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KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi of SBS's K-Pop Star (1)

케이팝 스타: 이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi, or Lee Hai)

It was like magic; she got me at hello.  Lee Hayi was ready to be a strong early favorite for SBS's "K-Pop Star" with her deep, incredibly soulful voice that took command of the stage when she first showed up in front of the judges and television audience.  Now, she’s become a better singer and the favorite to win “K-Pop Star” thanks to the custom-designed vocal lessons given by YG and JYP.  And she’s only fifteen - she was born on September 23, 1996 and is seventeen in Korean age.  What can I say?  Her voice is simply irresistible.  But it's hard to describe, so you'd better watch her sing yourself to witness the birth of a star.  (The video clips are in reverse chronological order.  If you want to watch them in HD full screen, click on the titles on screen or double-click the clips.)

BTW, starting from this March, Hayi will go to the School of Performing Arts together with f(x)'s Sulli and Miss A's Suzy.  

Lee Hayi: K-Pop Star (02/19/12)
Duffy's "Mercy"

<UPDATE on 04/13/2012>

Here’s what the judges said:

Park Jin Young said, just before the one-on-one battle between Lee Hayi and Park Jimin, that the battle would be the night’s main event – the heavyweight title match no one could predict who would win.  Park said they should be thankful for that showdown because without rivals, people can’t improve upon them.  He said to them, “Win or lose, you can learn a lot and can bring out your hidden potential. So enjoy your great luck.”  When Park said he wanted to wait to comment until both of them were done singing, Yang and BoA agreed to wait too.

Park Jimin: K-Pop Star (02/19/12)
Shin Hyobeom's "Nan neol saranghae" (I Love You

Yang Hyun Suk (or Yang Hyeonseok): I don't know if it's appropriate for me, a middle-aged man, to say this to you two (young girls) but when Hayi pointed (at the audience) with her finger singing the line, “I love you,” I went “Oh, my!” as if she had pointed at me.  Her singing was that much captivating.  I wondered, “How come she can do such a low range?  Is she really Korean?” She can sing these low notes with accurate pitch that even the professional singers can’t easily deliver.  I was happy to know Korea’s finally got such a singer who has such low notes in her vocal range.  When Jimin was singing the part, “Nan neol saranghae” ( 사랑해, “I Love You”), even though she wasn't looking at me, I also felt like she was telling me so.  She put so much expression into the lyrics that I loved that part way more than her high notes, aka, six level high notes.

BoA:  (Right after Hayi’s performance, she exclaimed, “(That’s) the end, (that’s) the end!” which means “The winner’s decided.”) I think this two shot we’re now watching may probably be a preview of the final live stage (we’ll be watching in a few months).  I think they are each other’s primary rivals.  Jimin’s tried to concentrate on the lyrics, instead of techniques or rhythms, to convey the meaning of the song.  (FYI, Jimin worked with BoA at SM for the round.)  And I loved it and really appreciate her for showing great improvement.  And about Hayi’s performance, I think she’s tooooooooooooo attractive.  I simply loved her singing.  What else can I say?

Park Jin Young (or Park Jinyeong):  We have a definite winner of tonight’s heavyweight title match.  Both of them are inarguably superb but I personally think Hayi picked up the complete victory tonight.  The highest note of the song (“Mercy”) was the second syllable of the part, “re-LEA~~~-se” and she reached that note in a high-pitched falsetto at first, then in a natural voice the second time.  (I think Park was thrilled she had delivered the song, especially those two parts, just as taught and trained (by him) at JYP.) On the other hand, Jimin hit the high notes in a natural voice from beginning (to end), so her “six level high notes” didn’t really work.  (Here, BoA chimed in that Hayi did what she does best while Jimin tried to go beyond her specialty.  Which was similar to Park’s wording for Hayi’s “For You” performance in the previous round.  He said, “Tonight Jimin delivered the best performance.  But she did what she does best while Hayi did well singing the genre she’s not familiar with.)

As announcing Hayi’s name as the winner of the night, Yang said, “I’m sorry but I’ll have to borrow Park’s words.  Hayi is the definite winner tonight.” 

Yim Jaebeom's "Neoreul Wihae" (For You)
(Aired on 2/5/12)

Pixie Lott's "Mama Do" (Aired on 1/15/12)

Gummy's "Eoreun Ai" (Immature Adult)
(Aired on 1/8/12)

Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" 
(Aired on 12/11/11)
Hayi said, "I love to sing and dance, and eat Deokboggi."

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  1. she is 17. born in 1994. park ji min is the only top10 age 15. park jimin is the youngest. not hayi

  2. First of all, welcome to my blog! I just double-checked Hayi's public profile just in case I was wrong but was relieved that I was right. She was born in 1996. I know she's not the youngest - she's a year older than Jimin. But in Western age, Hayi is still fifteen until September 23, this year, which means Jimin is fourteen. And yes, you're right Hayi is seventeen in Korean age as I mentioned in my post. Thanks anyway!

  3. LOVEEEE for Lee HaYi from Canada <333
    Hope she winssss!

  4. Thank you so much! I was at a softball game when the text came in. I was in the dug out and saw it, then i said, ALRIGHT! that's what i was waiting for! Based on the comments by YG, im starting to get concerned for Hayi. Is YG looking for a wife or something? Man! i pray she's is protected, and that she listen's to her parents. Onsemiro, you are awesome! Thanks so much! I can't wait for Sunday, hopefully Hayi will be even better than the last performance.

  5. kpopantz, I don't think you need to pray for her protection 'cause YG is happily married with a daughter and seems to be a very faithful husband. He was just meaning well - to praise Hayi's "hot" performance. :)

  6. Onsemiro, if what you're saying is true, then why does wikipedia say that his wife, Lee Eun-ju, died in 2005? Please clarify...

  7. Yang’s wife, Lee Eun-ju, goes by the same name as the late Korean actress, Lee Eun-ju, who died (by suicide) in 2005. His wife was the member of Swi.T (2002~2003), the first girl group ever produced by YG, and also was the member of YG’s Mugadang (2006~?). Hope this helps. :)

  8. Oh, I forgot to add that the singer Lee Eun-ju is a younger sister of this ex-Sechs Kies member, Lee Jaejin, and is now expecting a second baby with husband Yang.

  9. oh my gosh I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU for all the english translations!!! let me hug you!!!! \(o^_^o)/

  10. Wow, too tight! - just kidding! Thank you. :)

  11. Can you tell me please what site will i go for the lyrics of "Eoreunai by Gummy"? I so much love the song yet I don't know where to get the lyrics.

  12. Here's the site where you can get the song's lyrics: The site also provides its Romanized version.

  13. Hi! I wonder if you could help me to find the lyrics of For you (Yim Jae Bum) in English please? I mean it's like engsub. 'Cause I try to search it but there are many different versions and I am not sure which is exact.

  14. phuongchinsu, I tried to remain as close to the original text as possible while translating the song.

    FYI, the song was originally made in 1997 with different lyrics. It was titled Song-ae ("Sending Off Love") and sung by Esther. And in 2000, it was remade by Yim Jaebum with new lyrics written based on Yim's real-life sad love story.

    "For You" (English Lyrics)

    Maybe our love is caught up in a tangled web of karma.
    Everyday I'm in debt to you that I'll never be able to pay.
    Will it be alright for us to keep living like sometimes lovers and sometimes strangers?
    Despite so many things I've done wrong and so many farewells, you are always here.

    (Refrain) I know you're the only one that has made me live right in the world.
    I know I have to hold on to you to live without regrets.
    But thinking of you watching my wild thoughts amd my anxious look,
    Our love will probably be like war
    Becaue I'm dangerous and because I love you,
    I'll leave you.

    For you, I'll leave.

  15. this song is one of the most stunning kpop ballads out there. the meaning in it is absolutely profound. first time i heard of this song was when TVXQ's Yunho Uknow described it as his favourite korean ballad couple of years ago, and then i heard JYJ's (former TVXQ's) member Jaejoong sing it in Tokyo Dome and i was hooked forever to it.

    however, i have honestly never enjoyed this song as much as i did when i heard Hayi cover. it was the one time i felt like she had transformed into this tragic and dangerous gave me goosebumps watching her expression and her eyes while she was singing those words. it was as if she meant every single word that came out of her mouth. i would love to see her perform something as dramatic as this song once again

  16. Yim's "For you" has been covered by so many young Korean singers and yes, I think Hayi's rendition is the best so far. But I think no one can beat the original version.


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