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KOREAN MUSIC: Son Seungyeon of Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” (3)

보이스코리아: 손승연 (Son Seungyeon, or Sohn Seungyeon)

Son Seungyeon now looks like the Korean pop diva, Shin Hyobeom!

She did it again.  This time with a song by Boohwal (부활, “The Reincarnation” aka “Born Again”), one of my most favorite Korean rock bands. And the song, Biwa Dangsine Iyagi (비와 당신의 이야기, “The Story of (Dearest) You and the Rain,” 1986) is one of my most favorite Boohwal songs.  Prior to her performance tonight, Son Seungyeon said she would dedicate the song to her mom who had once dreamed of being a singer (but to no avail as her father disapproved).

Son’s repertoire featured on “The Voice of Korea” so far includes 2NE1’s “Go Away” (dance rock/electro pop), Bubble Sisters’ “It’s Raining Men” (dance pop), and BMK's Muldeureo, “I'm Stained (With Your Love)" (soul). She’s quite versatile, isn’t she?  And it’s no wonder it was just a piece of cake for her to nail this rock number as she is a former “Top Band” contestant (KBS).  She brought the house down with a powerhouse rendition of the song; two weeks in a row, the judges were on their feet and the audience had risen with their jaws dropped in amazement.

I like Son’s singing because of her powerhouse voice with a penetrating solidity. She hardly sings off key no matter what; her voice is always in tune whether she sings high or low, forte or piano. Six plus years of her efforts to attain completely satisfying vocal techniques appear to be paying off now (Click for details.) and I wish her nothing but the very best.  

Son Seungyeon: Mnet's "The Voice of Korea"
Biwa Dangsine Iyagi (The Story of You and the Rain)
(Aired on 04/27/2012)

What do you think?  What an explosive live performance past midnight!  Even though I still love Boohwal’s original version of the song better, I think the world is waiting for her.

ORIGINAL VERSION: Boohwal (Reincarnation, 1986)
Biwa Dangsine Iyagi (The Story of You and the Rain)
Vocal by Lee Seungcheol/Chorus by Kim Taewon
Song & Lyrics by Kim Taewon

As the rapper and host of the show, Kim Jinpyo, suitably put it, she is probably a Cheonjae Diba (천재디바, “genius diva”), one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  Now, here’s the judges’ praise.

Baek Ji-Young:  Her singing was no joke.  I mean it.  It just gave me goosebumps. Really.  Truly.  (To Seungyeon) What have you done to me? (Which I think means “Your singing won me over.”)   I really think highly of her singing tonight as it showcased her ability to control (her emotions and the pitch between forte and piano).  She sang calmly and reservedly at the beginning of the song, which made me feel even more absorbed in the later part of it. I really liked it.

Gil (of LeeSsang):  (While listening to her song) it came across to me as a mixture of Maggeolli (막걸리, “traditional Korean rice wine”) and Champaign.  In other words, when Son, basically a pop ballad singer, was rendering a rock number, it was nonsensically great.  I think I’d better use a glass of Maggeolli-Champaign mixture tonight.  I really enjoyed it.  (To Seungyeon) (You’re) the best!  I admit it!

Shin Seung-hun (or Shin Seung Hoon):  When other three judges rose (to give a standing O to her performance), I stayed seated ‘cause I wanted to pull myself together (as I’m her coach). I think we hit the Jack pot.  I told her to mix rock and ballad while practicing and Gil said he really felt like it.  This means we made it.  She made it.  I’m so proud of her as her coach.  (To Seungyeon) Son Seungyeon, you did great!

KOREAN MUSIC: Son Seungyeon of Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” (1)

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