lee Hayi.  ('폭풍 고음박지민과 '소울 중저음이하이의 장점은.)

A:  Jimin's got the music in her. She gave a totally different rendition of "Mercy" on live stage from the rehearsal. I think she has the outstanding "feel" for the stage 'cause (in the final) she ad-libbed in spite of herself. I think ad-libbing itself came out (of nowhere) just like an energy. (This sentence is quite unclear even in Korean.) (박지민은  안에 음악이 녹아있다생방송 무대에서 '머시' 리허설 때와 리듬을 완전히 다르게 불렀다무대에서 뭔가 느낄  있는 '' 뛰어난  같다자기도 모르게 애드리브로 불렀더라 자체가 에너지로  닿은  같다.)

Hayi's got the charismatic presence on stage - and even off stage. Sometimes she's aloof, sometimes she's like a kid, and sometimes she's very focused. Hayi has the "it" factor as a "star" while Jimin as a singer. Even Hayi's voice is really unique in Korea. Even though Jimin won the final, we don't know what will happen (i.e., who will win) in the professional scene.  (이하이는 무대 위에서 카리스마가 있다심지어 무대 아래에서도 있다시큰둥하면서도 어린 감정을 보였다가 갑자기 집중하기도 한다박지민이 가수로서의 '' 있다면 이하이는 스타로서의 '' 있다목소리도 한국에서 보기 힘든 목소리다. 1위는 박지민이 했지만프로 무대에서는 어떻게 될지   없다.)

Q:  I guess those contestants with outstanding singing ability are currently receiving management offers from various agencies, right?  (수준급 실력을 보인 참가자들에게 러브콜이 많이 올텐데.)

A:  There have been continuous offers coming in. Lots of producers keep coming to check (the contestants). I told the producers I would talk with them after the final. Of course, all our contestants are surely free to (make a contract and) debut with "any" agencies. I hope I can hear good news from all of them.  (Laughs)  (계속 섭외가 온다많은 제작자가 와서 체크하더라방송이 끝나면 얘기하겠다고 말했다당연히 우리 프로에 참가했던 친구들은 어느 기획사를 통해서든 가수에 데뷔할  있다다들 좋은 소식을 들려줬으면 좋겠다.(웃음))

Hayi on "The Strong Heart": Image from the show's webpage 

 Hayi approaching to sing Yim Jaebeom's "For You" in front of the
YG crew while she was training there for the casting audition.

Hayi waiting for her turn to sing  Yim Jaebeom's "For You"
for the c
asting audition


  1. JYP is a very calculated man. Every part of that interview, to me, felt planned and rehearsed.

  2. Hi
    Really appreciate the sub!!
    I had a good laugh about YG betraying him.

    Obviously he is trying to do some damage control on his image. But that's all to be expected, all celebs do that anyway.

    I'm quite sure Hayi's one of the people he'd love to work with. Also from his description he seemed to like introverts, and Hayi's one.

    I do get that he sincerely loves his music, not just from this show but from anything he ever said. I think that's his best trait.

  3. Thanks so much for the subtitles! I watch Healing Camp because I'm a fan of Han Hye Jin even though I hardly understand any Korean so your English subs really really help! Thanks a ton! And please continue with the rest of the episode. ^^ God bless you!

  4. Anonym at 10:48PM, maybe the show might've been totally staged. Maybe JYP is a hypocrite or a liar. Or he is a fantasist. Or he's been simply misunderstood. Frankly, I don't know. I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt since I've never met him in person and that's what I try to do when I'm too confused to make a judgement. But the bottom line is, I really loved watching the show. ;)

    Wahyimo, HHJ fan, thanks a lot for your "encouraging" words! Right after I uploaded the vids, I found some typos and also thought of better wording (for some parts), but I don't feel like making corrections - This is quite unusual for me. hehe (I am a spelling freak, even though I always make my own mistakes.) I'll try my best to finish subtitling the second half asap. :)

  5. Wahyimo,...AGREED!!!...The YG segment was hilarious! But it shows you how crafty he is.

    Due to the hype & buzz that YG's artists are getting, at some point YG will surpass SM in the near future. JYP's discipline lifestyle is a little strange, but demands respect. I can only count a few people i know, that can exhibit, and maintain such discipline.

    While i respect his lifestyle, it's has been a little tough for me to digest his ability to mentor artist. So im beginning to think that YG really is the best place for our little Hayi to go...with her ability, and YG expecting better than her best, it should work, but he better handle her better than he did Gummy, or he'll hear from me....LOL

  6. Hi guys! It's a fine circle we have here. Ha ha.
    @Onsemiro, no worries about spelling, we're grateful enough that the video exists to pick on these things! And I know if you decided to do this further you'll get much better. Perfectionist as you seem :P

    It's very interesting, this YG, SM, JYP talk. While I agree that JYP artists and productions have something to be desired, but I quite enjoyed JYP's new album. I think this problem is born from his repeated saying that he likes music like Ryu Jae Ha's (hope I spelled that right), which is I think simple and sort of laid back with none of the fireworks? I don't really know Rain's work well, so I may be wrong. Anyway, this may work with Soul music, since it doesn't have to be all pomp. I don't know :|.
    I agree with kpopantz that while his discipline is great, it doesn't mean he's the best mentor or producer.

    Obviously YG with his big budget MVs and all is very enticing. Yet again people, like kpopantz, have pointed out about his artists like Gummy, that didn't get so much attention now. So it is kind of worrying. It is good that YG has connection with Big Mama, though.

    And while people decry SM for their looks only, I won't deny that they've got some things right. But I think SM is not very interested in Soul music, so we can safely say it is unlikely for Hayi to go there.

    1. Gummy just released an MV last month. Se7en promoting in Japan. And if you look at their schedules. Even psy is busy. It's just they don't have marketing like idols do. Cute cf and such. Even jinu and Sean are busy even though they don't have new music. Teddy too. Yg family family family

  7. First of all, thank you for all your hard work in translating this show and also your recaps of kpop star. I've been silent a silent reader and looked forward to your posts each week!

    Second, I just found out that the Top 3 will be guests on the May 8th episode of Strong Heart! Will you be able to recap that episode when it airs?

  8. Jen, thanks for your official "un-lurking". :) The show is scheduled to air the episode featuring Hayi, Jimin, Ayeon, and reportedly Michelle and Seunghoon, for 2 weeks. I'll fill you in on the details when the show airs.

  9. If it's too much work for you to sub the strong heart episodes, can you just translate whenever Hayi talks, or when someone saids something about the same way that you've been translating the judges comments on her weekly performances?

  10. I'll upload the translation first - I don't want to keep my blog readers waiting. As it's really hard to carve out time for subtitling, I'll just take one step at a time.

  11. You are the best!!!!!

  12. Hi all! I thought I would just share this picture of Hayi in Strong Heart I happened to stumble upon. I cant wait to watch that ep!

    Here you go:

    Btw, Onsemiro, thank you for all your hardwork in the translations!:)

  13. Anonym at 7:39AM, the post was just updated with a bigger Hayi picture I had downloaded from the SBS webpage; and two "umjjal," short clips, I downloaded from somewhere a couple months ago.

  14. Not trying to start a fan war,....maybe i am,...LOL...anyway, so im looking at the numbers for picture views on the SBS Strong Heart website, and the numbers go like this...

    K팝스타 이하이 - (Lee Hayi) - 1738
    K팝스타 백아연 - (Baek Ahyeon) - 1681
    K팝스타 박지민 - (Park Ji Min) - 408

    Just found that "interesting", that's all.....

  15. Lol you can't start a war here, we're of similar minds! Just go to Youtube to start one, they are at constant war on every single video.

    Onsemiro, what do you think of ALi?
    I'm just interested on what you think of her.

    I like her strong personality but I'm not sure if her singing voice is natural, if you know what I mean. But when I watch ALi I kind of feel a pity that HaYi came out to the stage so young. I think there are not a lot of successful world singers who started young (Who?). I feel that if she had more time to strengthen her own personality she would be da bomb.

    I fear that they will gear her personality towards something mainstream. I know she has her own unique thing now, and I'm sure she'll keep it, but there are a lot of things that they will tell her to do and wear that will seriously influence her growing up.

    While stars who became stars at later age know better what they want to do, and who they are. People can teach them how to sing, but they have more control over other things.

  16. Wahyimo, well... what can I say? I know Ali is a singer acclaimed by Korean mass media and many, many listeners. I know, she sure is a good singer but something's bugging me about her. When she sings, it gives me a feeling that she knows to well that she's a good singer. It's the same uncomfortable feeling when I see a pretty girl behaving, like she knows too well that she's pretty. Know what I mean? I'm glad Hayi is far from being one of them. I might be wrong about Ali though 'cause it's just my personal speculation that has no ground.

  17. Thank you for your sub.

    Hopefully you will find time to sub the rest. hehehe

  18. I think I get what you mean.
    She has some diva moments every now and then.
    Perhaps she's too extreme and example, but because it is obvious that she has this own style thing going on that's why I used her as an example.

    I was referring to singers who are comfortable with themselves, are not scared with being different (and not purposely making themselves look/sound different) and know what they want to do in terms of their music.

    I think confidence is a must and a given, when the artist has been around for some time. We know Ha Yi sounds and perform better when she's confident.

    I just fear that she is being shaped by people around her to be something that will appeal to the mass market for maximum commercial value.

    Another example, I once saw this video on TV on Celine Dion on her world tour, and I was amazed at how 'hard' she is. She's very intense, all no-nonsense and stern with everything around her including herself. At first I felt like she's a bit high on the pedestal, being so stern with her team, but then I admire her control over her music. She doesn't seem to care being seen as a 'diva' as long as her music is up to her standard.

    I'm not sure how much freedom these agencies in Korea gives their artists to make decisions on their music and performance. It seems the companies make these decisions for them.

  19. Wahyimo, I may be wrong but I don't think Hayi will be given as much freedom at least at the beginning of her career. The "K-pop Star" was known to be conceived by SBS and YG (Correct me if I'm wrong) to discover talented young people and nurture/shape them into K-pop "idol" stars. I just hope, wherever Hayi ends up, they shape her into a real artist, far from their typical cookie-cutter stars.

  20. Hi,

    First of all thank you for subbing the show.

    I am currently doing a fanvideo featuring various artists imitating YG. I looked everywhere for the raws video of this Healing Camp episode with JYP talking about Yg and imitating him, but couldn't find them. Then I found your blog, I wanted to know if I could use your videos (actually just the part where JYP talked about YG), I'll make sure to credit you. If yes, then is there a way you send me the link to the youtube page?
    If you don't want to, it's fine, I'd understand.
    Anyway, thank you so much!

  21. olo, I uploaded the videos on Youtube a couple of times but they were all deleted right away due to copyright restrictions. The videos were uploaded directly from my files here on my blog. Can you think of any way to get the video from me?

  22. Thanks for your subs! I laughed throughout all the clips. Hope we will be lucky enough to see the rest of the episode :). Once again, thanks for the great work!

  23. You can find the rest of the episode on this blog at

  24. Hi there it's my first time to see your site and I see you are putting subs on the healing camp episodes Could you please do me a big favor and put up the episode of Ko so Young in healing camp with eng subs I was really searching for that episode with Eng. subs but I couldn't find one.. Please Thank you

  25. Castielle, I usually try my best to meet my blog readers' needs but unfortunately, I'm afraid I don't have much time to sub another Healing Camp video now. 'Cause, basically, I sub videos to use them for my blog posts here and am currently working on something else. I'm really sorry and hope you understand.

  26. May i know where can i find eng sub hc with lee bo young. Tq.

    1. I'm sorry but I don't have the answers to your question as of now. :(


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