Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ZILLY TALKZ: SHINee’s Key SHINes in "Catch Me If You Can"

뮤지컬 캐치 이프 ”: 블링블링 샤이니

SHINee's Key is double cast in the role of Frank
alternating performances with Super Junior's Kyu Hyun,
in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

All my “female” family members who live in Korea are a huge fan of SHINee:  My seventy-something mom, my sister, and my two nieces (my brother’s daughters).  I didn’t know until lately we like the same boy group, especially Onew and Key, living far apart across the Pacific.  Maybe genetics is playing a part here!

So, last week, J & H (my nieces) went to watch the Korean version of the musical, “Catch Me If You Can” (03/28/2012~06/10/2012), with their mom.  And J gave testimony, saying: When I saw Key emerge onto the stage, it seemed like everyone else other than him had disappeared into the background; he sparkled from head to toe and seemed to have a halo around his head.  Ever since, my nieces have been feeling like walking on air.  Oh, how I wish I were in Korea right now!


  1. wife is a rather major Shinee fan (latest album notwithstanding) and I've been known to blast Lucifer and Noona Is So Pretty from time to time. We even got to see them live when SM TOWN came to LA last year. So, I seem to be aware that Key is like the worst singer in that bunch. I guess I'm amazed that he can carry a musical. I mean, I know that those elusive "netizens" that are always showing their extreme or lack-of interest in things k-pop often say that most idol stars have no real vocal talent, I've found that many, like Daesung and Sungri from BB have quite nice voices and can totally headline a musical. I'll look at these clips a little more to see if I change my mind about Key. :)

  2. No, you're so right - Key is the worst singer in SHINee. (Minho is an exception 'cause he is a rapper.) His singing is not bad overall though and my family love him for his unique, metalic voice.

  3. Key is not the worst singer in the group. Seems that you don't know anything about singing.
    He may not have deep voice like jonghyun and onew but he can hit high notes.
    He just have a unique voice that you would oh so immaturely judge
    if he is the worst singer then maybe they wouldn't have chose him to be in the musical.

    Fyi he is also a rapper better than minho.

  4. Anonym @12:04 AM, I still appreciate your comments.


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