Sunday, April 1, 2012

KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi of SBS’s “K-Pop Star” (6)

케이팝 스타: 이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi)

Maybe it’s just me but tonight (04/01/2012), Hayi looked like Meg from “The Little Women.”  She went to Vanity Fair, dressed up (by her friend, Belle, and Belle’s maid) like a fashionable lady, with a stylish hairdo, in heavy makeup and bling-bling jewelry.  Laurie, a family friend, acted weird with her because he didn't like the way she looked. Adding insult to injury, Meg overheard someone say that her friends had made her look like a fool by dressing her up like a doll.  And furthermore, her corset was making it difficult for her to even breathe….

I never thought that I’d say this but I’m so glad Park Jin Young picked Hayi.

Lee Hayi, Top Five
The Pussycat Dolls: "Sway" (aired on 04/01/2012)

Here’s what the judges said:

Park Jin Young (or Park Jinyeong): I just fell in love with Hayi’s dancing when I first saw it on stage.  (I think he meant her stage on December 11, 2011.)  There’s something good about her dancing.  Tonight, I liked her choice of music to sing because that’s what she does best.  But I’d still like her to have shown tone dynamics.  She used to control the tone of voice, emotional expressions, and the amount of air she exhale while singing, but since I don’t know when, she’s been doing it relatively less.  Especially tonight, I didn’t see any difference between before and after the part she’d gotten into the rhythm. (I think Park was talking about the way he had taught Hayi to sing “Mercy.”)  And also, there was a part she modulated (i.e. changed mode) without instrumental accompaniment.  I know it’s hard to do it, but I’m sorry she was off key there.  (89 out of 100)

Yang Hyun Suk (or Yang Hyeonseok):  Just for your information, I’m a fan of Hayi, but it’s true she’s been struggling ever since the live performances started.  I don’t want to exactly pinpoint things she’s done wrong or done right, but tonight she absolutely rendered the best performance of all her live performances.  She seemed to have got back to herself; she didn’t seem nervous on stage.  So I think she’ll do better next time even though she did great tonight already.  And I agree with Park – There’s something sensuous and sexy about her moves – even though subtle.  She didn’t even dance as much as Baek Ayeon had done last week.  (Having such nuances of carriage) is even harder than dancing itself, but she has it.  That’s her strongest point.  (90 out of 100)

BoA:  Hayi might’ve been nervous as she was the first contestant to perform on stage tonight. Her performance left much to be desired compared to the ones during practice.  But let me brag a little here.  I came up with her moves you two liked so much.  I was so happy that those moves were the best-received part of her performance. First of all, I wanted to make a cat out of her and it turned out great.  I hope she brings great live performances for weeks to come as she did tonight.  (92 out of 100)


  1. Do you think JYP will try to get Hayi into his company regardless of whether she wins or not? It's no surprise that he is very fond of her. Their relationship is so cute.

  2. In his March interview, Yang Hyun Suk said he's having his eye on two contestants among Top Eight and another two among those already eliminated. This means winning the K-pop Star title or top-three finish doesn't really have to do with getting into any of those agencies. Rumor has it that SM, YG, and JYP have already narrowed down the pool of (10 through 20) candidates to choose from. So it's more like "Where will she end up?"

  3. thank you so much for your translation, i have been waiting this for all day long keep up a great work

  4. I have a feeling, Hayi really wants to go into YG. However, I feel like JYP would treat her the best. In your opinion, which company would treat Hayi best?

  5. Each of these agencies has their own set of pros and cons. I think her singing style and voice scream outright JYP, but SM will be really supportive of her "as long as she stays with them," but I'm not quite sure if they want her. And YG wouldn't hurt, either.

  6. i really can't wait for next week, i did stay up all night, i too excited to watch lee hayi performance.Hopefully, JYP could train her well as he did with mercy song. Another long week to wait, yayay

  7. Can't wait either. I hope Hayi gains back the freedom she used to have when she sings and also produces the tone with more abandon.

  8. I've had Foolish Love on repeat while I do some other work. I love it more and more and I recognize where she flub here and there (completely amateur evaluation on my part for sure). I like SWAY..maybe her rendition will grow on my like Foolish Love. I like the limited dancing they came up with for PDSTM. Thanks to your translation I know now why Boa was excited during the comments. I don't like this look for her. Next week is going to be killer.. if Lee Seung Hoon doesn't get eliminated... who will go?

  9. I have a hunch who's going home and I guess you may also know....

  10. My hunch just proved wrong. I never thought Michelle would be eliminated.


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