Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ZILLY TALKZ: How To Register For a DAUM Account

Here's how to create a "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" DAUM account.  First go to  (Click on the image to see the full size version.)

Then you'll have a pop-up message that reads "The confirmation number was sent to your email you had just entered." Now you need to go to your email (Make sure NOT to close your registration page as you'll have to come back there within 5 minutes.).  Now, open the mail from DAUM. Then there you see six digit confirmation number, e.g. 인증번호: 123456 

When you go back to the registration page, you'll find a new blank spot right below the spots for your email address that needs filling in. There you enter your confirmation number and click on the button that reads 인증하기. 

Lastly, to prevent robot-triggered submissions, you have to enter the case letters and numbers in the image code below into the security text field.  That'll complete your signing up process.

Note that DAUM wouldn't accept the same email account more than once. In case you fail to get to use your confirmation number within 5 minutes but still want to create a DAUM account, you'll have to provide them with a different email from last time you registered.   Good luck!


  1. A how-to on DAUM non-resident registration was just updated.

  2. Dear Onsemiro, we did't manage to create DAUM account to vote for Lee Hayi. We had prayed for her. Really wish to see her win and her smiling face.

  3. I hope she can hear you and your prayer. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Not forgetting to thank you also for your translating all the judges comments... btw, we are from Singapore. Hayi! Fighting!

  5. I've enjoyed your company too!


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