Thursday, March 15, 2012

ZILLY TALKZ: The Final Episode of The Moon That Embraces the Sun

My One-sentence Review of the Final Episode (of 해를 품은 달 or 해품달)

This twenty-part mini-series, or drama, was heart-wrenching, tragic tales of unrequited love - Prince Yangmyeong's (양명대군) and the Queen's, respectively.

Yangmyeong's unrequited love with a girl
And love and hate for his little brother, Crown Prince
Alas! Those happy days were gone!
"There can't be two suns in the sky," he said.
The end of love and hate: Greater love made a man
lay down his life for his brother, the King 
Screen captures from "The Moon..."

And the Queen's unrequited love with a boy, 
that is, her husband, the King
She died a virgin.
And her love was not neglected, though unanswered,
when her husband reached over and closed her eyes. 
Screen captures from "The Moon..." 

All I can say is RIP, Prince Yangmyeong and the Queen.

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